Supernatural Round Table: Rowena's Return

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Who enjoyed Rowena’s return and her efforts to build a Mega Coven?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi, along with The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky, definitely have their opinions on the red-headed witch’s latest antics, as well as the rest of Supernatural Season 11 Episode 3.

So come join the discussion and let us know your thoughts on everything from the Darkness growing to Castiel getting cured. And what’s one thing you’d want to see happen in Supernatural Season 11?

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I really loved the theological discussion between Crowley and Amara. When she asked him why people want to live in a world where God makes them suffer and die, followed by her asking Crowley if he really wants to live in a world where everyone is evil, I was really impressed by the astuteness of those words coming from a little girl. Normally I don't love child actors, but the little girl who played Amara this week did a great job. I'm almost sad to see her go.

Nightsky: I loved the scenes between the brothers and Castiel, but my favorite scenes were with Crowley and Little Darkness. That girl did a fabulous job of being innocent and sinister at the same time, while Crowley matched her duplicity by being both charming and terrified when talking to her. The complexity of the characters and the dynamics of their exchanges, and the situation, came through brilliantly.

Alice: I have no idea why, but the angel and demon in the bar was great! It’s a scene I’ve always wanted to see on this show. The unlikely angel and a demon duo meet up for drinks after work, talk about their crappy day, wonder if they should do something about it and then just drink more. Ah, the blue collar grunts. I don’t think anything will come of it, but I still enjoyed seeing that, even though it was pretty random.

Sean: I agree that the angel and demon scene did feel random. As for my favorite scene? I actually really liked the reveal that the Darkness was no longer the little girl and now a teenager. I wasn’t expecting her to grow so quickly, and I’m not sure Crowley did either. I’m intrigued by this big bad, and like that things feel like they are moving along when it comes to the Darkness.

Are you glad the Darkness is growing up so fast?

Christine: It's a wise decision. “Uncle Crowley” is fine for one week, maybe two, but it would get very redundant very quickly.

Nightsky: Yes. It establishes the urgency of the problem. With an enemy that is becoming stronger and smarter so quickly, even Crowley is scrambling to figure out what is happening before the Darkness turns against him. It keeps the story exciting, intense and immediate.

Alice: I wouldn’t say glad. Just pleased they’re moving it along. If she had still been a baby moving things with her mind, it would have been tiresome. Having said that, we get that she’s hungry, but how many freaking souls is it going to take to feed her? She’s going to take every human, angel, and demon before she’s done. This is not good.

Sean: I like it. I think I would have been tired of seeing the Darkness as a little kid longer than a couple episodes. It also further establishes that the Darkness is a power force to be reckoned with considering how fast she is growing. But at what point does she stop? At what point does she become the version in the mirror? And when will Crowley realizes he’s in way over his head?

What did you think of Rowena's return?

Christine: Rowena is better when she's funny, conniving and independent of Crowley. Her “Mega Coven” bit was great. If she had just been introduced as a regular witch who found herself in humorous scenarios, and had no ties to Crowley, I'd have probably enjoyed her far more in Supernatural Season 10. I was surprised that she stuck it out and healed Castiel, because it seemed to me that she really didn't have to and could have had the same result. Her deal with Sam revelation was alright, and I get that Dean would be mad about it, but in Sam's defense, he hasn't really had much of a chance to talk to Dean about it. They've been a little preoccupied. Though, they DID have time for porn, so… in any case, she dropped a grenade and ran.

Nightsky: I didn’t care for her debut this season with the three old, stereotypical witches. They were straight out of a Disney movie and were laughable, and Rowena standing on a pedestal repeating “Mega Coven” was unbefitting the power she now has. I keep hoping she’ll be sly and menacing, and people respect or follow her out of fear, but instead she is almost too nice, pathetically begging to be popular. Her taunting in the Impala was great, though. She was devious without being whiny. I would love to see more of this from her character.

Alice: Not happy with it. She was over the top, cartoonish, outright clueless at times, and I thought she deserved better given her grand exit in the finale. How could she not have known that Crowley didn’t die? She only tried to kill him with the same escapable setup and exit that villains use with James Bond. She should have stuck around and made sure the job was finished. But then we would have been without the talented Mark Sheppard and that couldn’t happen. I’m sorry, what was the question? Oh, Rowena. Not a good return by any means.

Sean: Rowena just remains too much of a cartoon for my liking. Considering she managed to get the Book of the Damned and escape on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 23, I thought her character might get a revamp with her newfound powers. It still just feels like the same Rowena, and that’s just disappointing.

Did you expect Castiel to be freed from the spell so quickly?

Christine: I might be in the minority here, but I was enjoying Castiel under the spell. I wish that the writers would have given him a real storyline to accompany that spell, making it worthwhile for it to have existed at all. I'm looking back at the story now and thinking, “Was there even a point to this?” It's been too long since Castiel was given something good to work with.

Nightsky: I didn’t have an expectation one way or the other. I am happy he was cured as soon as the third episode, though. We already had a season when Cas was sick with urgently declining health, so this avoids that repetition and allows the show to focus on the main intrigues of the Darkness, Crowley and Rowena. I am thrilled that Team Free Will can work together again!

Alice: I expected, it, but I still held out hope it wouldn’t happen. There was a lot of potential with that story that could have been done. My question is, what now for Castiel? Is he going to hang out at the bunker and go all domestic now that everyone in Heaven hates him? He can’t hunt worth a damn. The spell actually gave him something interesting to deal with. Maybe he can hang out in the bar with stunt demon #3 and stunt angel #4. I wouldn’t mind seeing all of them drink a liquor store.

Sean: Yes and no. It certainly allowed Castiel to be back on pretty much the same page as the brothers to now go forward together. But at the same time, it sort of made me question the point of making Castiel under the spell and then cured. I guess I’m more glad it didn’t get dragged out, but it really makes me curious as to what Castiel’s storyline will be for the rest of the season.

What's one thing you'd really like to see happen this season?

Christine: I want payoff from Sam's change speech in Supernatural Season 11 Episode 1. Change. High stakes that actually mean something in the universe again. They're laying the groundwork that the Darkness is a BIG villain, which I love, and hope doesn't sizzle out. Billie alluded in Supernatural Season 11 Episode 2 that if Sam or Dean dies, this time it's real. I want to feel that anticipation level, being excited to see what happens next because it WILL be a big deal. I don't want it to seem big and then have the story drop off. I like real repercussions for the Winchesters. I want that real change from what we've been getting in the past few seasons.

Nightsky: The brothers be honest with each other. No secrets. THAT would be a mature relationship that signals they’ve learned something and trust each other.

Alice: One? Really? You’re limiting me to one thing? (**Rolls out the long, carpet length wish list, wondered how one thing could possibly be chosen.**) OK, got one. Writing by ALL the writers that actually makes sense. I hear you all snickering. I know, not in my lifetime either.

Sean: Oh there’s so many. But I agree about the whole being honest with each other. Let’s make it all out in the open. Let’s have no secrets. That really would follow through on Sam’s change and the brothers really could work together on the same page. And with that, I’d really love to see some more laughter and good times from Sam and Dean. It’d be fun to see a prank war again, right?

Be sure to tune into Supernatural Season 11 Episode 4 Wednesday, October 28, at 9/8c!

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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