Scream Queens Round Table: The Hag of Shady Lane

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Welcome back to our latest Scream Queens roundtable!

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 4 saw Zayday make a major power play, as crazy-pants Hester/Chanel #6 made a more covert maneuver for power of her own. Is Chanel Oberlin's Kappa empire on the verge of collapse? Who kidnapped Zayday, and what will become of her? And what the heck is up with that Gigi/Hag of Shady Lane reveal?!

Join us in digesting these questions and more, and be sure to chime in with your own thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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It's been four episodes now, so let's call it: who's your favorite character? Who's your least favorite?

Carissa: It's still a tie for me between Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell for favorite. Denise gets happy favorite and Chad gets nasty favorite. Least favorite? Hmmm. Pete still hasn't won me over, although he did a mean Matthew McConaughey impression. Those were the worst Halloween costumes EVER, by the way.

Paul: Denise is by far my favorite. Everything that comes out of that woman's mouth is freaking hilarious. She has me laughing every scene she's in. Least favorite has got to be Hester. She showed a lot of promise, but her quest to be Chanel Oberlin is just dull. I wouldn't be saying that to her face though. She might kick me in the nuts.

Hank: Faves are Chanel and Chad hands down. Least favorite is Grace's creepy dad. What the hell's wrong with that dude? I agree with Carissa, if there's one character that really hasn't won me over it's Pete. I still think he might be the killer, he's so blah.

Caralynn: I'm a big fan of Chad Radwell – he is so insanely cocky and ridiculous, it's hard not to love his character even when he's being unbearable. I'm also a big fan of Zayday, but I think most of that has to do with Keke Palmer's flawless delivery of all her lines. She's too funny! Least favorites would definitely be Chanel #5 and Grace. Something about #5 just irritates me – I find myself wanting Chanel to just punch #5 in the face when she talks back. And Grace... oh, Grace. So damn boring. Of course you think How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a modern classic.

Let's talk about the twist ending! What's your take on that? Is Gigi really the Hag on Shady Lane?

Carissa:  She's either a damned close relative, or yep, Gigi is the Hag. The whole 90s thing would certainly make sense when you put it all together.

Paul: I just don't see it being her. We're still very early in the season and usually these early reveals become irrelevant towards the end of the season, so I don't think she is. The twist was good, but it won't stick.

Hank: I think she's really the Hag. It seemed like an honest to goodness reveal to me. I guess we'll learn more in the next few episodes.

Caralynn: I do think Gigi is the Hag, but I have a feeling that there will be some explanation for it where the Hag isn't actually villainous at all. Gigi doesn't really strike me as a killer or evil or anything. Maybe she was the baby's protector or something? Also: how old must Gigi be in this case?!

What did you think of the Hester/Chad interactions?

Carissa: Is it wrong that I don't want poor, conceited Chad to wind up with Hester, who I think is a raving lunatic? Girl belongs in a mental hospital, and if she isn't a killer already, her wide range of knowledge on the subject certainly puts her on the path to becoming one. He's a dick, but he deserves better than her.

Paul: I'm not a fan of either character, so I'm not sure I should comment because their interactions fell flat for me. The kid in me did laugh at Hester's comment about going in the house. Ha.

Hank: I thought their interactions were fun, but she's just such a freak. Like Carissa, I hope Chad doesn't end up with Hester. I love when he and Chanel bicker, we need more of those silly moments between them.

Caralynn: I enjoyed the back and forth between Hester and Chad. They're both so weird, but I agree with Hank and Carissa – Chad, jerky as he is, definitely deserves better than obsessive, morbid Hester. I love Chad and Chanel, so that would be my preference.

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Why do you think the killer kidnapped Zayday instead of simply killing her? What do you think is the game plan there?

Carissa: Because she's one of the killers. Or knows them. After all, you can't kill one of the killers, right? That would put a real dent into the whole sitch.

Paul: I've suspected Zayday since the premiere, so it would make sense that whoever "kidnapped" her wouldn't kill her. It could be a ploy by the real killer to lure some other people somewhere to have a massacre.

Hank: That's interesting that you suspected Zayday, because she's never been on my radar Paul. I think the killers are starting to play more complex games with their prey. Why just kill them, when you can have a little fun? Muahahaha.

Caralynn: I think Zayday is definitely part of the killer's plan, but I don't think she is the killer herself or in cahoots with him/her/them. This has happened several times now, where one of the main characters comes into contact with one of the Red Devils and is let off scot-free. First it happened to Pete, then Chad, now Zayday... so either all three are in on the killer's plot/are killers themselves, or there's some grander scheme as to how the killer is choosing his/her victims. I'm guessing the latter.

Favorite moment of the episode?

Carissa: "Are you on bath salts?" For me, it's really the littlest things, and when that line was delivered, I laughed out loud. But other than that split second, the opening with Chanel-o-Ween and the gift giving was pretty damned awesome. I want a leg!

Paul: The Chanels opening a can of whoop ass on the dudes in the canteen. It was so outrageous and funny. I kept expecting the scene to end, but then the chicks came up with something else to do to make me laugh.

Hank: I've got to go with the Chanel-o-Ween gift giving opening as well. That was just too dang crazy, and what was up with those psycho girls? It's great how Chanel can be so mean and nasty yet her "fans" love her for it. Chad in the cemetery was pretty great too.

Caralynn: Carissa, I loved his delivery of that bath salts line! It killed me, he delivered it with such sincere concern. The Chanel-o-Ween gift-giving montage was hilarious, from that inspirational-sounding background song to all of those perfectly Chanel insults that she lobbed around during her monologue. 

Which Kappa girl's carved pumpkin was your favorite and why?

Carissa: Don't be hatin', but I'm a traditionalist. I loved Grace's pumpkin. And bring on the Charlie Brown special, while you're at it. I got a rock!

Paul: Zayday's pumpkin. Drama!

Hank: I was waiting for one with the Red Devil on it, but nooooooo. For me it was a tie between Chad Radwell and Hurricane Andrew (that one hit close to home).

Caralynn: I liked the Chad Radwell pumpkin best, just for Chanel's reaction to it. The way she said "fine" with that vague look of panic/concern in her eyes had me rolling.

Remember to tune in for Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 5, the second of the three-part Halloween event, airing Tuesday, October 13th!

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