Scandal Round Table: Can Cyrus Beene Be Trusted?

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Liz North is out and Cyrus Beene is back in following Scandal Season 5 Episode 5. Just when we thought we might watch the former White House Chief of Staff lend his devious ways to Mellie's campaigns, Fitz rehired his right hand man. 

Of course it might just be a ploy to keep Cyrus quiet since he's the only one who can corroborate the fact that Fitz saw a pretty damning video during Olivia's kidnapping...

Join Christine Orlando, Whitney Evans, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as they discuss the pertinent moments from last week's episode as we all get ready for Scandal Season 5 Episode 6

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite moment from "You Got Served?"

Christine: Mellie and Cyrus getting drunk together. These two can be so much fun when they’re on the same side. They’re devious, unscrupulous, and just entertaining as hell to watch. It’s the one reason I’m sorry to see Cyrus go back on Team Fitz. Things aren’t nearly as much fun over there.

Whitney: As much as I want Jake to move on, I did enjoy his hamburger scene with Olivia. Especially his dig about her having a type. She really does!

Jim: I loved Fitz telling Cyrus what he remembered about his mom, that she sent him packages. It put Cyrus in his place a bit on being so high-n-mighty "you never knew me" attitude. Fitz was right from the beginning, they are family.

Miranda: I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my review, but I loved seeing Fitz and Olivia on the couch in their lounge clothes watching TV together and having a nightcap. Those are the moments that make me feel like their relationship is about more than hot sex.

If you're binging with Cyrus, do you go for brownies or brie?

Christine: First choice will always be brownies but can I have the prosciutto and brie too?

Whitney: Brie wins for me everyday. Cheese beats sweets. 

Jim: Brownies, I'm a chocolate guy all the way!

Miranda: I knew I liked Cyrus Beene. Brownies all the way!

Did you doubt Marcus Walker's alliance with OPA?

Christine:  Yes. Right now Marcus is a wild card and not a long term member of this team. He came on board because he needed a job. Despite being a team player this time around, I still think his loyalties are in play.

Whitney: I really didn't, only because he seems like such a natural fit at OPA and I just couldn't see him sabotaging that so soon. 

Jim: Yep, they got me. I totally thought he was switching sides.. Shame on me I guess.

Miranda: I did. He's new to the team, he doesn't like that their methods are sometimes underhanded, and I really thought he was going to jump ship and turn his back on OPA. I should've known better. Way to prove your allegiance, Marcus.

What is Liz North's next move now that she's been ousted?

Christine: I don’t know but it won’t be good. I can’t imagine that Mellie will take her back. Maybe she becomes a guest host on Sally’s show.

Whitney: She will definitely be trying to bring Cyrus and Fitz down and that may bring her right back to Mellie's door. Liz is much better as the villain, so wherever she lands, I hope she returns to her devilish ways. 

Jim: I'm not sure, but if I had to bet, I feel that Whitney's theory above sounds about right for the woman.

Miranda: This woman knows way too much about the entire Grant family just from her short time working for them. I don't expect her to go down without a fight.

Can Fitz trust Cyrus to keep the fact that they saw the video secret?

Christine: I believe so, as long as he give Cyrus what he wants. Cyrus loves Fitz to the point of obsession. This is the most important relationship in his life. It trumps his daughter and his marriage. As long as Fitz doesn’t shut him out, I think Cyrus would do almost anything for him.

Whitney: I'm saying yes, but it's not a confident yes. Going back on his word isn't going to do Cyrus a lot of good at this point, so it's better for him to stick to it and get back into Fitz's good graces. 

Jim: Christine called this one. As long as Fitz gives him what he wants, he will be on his side. Remember this is the same guy who set up his husband to take compromising pictures of Sally Langston's hubby with. There isn't much Cyrus won't do for Fitz.

Miranda: I am so conflicted about this. We know Cyrus is a political animal capable of doing and saying absolutely anything to win. But we also know that he does love Fitz to the point of obsession, as Christine said. It all hinges on what we didn't see Cyrus' scene with Mellie just after she asked him to come to work with her and before he got the phone call from the White House. This could really go either way.

If you missed this week's episode, don't forget you can always watch Scandal online!

Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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