Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 18 Review: The Accommodations of Desire

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Are you a mango or peppermint type of girl?

There were a lot of relationship woes happening on Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 18, but it was interesting to watch.

It's rare having shows create relationships where you understand the characters and what they're going through, but the writers did a lovely job of creating relatable events for each couple – they even added in some incredibly hilarious moments, as well.

Let's not waste anymore time and let's discuss "The Accommodations Of Desire."

I'm happy to see Bay is delving into her art again, creating new pieces. The concept behind each piece of art was fascinating, as well – the idea of people being many things at once and how words don't define us is something I could see Bay getting behind.

She's had such a harsh few months and was called so many things thanks to the unfortunate events with Tank, but she's finally embracing herself and being strong again. I admit I was nervous the strong Bay was going to take a long time to come back, but I'm please to see her return. Though she better stick around for a long time.

Of course I can't discuss Bay without discussing her relationship with Garrett. The almost sex scene was equal parts awkward and hilarious to watch. I give Garrett credit for being safe and vocal about being tested for STDs every month – Garrett may be a player, but at least he knows the importance of safe sex, yet I wasn't surprised when Bay ran out of the apartment after being overwhelmed.

I understand Bay wanting to embrace her sexuality. but she had to know what she was getting into when going over to Garrett's apartment because literally everyone told her Garrett went through women. At least Bay had Toby to talk to about the experience, making it clear it had nothing to do with what happened between her and Tank; though I knew the Tank thing would come back to bite her.

Even though Travis has feelings for Bay, he had no right to tell Garrett about what happened between her and Tank. While I don't think Travis was trying to be malicious, he should have used his brain, instead talking with Bay about what happened between her and Garrett or telling Garrett to talk with Bay himself.

Thankfully Bay, went straight to Garrett and opened up about the things she went through.

And why isn't Daphne being honest with Mingo about her friendship with Quinn? She keeps saying nothing is going on, but she's being so secretive, and by not telling Mingo she's lying to him because he asked her to be honest with him about things between her and Quinn. She's keeping him in the dark about everything.

Speaking of the men in Daphne's life, of course Mingo would assume Josh had feelings for Daphne because apparently every man is supposed to fall for her – is anyone else mildly annoyed by this?

It's like Daphne isn't allowed to be in a stable relationship with a man without other people getting in the way. I was happy to see Mingo take charge, finding out who Josh was into. I knew exactly where it was headed.

Who else figured out Josh was attracted to Mingo? It seemed to be heading in that direction in the beginning of the hour, and I am pleased to see this change of direction. I hope they delve more into Josh's storyline and paint a bigger picture of who he is because he's a newer, very interesting character. I also appreciated Josh telling Daphne she has a great guy in Mingo and needs to cool things off with Quinn. 

Touching on Lily's storyline for a minute, I'm enjoying how realistic they are writing Lily's fears about having a child with downs syndrome. Lily is scared and wants the best for her child, but she's making the mistake of comparing her child to other children. Regina gave her excellent advice, as well, and was right about a lot of things.

Lily needs to start being honest with Toby and needs to tell him all her doubts and fears even if they are irrational. I have no doubt Lily and Toby are going to be excellent parents, and no matter what, they are going to be proud of their child. Though am I the only one a little nervous about Lily having contractions? Please don't put them through more stress as parents.

In the end, Lily and Toby finally had an open discussion, and he admitted to having the same feelings as her. I'm thrilled to see them maturing and realizing they're going to be parents soon – plus, Toby's right, they can do whatever they want with their child in their own way. It was also adorable when Lily revealed they were having a little boy.

In a not too shocking turn of events, Bay commissioned a new portrait, and the person she's doing said portrait of is Hope. The moment I heard the person talking, I knew it was Hope, and now we're going to be tasked with Hope going after Eric and Will. Hope is such a terrible person with no redeeming qualities, so I hope Eric and Will are able to get away from her again.

How do you think Hope was able to find Eric so quickly? Do you think Mingo and Daphne will make it as a couple?

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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 19, the web of lies Regina has spun start to unravel. Who will get hurt in the process? Find out Monday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC Family. 

The Accommodations of Desire Review

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