The Good Wife Round Table: Alicia Gets Her Groove Back

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The election scandal sent Alicia’s career spiraling. No one but Louis Canning would hire her and she had to work bond court to try and make ends meet on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 1.

Below, TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Elizabeth Harlow and Christine Orlando debate the addition of Luca Quinn, Peter dumping Eli and the many sides of Alicia Florrick in “Bond.”

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Alicia in bond court, Alicia up against Diane and David Lee, or Alicia as the politician’s wife. Which side of her to you enjoy the most? 

Carissa: A combination of her in bond court and up against Diane and David Lee. The reason I have to go with a combination is because she met Luca in bond court, which I otherwise didn't really enjoy, so it has its merits.

Elizabeth: God, they're all so good. I think Bond Court Alicia is the toughest to watch right now because we've gotten used to seeing her be so competent. It made the brilliance she showed in probate court almost jarring. But I'm going to have to go with her role of politicians wife as my favorite in this episode, not least because of her interactions with Margo Martindale. I love how even when she's working to support Peter, these days that really means supporting herself. It’s sly and cunning and I love it. 

Christine: I agree that all sides were good, but I enjoyed Alicia in bond court because she was so out of her element. I’m not sure I’d want a steady diet of this, but it’s fun to see her exposed to a whole new side of the law. 

Would you like to see more of Luca Quinn?

Carissa: I suppose my answer to the first question sort of already addressed this, but I'd like to see her again. I already got the vibe she's taking over where Kalinda left off several seasons ago. I expect Alicia to be up and dancing before the end of The Good Wife Season 7

Elizabeth: I like her, and it would be nice for Alicia to have a friend who she can actually be on screen with. Last season, the fact that Alicia didn't really have non-work friends was explored, and now she's isolated herself even further by starting her own firm. While she could use some introspection, that would get boring to watch after a while. 

Christine: I’m really hoping that Luca ends up as Alicia’s new associate. Alicia could use a different perspective on cases, not to mention at least one female friend. 

Does Eli have the right to be angry with Peter?

Carissa: Hell yes. Eli was the one who wanted to bring the woman onto the campaign in the first place, so replacing him with her seems really underhanded and unnecessary. It's just another reason to want to see Peter take a tumble. 

Elizabeth: Yes. I felt like this would never happen, and the fact that it did makes Peter a bad politician. Even if he did legitimately need someone with more experience to head up his (fake) presidential campaign, that's not how any sane politico would be handled. You do not burn the person who knows where all the bodies are buried. 

Christine: Absolutely! He’s stood by Peter when anyone else would have bailed and he’s gotten him to where he is. It shows just how much self interest trumps loyalty with Peter. I can’t wait to see it come back to bite him. 

Will Cary be able to change things at the new firm?

Carissa: No. I got the impression the story was going in one of two directions, either Cary will be exploring his sexuality or he's going to end up – like Alicia – leaving the firm he started and joining her in her new endeavor, which will ultimately make them the partners they never were in the firm they started in the first place. 

Elizabeth: I'm not sure; he's up against a mountain of geriatrics. It could be fun watching him try and bribe Howard to go along with him in stuff though. It would probably be good if he were able to though. I'm really intrigued to see where the show runners are going with it though – and trying to not get my hopes up about Florrick/Agos 2.0. 

Christine: I’ll be surprised if Cary leaves to start over yet again. He’s got his name on the door and he worked hard to get it there. That said, he’s not having any fun at the firm he helped create. 

Was their anything in “Bond” that disappointed you?

Carissa: I'm not really a fan of absurd court cases, because I find it disheartening that so much of the time of our legal professionals is spent on such frivolous things, so the whole Post-it debacle seemed silly to me. I would never fight someone for 50% of that painting, so I don't understand it.  

Elizabeth: I'm going to have to disagree with Carissa, I loved the probate court – Jane Curtain was perfection. Although since the mother was wheelchair bound, I would have gone with Selena changing/mislabeling things on purpose. My biggest disappointment was how David Lee, Louis Canning, and even Diane were used last night. none of them came close to hitting even half their full potential

Christine: That there was so little Diane. She seemed as though she was only there to be a foil for Alicia. I hope we see more of the real Diane soon. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Carissa: Seeing Grace step up as Alicia's assistant was refreshing. She was genuinely enjoying herself and had great instincts for the work. They might have finally found a place for the girl.

Elizabeth: Depressed Eli was amusing, but his comeback speech to Margo Martindale was baller. 

Christine: I loved Eli’s shock when Peter turned on him because in that moment I felt the same way. Plus, his The Good Wife quote nailed it…

When you were polling nothing, when you were banging your Ethics Coordinator, your freaking Ethics Coordinator! I stood by you.


Check back on Sunday for our The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 2 review and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch The Good Wife online here at TV Fanatic. 

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