The Originals Round Table: Jackson + Hayley = HOT!

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We're about to meet Aurora, one of Klaus' long-lost lovers, but before we do that, we have to break down all that happened on The Originals Season 3 Episode 3.

Cami psychoanalyzed Lucien. Elijah met an old friend. Marcel got really, really angry. Jackson and Hayley? They damn near set a boxing ring on fire.

Join Christine Laskodi, Miranda Wicker, and Ruthie Heard from The Originals Online fansite as they discuss everything that went down on "I'll See You In Hell or New Orleans."

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "I'll See You In Hell or New Orleans?"

Christine: Jackson and Hayley's sparring match. Jackson recognized exactly what Hayley needed to release her aggression. And damn it was hot.

Ruthie: I'm a sucker for flashbacks, so I would say seeing Klaus in love, and getting to see the first sire being created in Lucien was pretty awesome.

Miranda: This is pretty hard for me because I loved so very much about this episode. (I typically do.)  I'll go with the little shoutout Elijah gave to Gia when Klaus asked when he would be forgiven. Elijah might love Hayley, but he definitely held a soft spot for Gia.

How do you feel about Lucien now that we know more about him?

Christine: I feel sorry for him, and for how he seems to be a pawn in a game between Klaus and Tristan. Aurora really screwed him. However, that empathy doesn't translate to my suddenly liking him. I'm still not a fan. He's still a jerk. At least now I know WHY he's such a jerk.

Ruthie: I loved him from the beginning, and happy to know that he's been ruled out as the killer in the homicides. Do I trust him? No.

Miranda: We know we can't trust ANY cute new guy who rolls into New Orleans! (Looking at you, Detective Kinney!!) I am incredibly curious about Lucien now that I know how he was created and what sort of time he spent with the Mikaelsons. I'm interested to see what happened when they parted ways and what led to Elijah siring Tristan (and presumably Rebekah siring Aurora).

Jackson and Hayley's sparring match. React:

Christine: DAY-UM the hotness. Okay, to expand on what I said above, I don't like Jackson and Hayley. I want Hayley and Elijah to be happy together with Hope. But after seeing the way that Jackson cared for Hayley and met her needs, both as a punching bag, and a blood bag, it made me see a future for them that I hadn't before, because everything between them has felt like strategy. There's no real reason for me to dislike Jackson other than that he's a roadblock to Elijah.

Ruthie: Umm, let's just say I've watched that scene maybe 5 or 6 times? So yeah, I LOVED this moment. Jackson as a submissive is kinda hot. Yep...I said it.

Miranda: That. Was. HOT. Look, I'll shout Haylijah all day long, but I know I'm not alone in feeling like Jackson and Hayley are super hot and super awesome together. I hated the character when he first arrived on the scene, but now? Oh, Jackson just keeps doing things that prove he's worth Hayley's love and in the process he's earning mine.

Will Elijah forgive Klaus?

Christine: Eventually, but not anytime soon. When Klaus promised Elijah that he wouldn't die by his hand, I believe him. Klaus, I think, knows that he won't get very far without his brother. Elijah has always been a man of honor and family. Elijah still needs Klaus to PROVE it. Klaus has taken so much from Elijah, and hurt so many people he loves that forgiveness isn't going to just be handed down this time. It'll be slow. But I have no doubt that family bonds will prevail.

Ruthie: He will. Family above all, right? At this point, Klaus has done worse in my opinion. But I guess over time, there is only so much a person or vampire can take, considering he's been letting his brother down for over a thousand years. I agree with Christine, it won't be right away, it's going to take some time.

Miranda: If Elijah never forgave Klaus, it would be understandable. The thing is that Klaus is slowly starting to realize all the ways he's been in impulsive screw-up, so his need for forgiveness is eating away at him. The longer Elijah withholds it, the more unstable Klaus is likely to become. My hope is that Klaus will do things that will help him earn the forgiveness he craves instead of acting out like a child.

Do you think Marcel will join up with The Strix and turn on his family?

Christine: I'm so torn about what I hope Marcel does. I want Marcel to team up the Strix and take his city back. I like tension between Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel. BUT. In the process, Marcel would have to turn on people he cares about, like Josh, and I just don't feel like Marcel would do that. Elijah definitely pressed Marcel's buttons though. Sometimes I think the Mikaelsons forget that Marcel could take one of them out if he REALLY wanted to. It could be a great story for Marcel to remind them. I'm really torn.

Ruthie: I think he will consider it, but in the end will stay loyal to the Mikaelson family. Klaus saved him from a horrible existence as a child. And I think he has proven his loyalty to Marcel as a friend on many occasion. Joining The Strix would pit him against Klaus. Now Lucien's side? I could see that, seeing as he and Elijah have butted heads recently. Excited to see what happens in the next episode!

Miranda: Let's just take a moment to appreciate the scene when Elijah dismissively referred to him as "Marcellus" like it was 150 years ago. That was pretty intense, and right now Marcel is super angry. The trouble is that Elijah doesn't even realize his mistake. I could see Marcel teaming up with someone to fight back against the Mikaelsons, but I'm hoping it isn't Tristan.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Klaus: Have you finally forgiven me?
Elijah: I will consider it. When Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead, and Hell has frozen over.

I'm afraid we might have to resort to something deliciously medieval here, brother.