The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 Review: JSS

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With the way The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 quietly started, you’d think it would have been one of those calmer hours waiting until the last moments for all hell to break loose and the massive walker herd to crash into the barrier of Alexandria.

There was certainly anticipation after that haunting horn sound closed out The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the bloody and intense onslaught of those scruffy, W-loving Wolves.

One minute you’re setting the timer to bake, the next you’re going all commando mode and taking out enemies left and right.

This was a fantastic follow-up to The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere, delivering a gripping and scary hour that reiterated just how dangerous humans can be in a zombie-filled world.

We’ve seen the threat of other humans countless times whether it’s cannibals at Terminus or Rick’s friend, Shane, going full head-rubbing crazy. Walkers are relatively simple, but humans? You never quite know what one might choose to do.

And that made the hour perhaps even scarier than when the survivors are just trying to avoid walkers chomping to get a bite. Seeing the hectic assault on the community as residents were stabbed, blood spilled all over the place, and these crazy (are they, though?) Wolves running around to kill others pretty much without hesitation was tense and freighting.

We also really got to see the sharp contrast of the seasoned group versus the Alexandrians.

Carol finally broke from her undercover character and went on the offense to try and help take back Alexandria. Her new outfit was badass, especially with that sort of mask to cover her mouth. She is and will remain one of the best characters on this series, and her quick thinking and efficient moves probably helped saved plenty more lives.

At the same time, she was ruthless and basically without hesitation when it came to killing many of the Wolves. So to see her get a chance to sit alone after the onslaught, emotional, bloody and with that W on her forehead really seemed to reflect her similarities to the Wolves.

Sure, she’s adapted to this harsh, harsh world, but at what cost?

And I was glad that much like when Morgan is around Rick to provide a different sense of reason and thought, he too brought that to Carol when it came to the killing.

Of course, Morgan got to be a bad ass stick-fighting warrior, taking on the Wolves himself. But unlike Carol, he tried to keep them alive. He even let some of them go, a decision that will probably come back to haunt him.

His no killing rule was certainly tested against that one member of the Wolves, and you could see the emotional struggle Morgan was in while trying to fight him. His eventual decision was made even more prominent by the way the hour ended as the camera zoomed out on him walking in the other direction.

And Carl got to protect Judith and his house, proving he too has come a long way since the whole zombie apocalypse started.

Unfortunately, there was some eye-rolling teen drama involving Carl, Enid and Ron, but I’ve got a feeling that even with Enid leaving, that won’t be the last we see of her or a Carl and Ron confrontation.

On the other hand, the whole situation really thrust the Alexandrians into uncharted sink or swim waters. Deanna’s son was rather traumatized from the event, and she too felt unprepared for the fight.

Rick’s love interest was forced to fight, even going so far as screaming and repeatedly stabbing her attacker. It was definitely a turning point for her and a far cry from just cutting hair.

There also was the very positive introduction of the new doctor who had a rather pleasant demeanor but was unsure of her new role, and then she was thrust right into action. Her scene where she tried to save one of the Alexandrians was an emotional one both from her stepping up to the unfortunate conclusion that she was unable to keep her alive.

This was a terrifying and eye-opening experience for the Alexandrians that was played out wonderfully through the hour.

Though I was surprised that Morgan had such a huge head start over the rest of the group dealing with the walker herd. I know Rick told him to head back before the horn had sounded, but I didn't think he had covered that much ground. He had plenty of time to stop the horn and get in on the action in Alexandria.

I'm pretty sure we'll see Rick, the other survivors, and the massive herd soon enough. Alexandria better regroup, because the fight isn't over.

"JSS" was riveting and intense. And with these excellent first two episodes, it's exciting to think of what else is in store for The Walking Dead Season 6. Things are only just beginning!

What did you think of the attack by the Wolves? Can Alexandria survive? Sound off below, and see it all again when you watch The Walking Dead online!

JSS Review

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