The Flash Round Table: Iris and Joe Bring the Feels

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This week on The Flash Season 2 Episode 3, there were developments with the Snart family, the Harrison Wells from Earth 2 stepped foot on Earth and Joe came clean with Iris about her mother being alive.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Hank Otero, Whitney Evans and Carissa Pavlica, as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast, discuss all of this and more. Join them in conversation. Don't be shy!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

Favorite scene or quote from Family of Rogues?

Allison: I loved Lisa opening up about her dad to Team Flash and then in more detail to Cisco. I wasn't expecting such great development from her. I also enjoyed seeing her dynamic with Team Flash when she wasn't a "bad guy." They were all on the same side, and I would love to see her interact more with Caitlin. Oh, and her and Cisco are all kinds of adorable.

Andy: My favorite scene was without doubt, the moment between Iris and Joe. Candice Patton and Jesse Martin completely stole the show this week and while I have my issues with Joe lying to Iris (AGAIN), I still appreciated how emotionally charged this episode was, especially because of Iris and Joe.

Whitney: I'm with Andy here. The scene between Iris and Joe was so beautifully done. When Iris put her hand over Joe's to comfort him in that moment, I about lost it.

Hank: Allison and I are on the same page, Lisa's character development was fantastic and unexpected. I loved learning about the strong bond between her and "Lenny." All the Lisa/Cisco scenes were great, but that kiss was probably my favorite moment.

Carissa: I agree with Andy. My favorite moment was between Iris and Joe, but after hearing why he chose to keep secrets from her, I don't have any problem with it. The scene was so emotionally and really well acted.

What did you think of the development with Francine?

Allison: I'm sorry but I just don't care. Not one bit. I was glad that the Francine news didn't drive a wedge between Iris and Joe, but that's about the extent of my feelings on the subject. She could prove to be interesting, but it will take a lot of work.

Andy: It was shocking because I didn't know that was the direction that they taking her in. I can't wait to see more and to see Patton and Vanessa Williams have scenes together because I have been wanting to see Mama West for a while now.

Whitney: As long as her presence doesn't serve to create a huge divide in the West family, I'll patiently wait this storyline out. As much as I'm loving Iris's integration into the team, it's always nice to see her get her own arc.

Hank: Mostly, I was just pleased with the way Iris handled the revelation. Though I'm not terribly interested at this point, Francine's redemption arc may just prove interesting. I agree with Whitney, as long as she doesn't drive a wedge between Iris and Joe, I'm okay with it.

Carissa: What Joe had to say was wonderful, but the way Francine presented herself was not. That she thinks she has any rights left at this point, after 20 years, is pathetic. Coming back into Iris' life at a time when she's vulnerable is very low and proves she has learned nothing about being a mother.

Iris was a wild card during The Flash Season 1. What are your thoughts on her so far this season?

Allison: I'm liking that we are seeing her dedication to her work. She's shown herself to be a professional who will do whatever it takes to get a story, even if it means putting herself in danger. However, we haven't seen how Eddie's death is affecting her. It's like she didn't lose a fiancé. There's no mention of her grief or how she is coping. It's just business as usual for her.

Andy: I don't think she was a wild card at all in season one, if anything it was Eddie that was that for season one. But to answer your question: I have been enjoying her arc so much in these first three episodes and I love that we are starting to see the beginning of the Ace Reporter that we know her to be in the comic books. Heck, I nerded out when Linda was gushing about how strong Iris is as a reporter.

Allison, I think it's obvious that Eddie's death has an impact on her, it's just that we are not getting to see it right now and that's something I hope they take care off before the end of the first half. Maybe it will be to her mom that she kind of gets to have that emotional representation. If Caitlin, Patty and even Lisa gets to have scenes when they show their emotional states, than I think Iris should get to do it as well. So hopefully, we will get it sooner rather than later.

Whitney: Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I never really had a problem with Iris in the first season, but that could have more to do with Candice Patton, who I believe has the chops to be a great female lead. So far this season she's been great and it's nice to see her really come into her own as a reporter. It's also feels like her scenes with Barry are more natural this season and less fraught with one-sided sexual tension, which I like. Playing up their friendship and having Iris come into her feelings (whenever that may be) will be the best and most appropriate way for these two to get together.

