The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Flash of Two Worlds

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This hour of The Flash was a little scattered, but it had some great takeaways.

There were several new characters introduced on The Flash Season 2 Episode 2, as well as the return of a fan favorite by way of doppelganger on a world only a singularity away. I think. Cisco gained some valuable knowledge about his power and Dr. Stein's health started going downhill. Oh, and Joe's ex, Iris' mom showed up.

That's a lot to pack into one hour, especially when it wasn't necessarily the most cohesive of storylines bringing it all together. But, we love getting more information to set up the season, right? Mission accomplished.

There is a lot to love about Jay Garrick. Not only is he played to perfection by Teddy Sears, but the character almost seems too good to be true. He's a genuinely good man who wants to help this world's version of The Flash and his team in whatever way he can.

Caitlin was the first person to truly bond with him over their shared loss. While she lost Ronnie, Teddy lost his powers when he was sucked into the singularity six months ago. It was surprising to learn he was saved by what occurred, as he was being handily defeated at that very moment by Zoom.

Talk about Kismet. It was kind of disappointing that he was without powers, however, as the idea of seeing two Flashes running side by side was really appealing. 

Considering Barry treated him like a criminal – no the criminal, since he equated Jay's helpful ways and kind nature with that of Harrison Wells – yet Jay had the patience of a saint. He seemed to innately understand what Barry was feeling, and although he protested a bit when locked up, he didn't hesitate in helping in any way once he was released. That's a really good guy, right there.

All of the dual Flash references were a lot of fun, and when you think about how many more are coming our way, it's a really geeky feeling. Are they ever all going to be on screen at the same time? A Flash convergence with everyone nodding at each other and saying, "Flash," "Flash," "Flash," etc. OK. I'm being silly, but you felt it when Patty called for The Flash and they both answered, right? Fun stuff.

Jay: So, I hear they call you the Scarlet Speedster.
Barry: Yeah, what about you?
Jay: Crimson Comet. What is it about alliteration and nicknames?

Jay's introduction opened up the universe in the world of The Flash and Arrow. Yes, we have to lump in the latter series, too. There are multiple worlds and dopplegangers. The metahumans taking shape are being sent for a specific purpose and look like us because they could be us. They are us, with slight variations. Traditional doppleganger stuff.

Dr. Stein processed it all pretty easily and drew it out for the team (and us) to understand. Thank goodness, so that when Harrison Wells was revealed at the end on another earth, it wasn't too shocking. However, he didn't look all that friendly from the get-go. Will it be that our Harrison Wells was a good guy (who was murdered) and the new one will be nefarious, even though he's called the savior of Central City (good lord)?

There are a whole bevy of little pocket breaches popping up and the biggest is in STAR Labs. So does it lead to Jay's world or to a third world? Wouldn't Jay have mentioned the STAR Labs of his world by now? Time is of the essence, dude! 

What I wonder is if things will be super similar in this other world to the point that Harrison Wells was also killed and replaced by Eobard Thawne. unfair. If so, can we find another world with the real Harrison Wells, too? In any case, when this guy does make his way to our world (because of course he will), we'll have to get to know him all over again.

The best news? TOM CAVANAUGH IS BACK. Whew.

Also, Patty Spivot is apparently Barry's new love interest. They flirted. He was impressed with her gumption. Personally, I found her a little too Kimmy Schmidt for my taste, but she did lose her father to Mark Mardon, and that explanation helped a lot to tone down the officer in the end. She's capable, even if she didn't quite understand that traditional weapons don't work on metahumans despite her research into them. 

Apparently, Joe will be putting the task force back together. I never knew it had closed, only realizing it was open on The Flash Season 2 Episode 1, when Cisco was part of the CCPD. So open and closed and open again. Thanks, Patty!

Cisco was both hilarious and heartbreaking during the hour. Hilarious first, because he's given the best lines, and he's our heart.

Jay: They belong to a metahuman I fought before named Sand Demon.
Cisco: I know you're new here, so I'm just gonna break it down for you. The whole naming the bad guys thing? That's my jam. But you know what? I'm gonna let you have that one, because I actually kinda like it. I'm not mad at that one.

Things took a more serious turn when Dr. Stein pushed Cisco to talk about what was going on with him. When did Cisco figure out how to tap into his vibes? Unless I missed it, this was the first time, when he touched the skin cells (really, just ewww) from Sand Demon to transport himself into the situation with Patty. 

It reminded me a lot of a power one of the Charmed Ones had on Charmed, whether premonition or sensing it doesn't really matter, it's really similar. Controlling it is very cool. Yet Cisco, too, has that fear that since it was given to him by Wells by way of the explosion, it must be evil.

He used it for good in saving Patty, so he should take some comfort in that. Easy to say when I didn't  have my heart ripped out by Eobard Thawne.

Gearing up for the addition of an upcoming character from DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Dr. Stein passed out. He earlier alluded to not putting his head together with someone else, and that's because the poor guy must be burning up.

I'm not at all familiar with how FIRESTORM works, but I think he has to merge or die. The Flash Season 2 Sizzle Reel showed a new fellow blasting off, so he's on the way.

Once again, Iris was propping up Barry, being smart and strong. I'm very fond of this season's Iris, but hope they use this upward trajectory to fortify a new, satisfying story, as well. Of course, her mother, Francine, just arrived on the scene, and I really have no idea what to expect from her arrival. All I know is she hasn't been a part of the story until now, so expecting a happy reunion seems a stretch. Will this be a meaty story for the West family? 

As we make way for more new characters to arrive, who will leave to open the canvas for them? Did you fall for Jay Garrick? Do you see a possible match between Jay and Caitlin? How long before Harrison Wells makes his entrance through the breach into our world? Will Team Flash try to kill him upon contact? Are you interested in Barry and Patty? So many questions! Hit the comments, and let's chat about all this new information.

If you need to catch up on all the Central City happenings, you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic.

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Flash of Two Worlds Review

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Jay: They belong to a metahuman I fought before named Sand Demon.
Cisco: I know you're new here, so I'm just gonna break it down for you. The whole naming the bad guys thing? That's my jam. But you know what? I'm gonna let you have that one, because I actually kinda like it. I'm not mad at that one.

Where I came from, I was a speedster like you. They called me The Flash.