Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 20 Review: And Always Searching for Beauty

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Carlton now, Carlton forever.

There was so much that happened on Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 20, but the real shocker came in the last few minutes of the episode. The season finale didn't play out how I figured it would, but it's a good thing it didn't go down the obvious road.

Let's get to business and discuss, "And Always Searching for Beauty."

Regina wanted to keep going on about not wanting other people to know Eric's business, but the moment she agreed to let Eric move into the Kennish quest house, they should have been told.

I can't fault Regina for thinking she was doing the right thing because, to her, she felt Eric was just trying to protect his son from a mother who could have hurt Will.

I did agree with Regina when it came to Hope and Eric needing to focus on what is best for Will instead of focusing on how much they hate each other. Will is old enough to know what's going on, and the best way for him to have a happy childhood is agreeing to co-parent and make small attempts at getting along.

Regina was putting Eric, and Will, before her own feelings.

I was really hoping Eric wouldn't make a run for it when Will came back to the guest house. Will is scared and Eric can't continue to run away from Hope for the rest of his life. I'm still on the fence about trusting Eric completely, but he did seem genuine about his feelings for Regina and heartbroken about leaving again. 

Who else was shocked to see Craig? I'm pretty sure I had the same reaction as Kathryn when she saw him exit the car. John getting angry about the deal Craig offered for his client was completely out of line. It doesn't matter if he had a verbal agreement with the guy especially if the inspection detected things which needed to be fixed.

Kathryn was right. John should have stayed at the table and negotiated instead of stomping out of the room like a child. I don't blame her at all for getting angry about not getting her own chance to get angry because she has been keeping her feelings inside and been focusing on helping everyone else – of all people, Kathryn deserves to have a tantrum. 

The only complaint I have about Kathryn is her agreeing to meet Craig behind John's back considering their history together, but I understood why she did it. Kathryn knew she could get things done and she was also craving a little attention. It's time for John to up his game, be there for this wife and show her some respect.

Switching gears to Daphne, of course it would turn out to be Quinn who would be interviewing Daphne. I was happy Daphne immediately told Mingo about Quinn instead of keeping it to herself. Daphne's finally starting to show some maturity and she realizes she has a great guy in Mingo. 

Speaking of Quinn, he was being a complete ass. I agree with Mingo about Quinn being into Daphne and that's the only reason he even offered her the job. Mingo brought up a pretty good point; why doesn't Quinn use sign language? He's around deaf people all the time. I would think he would have learned the language by now. 

Mingo gets a lot of credit for walking away from Quinn and not punching him because I would have gladly punched the guy for being a complete douche. Daphne didn't deserve to have her China mission taken away from her because Quinn's ego was hurt. Daphne doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with him.

Thank goodness Mingo was there to encourage Daphne to go after her dream and go to China even if Quinn denied her the job. Daphne needed someone to be her cheerleader; though I do hope Mingo and Daphne get back together after she comes back home because he seems like a great fit for her.

Moving on to Bay's art show, I knew the moment the owner of the gallery gave Bay the brush off something was amiss. It was heartbreaking to watch Bay being taken down so quickly, but Travis was trying to do something sweet for her. His heart certainly was in the right place.

Regarding Travis, I was thrilled when he finally told Bay how he felt, but I was surprised to learn he was in love with her. I've been on the fence when it came to these two being together, but everything he said to her was so kind. He made some really good points. Bay can't continue to use other people to keep her from being happy.

While it makes sense she wouldn't want to hurt Mary Beth, she can't bring Emmett into the mix because he broke up with her. I seriously loved the talk they had at the gallery. Emmett finally letting Bay go, but also parting as friends, is exactly what they needed to do with their relationship. No matter who Bay decides to be with, her happiness needs to come first. 

In the end, Daphne invited Bay to come to China with her which was a brilliant idea. Bay and Daphne need some time away from their family and their problems. This is going to make both girls grow up a little more and hopefully mature.

Toby and Lily welcomed their son, Carlton, into the world and it brought Kathryn and John together – not a huge surprise an adorable baby could make even a hard ass like John turn into a big mushy bear.

Of course things took an interesting turn during a ten month time jump and the girls are still in China with Bay working in a tattoo shop and Daphne working with the deaf. This is a huge surprise given the fact Daphne and Bay were only supposed to be gone for six weeks. I'm interested to hear what would make Bay run through the streets to announce to Daphne they had to go home right away. What do you think happened?

Did you miss out on the finale? You're in luck! You can watch Switched at Birth online now via TV Fanatic anytime. Just come back to let us know what you think. 

And Always Searching for Beauty Review

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