The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Vicious Valerie!

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Stefan Salvatore almost had a child! Talk about a bomb getting dropped on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 3!

His long-ago lovefest with Valerie could've changed the entire course of his life if only Julian, Lily's lover, hadn't gotten to her first. Ugh. That guy.

Join Ruthie Heard from the Vampire Diaries Online fansite, Carissa Pavlica and Miranda Wicker as they break down the events from "Age of Innocence." (And if you missed any of the night's great moments, remember you can always watch The Vampire Diaries online!)

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Age of Innocence?"

Ruthie: Favorite scene was meeting the Heretic stoner Oscar. His carefree attitude was refreshing. And Damon's expressions to him were classic!

Carissa: God. I didn't have one. I was so utterly bored by the entire episode. I watched twice and still couldn't manage to pay attention long enough to catch every little thing. My least favorite was seeing Tyler. Really? They're going to drag him back only to kick him back out again with 1/25th of a storyline? Don't bother.

Miranda: I also loved meeting Oscar, Ruthie! I found him pretty funny and way more fun than the rest of the Heretics who are too busy whining and being angry. Oscar looks like the kind of guy who knows how to have some fun, and if he and Damon had been vampires when they met the first time, can you imagine the damage they would've caused together? Most importantly it was great to see Damon call Rick and Bonnie his family. 

How do you feel about Valerie after learning her history?

Ruthie: I loved the flashbacks to Stefan's first time. Very sweet moment. Learning her history explains her angst, so I get her a little more. But she was still really nasty to Caroline, so not a fan yet! It was cool seeing how the first Heretic was created though.

Carissa: No different, really, as I didn't have an issue with her in the first place. I'm not feeling the forced history, to be honest. She was one of the most important people in Stefan's very short life, and we've never heard of her? I find it highly unlikely. He's managed to bore us with so many other details...which leads me to...

Miranda: I won't lie, I got really sad for her, especially when she sat on that bench pouring her heart out to Stefan while cloaking herself and even more especially after learning that Julian beat her to the point of miscarriage and made her suicidal. When Julian returns, and let's be real, he'll be back, I'm totally Team Valerie. I hope she rips his heart out and feeds it to a werewolf.

Stefan could've been a dad. React:

Ruthie: Whoa....I did NOT see that coming.

Carissa: I had a glimmer of hope while watching that maybe, just maybe she had the baby and one of the new storylines would be chasing down his line, or that the girl chasing him at the end of the flash forward was a part of his family line. How cool would that have been?? When it didn't come to pass, I was probably more gutted with the lost potential than Stefan could ever be.

Miranda: I'm totally with you on that one, Carissa. I wanted to learn that Valerie had given birth in secret and the child had been hidden away so that there's a Salvatore out there somewhere who is a direct descendant of Stefan's. I think part of the reason that didn't happen is because Julian killing Valerie and Stefan's unborn baby instantly made him the worst villain we've ever seen.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are #Bamonic?

Ruthie: I'd say an 8. I love seeing Bonnie in the mix more. Their best moment was Damon bowing out of the "you lied to me" convo with Bonnie and leaving her and Ric to hash it out.

Carissa: I'll give 'em a 7. Highly entertaining, and Damon is definitely the cooler brother at this point in time, keeping the story alive with his friends and shenanigans. He's hanging with the cool kids. It's so nice to see Bonnie at the forefront of something every week for a change.

Miranda: I hate hate hate their hashtag, but man, do I love those three together. They get a solid 9 from me. They're such a great team that even when Damon went after Oscar alone, Bonnie and Ric still followed. Loved them.

Will Bonnie actually help Ric raise Jo? Should she?

Ruthie: It's very possible...but if she does, they are in for something pretty sinister, I think, if the current preview for The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 is any indication. So no, they shouldn't. But when do these people ever learn they shouldn't do something?

Carissa: Yes, I think she probably will, but she shouldn't. Turning him down wouldn't be as easy for her as it seems to me, however, and I'd probably cave, too. It's really a shame these kids don't watch more television or get to a movie every once in a while like normal people.  

Miranda: She will, and this is going to be a very, very bad idea. Very bad. 

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Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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