Watch The Big Bang Theory Online: Season 9 Episode 3

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Ready for a rundown of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 3?

Good! Let's do this...

On the latest installment of this CBS sitcom, the fellas' science skills are put to a unique test when they get a flat tire during Leonard's bachelor party weekend in Mexico.

Elsewhere during the half hour, the ladies force Penny to finally tell her family that she eloped with Leonard. You know, just a small life detail she had yet to pass along.

Sit back and use the video above to watch The Big Bang Theory online in order to see how these events transpired.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

It's bad enough I'm being taken against my will. I don't see why it has to be in some hippie's mobile sex dungeon.


Boy if my mom could see me now, she'd lock me in the sin closet.