Bones Round Table: Should Brennan Play Politics?

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The case of a dead Senator required the team to play politics, while Aubrey and Jessica tried to figure out if they should take a chance on one another in Bones Season 11 Episode 6

Below, TV Fanatics Ashley Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam from Castle and Bones Radio to debate whether Brennan needs to learn how to play politics, if Aubrey and Jessica have a future together, and what was their favorite moment from “The Senator in the Street Sweeper.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Aubrey and Jessica have a future as a couple?

Ashley: Oh, I hope so. I think those two are totally adorable. They would be such a fun, quirky couple to watch.

Pam: No, we have been down this road with Sweets and Daisy and then Sweets and Jessica Warren. I am hopeful Aubrey finds a gal outside of the lab tank pool. Maybe he will meet a gal who isn't an agent or a squint and surprise us all.

Christine: I like them short term, but I just don’t see them working out as a long term couple. She’s just a little too much of a free spirit for Aubrey, and I can see her being a detriment to his career goals. I see heartache ahead. 

Does Brennan need to learn to play politics a bit more?

Ashley: If this were realistic, I'd say yes, it would be an important thing for her to learn. But, for the show and for her character, I think it's better that she be herself.

Pam: No, she is too honest of a person to be able to play politics. It is too hard for her to lie and get away with a lie.

Christine: It could be helpful but not nearly as much fun to watch. I will say that she’s lucky to have Booth as her partner. He completely understands her and doesn’t try to change her but use her quirks to their advantage. 

Would you have said yay or nay to the TV in the bedroom?

Ashley: I don't know if I could survive without a TV in the bedroom, so I'll go with a resounding yes!

Pam: I would have said nay. As for Booth, he is big into his sports and Bones wouldn't see much action in that bedroom unless she performs an autopsy on her leased TV set.

Christine: I say nay. As someone with sleep issues, I prefer a bedroom without any distractions. As for their sex life, with two small children in the house, they should really consider building a bedroom with walls and a door! 

What, if anything, in “The Senator in the Street Sweeper” disappointed you?

Ashley: I really enjoyed this episode. I think the only thing that disappointed me is that we were given yet another silly way of finding a dead body. I just don't think those beginning scenes with characters we'll never see again are useful. I know it's part of the formula, but I'd rather the show break away from formula (they didn't do this as much in earlier seasons).

Pam: I know I keep going back to this but in earlier seasons of Bones we had the tender moments between Booth and Bones. They sneaked looks back and forth, held hands longer then necessary, snuggles and hugs, tender kisses and moments when Booth and Bones would look across the room at each other while working cases.

I miss that, we get book ends when we do get it, a format of a cute opening scene and a closing scene and the murder in between. This episode we get them talking in the bedroom, but we don't get anything, not really, just teasing of what we didn't see. It's all off screen. It's not just about having sex. It's about being in love, and being together and sharing all the little things. 

Christine: I agree with Pam that we could use a little more romance between the two leads. Not all of their personal time has to be funny. Other than that, both Booth and Brennan’s impersonations were pretty lame. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Ashley: This is a tough choice. I think when Brennan described how she could play a different version of herself, and did her best Humphrey Bogart impression was pretty memorable. 

Pam: I always enjoy the car scenes between Bones and Booth. Those are the times when it's just them and only them. They are cut off from work and they are just together discussing their cases, their lives, their day. I loved that Bones and Booth worked this case together as partners like they used to and not just one scene but a lot of scenes. Oh, how I have missed that!

I also loved Caroline's interaction with Bones and Booth. It took me back to seasons past when she would tease them and how she always had some funny one-line zingers for Bones. Shades of that in this episode. Also, Bones and Booth fighting lovingly over the remote control. I hope it paid off for them by both of them turning off that TV for the night!

Christine: I loved it when Brennan announced that she realized that Jessica was talking about her relationship with Aubrey. Brennan looks so darn proud of herself for figuring it out. The look on her face was pretty adorable. 

Check back in on Thursday for our review of Bones Season 11 Episode 7 and if you can’t wait until then, you can always watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

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