Hank: I think Iris was a wild card in the sense her role was undefined. To me, keeping her out of the loop last season was the real issue. Now that she's part of the team, things feel less forced. Whitney's right, the one-sided sexual tension got old and I'm loving the Barry/Iris friendship again. Since the series is a hit, there's no rush bringing the two together romantically. I'm okay with Barry taking an interest in Patty right now. Iris just lost Eddie, so another boyfriend should be the last thing on her mind.

Carissa: I'm impressed. Gone are any tendencies to whine and she's being portrayed as strong and independent. Sure, she hasn't been shown grieving, but it's been six months. In order to see that grief, we'll have to see some flashbacks. What I'd like now is for her to get a story independent of The Flash, but that will incorporated him and Team Flash instead of the other way around. She's earned it. Perhaps that's why Francine is here.

Thoughts on Harrison coming through the portal so soon?

Allison: I was surprised. The fact that he went through definitely raises some red flags. I mean if he wasn't evil, then why would he just stroll on through a portal that was chilling in his basement? Something's not right there. I'm curious as to how long it will take before his presence on our Earth is known.

Andy: I'm all for more Tom Cavanagh so when he showed up, I was just shouting and nerding out to my TV screen because I can't wait to see what type of person Earth-2 Wells is. I think he will act as an anti-hero of some sort.

Whitney: I'm a little surprised it came so early in the season, but at the same time, how long can you let Tom Cavanagh sit on the bench? I can't wait for the first scene between him and Barry!

Hank: That was so weird, right? I also wasn't expecting him to cross over this quickly. And why does he look so damn evil? I agree with Andy though, more Tom Cavanagh can only be a good thing. I'm just hoping the writers have some fun twists up their sleeve. Another bad Dr. Wells seems like, "Been there, done that." You know what I mean?

Carissa: I mistakenly read an interview with Tom Cavanaugh, so I know what's on the way. It's not what we expect, but has a pretty good trajectory all it's own. Not every one of us is going to be the same in every other world, and given his status in life, imagine how this man might be. You're probably right!

Do you think Leonard Snart was just sent out in anticipation of Legends, and what did you think of his sendoff?

Allison: I enjoyed it. We got to see more of how Leonard isn't as much as a criminal as he would like people to think he is. He's got a code. He honors his promise to Barry and works hard to prevent casualties. This episode laid the foundation so we could start to see him as someone who could save the world. I'm hoping that we see him once more before Legends.

Andy: I loved seeing that there is some good in Leonard and it makes so much because I think a lot of us are still asking, in terms of Legends of Tomorrow, why would Rip Hunter want Captain Cold part of the team? I think now that Barry has seen some good in him, while still knowing that he is also a baddie, that he will perhaps vouch for Cold. I doubt this was his send-off, I think he will appear in at least one more episode before moving over to Legends of Tomorrow, plus we still need to see Heat Wave be setup as well so I'm almost certain that Cold will be back one more time.

Whitney: I couldn't agree with you more Andy. I wondered myself why Captain Cold would be aligned with heroes in Legends of Tomorrow and I think we got our answer. There is humanity and sympathy in Leonard and this episode made me even more excited to see him in the future.

Hank: I think by showing us Snart's softer side, the writers were definitely setting him up for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Captain Cold has always been morally ambiguous on the series, but it was important for us to see he has a heart. I do believe we'll see him again on The Flash prior to the spinoff. As long as they keep adding these wonderful layers to the character, I'll be stoked no matter on which series he appears.

Carissa: I've always believed that he was a good guy deep down, so it's not a surprise to me that he was that deeply affected by his father. A conflicted bad guy is always a better bad guy. It makes them a lot more fun. While I agree with Andy that Heat Wave still needs his sendoff, it would be very cool if he could get his own story, free of Captain Cold, so I'm hoping this is the last we see of Leonard until Legends. Mick should get his moment, too.

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