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It's good to be a robot.

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 4, the team is split up, and it's awesome. Granted, we could have been a little more creative with splitting the teams, but I'll take it. Walter and Happy are always entertaining to watch, and so it was amazing to see them in such close quarters.

Happy and Walter both realized that maybe they aren't as robotic as they think. It was great that they both had that moment of self reflection. It wasn't someone telling them how much they have changed. They come to that conclusion on their own.

Walter realized how his decision to save the nine sailors might have been for a reason other than science. It was a big moment for him.

Alright, so the sailor they were stuck with plays Lt. Danny Green on The Last Ship, and since I didn't actually catch his character's name, I'm just going to call him Danny. Okay?

Danny is a Navy man, so obviously he follows orders. It's what you do in the Navy (among other things, obviously), and Team Scorpion challenged him on that almost at every turn. The differences in protocol, or lack thereof in Team Scorpion's case, were actually a lot of fun.

Danny could have turned into a grouchy guy who just resented Walter and Happy, but instead, they all managed to work together.

We're not military. We take our orders from math and science. Right now we know the odds of survival are slim, but we know that mathematically there's a chance. Some people call us robotic, mechanical, but in situations like this our constitution is a benefit.


Anytime the team uses less than conventional methods to figure something out, it's entertaining. I mean how could you not enjoy Battlesub? 

Things got even better when the most random video that Sylvester was dancing to ended up being good for something other than a laugh. This is one of the strengths of Scorpion. Most procedurals need the power to go out in order to force the team to solve a case in a strange way, but not Scorpion. Unusual is part of their daily routine.

Soooo, who planted that exploding vulture thing that was sitting at the bottom of the ocean?

You know, what was the whole point in half of Team Scorpion getting on a sub and all? I'm slightly annoyed that we never got an answer or even a clue as to who could have been behind it. I guess after it exploded, figuring out who planted it is next to impossible. Maybe this mystery will come back later on in the season. Did it bother anyone else that we never really solved the case?

Happy's dad was a part of the mission, and it was amazing. He could have been in it a bit more though. We saw his heartbreaking reaction to the explosion, but we glossed over his reunion with Happy. Look, I love Quintis, and so I was super happy to see them reconnect, but I would have rather there been more time with Happy and her dad. 

Happy: In case we don't make it out of here, I just want to say, I'm not a robot.
Walter: Thank you for clarifying. I did know you weren't made of circuitry.

This is totally a little thing, but I love that Cabe is still training Toby. This could have been a one off moment in Scorpion Season 2 Episode 3 that never happened again, but instead, it's looking like it's going to be an ongoing exercise (as evident in the Scorpion Season 2 Episode 5 promo).

Not only is it amusing to see Toby branching out and trying to learn new skills, but it's a great way to see Cabe and Toby spend more time together. We don't really get to see any member of the team, except for maybe Walter, spend any off-the-clock time with Cabe. Seeing another side of Cabe is fantastic. What do you think, can Cabe whip Toby into shape?

If Ray is going to be sticking around, can we at least make him interesting? It was surprising that Walter was letting Ray crash at the garage, but his adventure with Paige was boring. I enjoyed his brief two seconds with Ralph, but other than that, I could have done without Ray. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm liking the idea that Walter is branching out and making friends. It could be highly entertaining actually seeing Walter hanging out with Ray and his friends. Let's put Walter in a super normal situation (or slightly weird, because, well, Ray) and see how he reacts. 

What did you think of "Robots?"

How about Happy's dad being a part of Team Scorpion for a case? Do you want to see more of Ray? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Robots Review

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