Supernatural Season 11 Episode 4 Review: Baby

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The Darkness is coming, and everyone seems to know it.

It’s not just Sam and Dean that are aware of it either. We’ve seen the angels and demons commiserate about it on Supernatural Season 11 Episode 3. And now we know that the monsters also are scared of this ancient force.

And with Sam getting visions from someone or something that can pretend to be a young John Winchester warning about the Darkness and telling him that “God helps those who help themselves,” there’s just further indication about just how worried everyone should be about the Darkness.

This is probably the biggest baddie we’ve seen on the show, at least from the way everyone is acting about it.

Except, while Supernatural Season 11 Episode 4 allowed that larger mythology to hang over the characters’ heads and maintain a certain presence, the hour was really just a classic case of the week.

It also was from the point of view of the Impala.

The same episode could certainly have been told without restricting all the action and story to the inside of the car, but it was a choice that wound up paying off.

There was something that felt very personal and connected, almost like we the viewers got to ride shotgun or hang out in the back seat as Sam and Dean went on their case.

And we got to see the brothers joke around, smile (I know!), sing along to some classic rock, and even have a honest conversation.

It was fantastic to hear Sam tell Dean the truth, not just about having been infected, but also about having visions that could be from God. And sure, Dean was frustrated with Sam holding the infected part back, but the two brothers were talking, and it wasn’t a quick conversation.

It also extended over into Sam and Dean talking about their dreams, Sam talking about their mom and Dean talking about driving with their Dad and not hunting. It was great to see them open up.

If anything, the hour really captured those smaller moments that we really don’t get to see during a regular episode as Sam and Dean are following up on clues or facing off against bad guys. So often we see them roll into town and do their work, but by having the action confined to the car, we got to see the sort of in between.

It was also fun to see them having fun. Sam even got a little action! Plus, the brothers were calling each other bitch and jerk like they used to.

I know I’ve said it before about certain episodes feeling like old school Supernatural, but this hour really felt like Supernatural of the early seasons.

I’m not too sure how I feel about Castiel’s new role as the assistant on the phone, but the scene where he was telling Dean all about the monster while Dean fought the monster outside the Impala was humorous. I’m still looking forward to seeing what Castiel’s new storyline will be, but for this episode, it was more about the brothers.

And we really did get to see Sam and Dean working together, on the same page, and doing what they could for each other in addition to saving people and hunting things.

Sure, keeping the camera in the Impala was an unconventional approach, but the end result was a positive. The Impala is its own character after all.

Ultimately, this was an episode that truly captured the spirit of Supernatural, and I'm glad we got to take this worthwhile trip with the Winchesters and their trusty "Baby."

What did you think of the hour? Did you enjoy the perspective from the Impala? Sound off below, and see it all again when you watch Supernatural online now!

Note: Supernatural Season 11 Episode 5, "Thin Lizzie," airs Nov. 4 at 9 p.m.

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