Quantico Round Table: The Anatomy of a Breakup

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Sadly, we learned in Quantico Season 1 Episode 4 that, at some point during training at Quantico, Alex and Shelby had a fallout. It was really painful to talk about.

Below, TV Fanatics Liz Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols share their theories on what in the world is gong on, while also voting on who to kick out of Quantico.

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The BFFS Alex and Shelby are apparently no more in the future. Any theories on how things got so bad between them and/or what Alex learned about Shelby's parents?

Liz: I think Shelby is still hiding things about her half-sister. Given Alex's propensity to keep pushing long after she's reached the end, I wouldn't be surprised if she uncovered one of Shelby's family secrets. My guess is that Shelby's half-sister is from the Middle East, and her father got a local woman pregnant while he was working there. But that may be too predictable.

Paul: I don't even believe she has a sister. There's nothing like reeling people in and making them feel sorry for you by throwing in a mysterious never before heard of sister.

Allison: I feel like maybe at one point, Shelby is aware that Alex is digging into her family, and so Shelby asks her not to. Then, Alex ignores Shelby and keeps searching because Alex can’t stop or she thinks it will somehow help. That betrayal in addition to whatever Alex learns about Shelby’s not so perfect family could be enough to damage Alex’s friendship with Shelby. I know I’d be extremely upset if I asked my friend to stop doing something, and then she ignored me and uncovered some horrible skeleton in my family’s closet.

Natalie and Ryan are apparently a couple. How do you feel about that? Do you ship them?

Liz: It feels so forced. Ryan and Alex have way more chemistry. I honestly hope that Ryan is just with Natalie to get more information about what's happening at the FBI/ with Liam. Their one-on-one interactions do not seem genuine or compelling.

Paul: It does feel forced, but a lot of things are forced on this show. I need to refrain from shouting at the TV sometimes because of it. I'm not a fan of either character, so they can set sail in their ship off into the sunset for all I care.

Allison: I agree that it came out of nowhere. We’ve never seen any real human interaction between Natalie and, well, anyone. There’s been what like one on one scene between the two of them? I would have preferred to see a bit of a spark between them, even just one lousy spark.

Are you interested in Miranda's plan for Raina and Nimah?

Liz: Yes, but they need to finally reveal it instead of just skirting around the issue. They keep hinting at it without actually saying what's happening and that's getting really frustrating.

Paul: I agree with Liz, but Miranda seems to be quite the schemer. She has her head right where it needs to be to get the upper hand on everyone.

Allison: I’m really not. There’s so much going on surrounding Alex’s frame job and whatever Liam is doing at Quantico. All my attention is on those two mysteries, which both spawn multiple mini mysteries of their own, so I just don’t have any more energy to invest in Raina and Nimah’s mission.

If you had to pick one NAT to cut from Quantico, who would you pick and why? Since we already know Simon gets cut eventually, let's ignore him.

Liz: Natalie. In addition to the fact that I just don't like her as a character, she seems way too competitive to actually be a successful agent. Ambition and drive are good things to have, but Natalie seems to ignore everything around her in order to succeed. She is also way too driven by emotion. She was quick to accept that Alex is a terrorist without questioning anything.

Paul: I'm going to go with Natalie. Her presence is pretty stupid. Why would she ditch her kid, fully knowing she wouldn't get to see them again if she left home? She needs to get her priorities straight and go be a mother.

Allison: Natalie’s definitely my pick. She’s too competitive and out to prove something, which means she doesn’t sit back and think things through. Whatever Natalie believes is the end goal, that’s what she will race towards, and she’ll ignore anything that doesn’t support her mission. Plus, like Paul said, the whole daughter thing is messed up.

Liam clearly is operating off his own agenda when it comes to Ryan's "assignment" at Quantico. What do you think Liam's goal is? Also, do you think anyone has the power to stop Liam from doing whatever he's doing?

Liz: Liam is focused on Alex to the point of it being obsession. It seems like Liam's goal is to somehow incriminate Alex. He clearly is way too close to the situation to actually be useful. I would say that Miranda could stop Liam, but given what we've seen in the present day scenes, it seems like she is no longer in a position of power at the FBI.

Paul: He and Alex's father must have had some sort of friendship back in the day. Either that, or he hates her father and this all some revenge plot. Miranda has the power to do anything, right?

Allison: It’s definitely a personal mission. I’m thinking that maybe Liam doesn’t want Alex getting in the FBI because then she’ll uncover something incriminating about him and/or her father. Alex doesn’t seem to be the type to let things go, and I can see her looking up all the information the FBI will grant her access to about her father. If Alex finds something that doesn’t add up, then she’ll dig. I think Miranda could stop him, but she’s waiting to see what his agenda is, but the waiting game could be dangerous for Alex.

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