Watch Arrow Online: Season 4 Episode 3

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There's a whole lot of restoring going on inĀ Arrow Season 4 Episode 3.

That's right. It's all about restoration. First up, Felicity has absolutely had it with Oliver and Diggle. She's not goig to stand by and put up with their bull pucky anymore! They're going to verbally duke it out and mend fences before they get killed.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Thea are in Nanda Parbat. Malcolm Merlyn makes as much sense now as he ever did. Read: NONE WHATSOEVER, and he's instrumental in bringing Sara back to life as well as the death of something very, very important to the world.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

OK, I know that was kind of a bust, but wasn't it fun having the original Team Arrow back together?


Even if Sara went into the Pit, even if it worked, who -- what -- came out of the Pit, would not be Sara. Laurel, I am sorry, truly sorry, but of course, my answer is no.