Castle Round Table: Did You Love the Love Scene?

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Things came to a head between Esposito and Ryan as their partnership hung in the balance... Beckett and Hayley had an undercover spa day ... and Rick and Kate took a time out from their time out in Castle Season 8 Episode 7.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Robin Harry, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam from A Possibility for Joy a Castle fan forum to debate Ryan and Espo’s issues, whether we need Castle P.I. and what they thought of the love scene in "The Last Seduction."

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

Who had the stronger grievance with the other, Esposito or Ryan?

Stacy: I can see both sides, but if I have to choose, I'd probably say Espo. I can see why he'd be hurt that Ryan let his jealousy get in the way of being happy for him. I can't believe that Espo would actually think that Ryan shot him on purpose though.

Robin: I think Espo had more of a right to be hurt. Not only did Ryan lie about the sergeant's exam from day one, he did have a little bit of jealousy. Getting shot didn't help.

Jim: I'm going against the grain and saying Ryan. I've been in Ryan's shoes where someone else got a promotion I was up for and That person was SOOO excited that they barely remembered that I had been just as invested in the role and was devastated when I didn't get it. 

Pam: Both are feeling slighted by each others lack of trust in the other and it has caused hurt feelings. Jealousy and envy have destroyed many a friendship. This season Castle has "dumb" down the brothers for comic relief and it's insulting to their characters history.

Christine: Espo definitely has the right to be hurt that Ryan seemed shocked that he passed and Ryan was taking his jealousy a bit too far. But I agree with Pam about the “dumbing down” of these characters. Det. Kevin Ryan never would have shot at a shadow. That was ridiculous which makes much of this angst contrived nonsense. 

What did you think of Rick’s note writing advice?

Stacy: It was good, but not nearly as fun as his advice that they should try and see things from the other's POV. That was hilarious.

Robin: I thought that was great, actually. It kept them from blowing up in the heat of the moment, and it's good to have the time to reflect on why there's anger and whether there's any pettiness. I thought the advice was good notwithstanding Castle got divorced from that wife; from what he said, the note-taking worked, it was the reflection on their marriage that made them realize it was superficial.

Jim: I've actually used this advice in real life to prevent holding grudges by writing the person a letter and then waiting 48hrs and reading it again to see if I still felt the same way. It's really good advice, as you find that outside the "heat of the moment" you find that you really would say somethings you would regret.  

Pam: It kept them busy for awhile but didn't help them with their situation it just made it worse because they found more negative things about the other to throw in each other's face and they bickered more.

Christine: Generally, as Jim pointed out, it’s probably pretty good advice but I found it amusing that Castle was giving advice he got about a relationship that ended in divorce. But I suppose even the best advice can’t save a relationship that’s probably doomed from the start. 

Do you like Castle as a P.I. or do you think the show should ditch that story arc and have him working at the 12th once again?

Stacy: I just want to see Castle working cases with Beckett and the boys, the pretense that gets him there doesn't really matter to me. He put so much work into that P.I. office it would be sad if he just gave it up, but maybe it can just be a side project that we don't see all the time.

Robin: I agree with Stacy. I'm ambivalent to Castle as a P.I., to be honest. I think that, when it's done right, him being a P.I. actually works because it allows him to use resources and tactics that may not be appropriate for a police consultant. That said, the show hasn't really tapped into that as much as it should.

Jim: I actually like the P.I. side when both Alexis and Haley are also working cases. As Robin pointed out, it gives Rick a chance to use methods that the city of New York would frown upon.  

Pam: Castle is a shadow of itself. They need to hire Castle and Beckett as a team to go find themselves! The P.I arch is a way to keep them apart. I fell in love with a show about a writer following his muse and they fell in love. Now I watch them in different venues with new characters who I have no vested interest in which take away from the characters I do have vested interest in. Lanie has practically disappeared from this series altogether. We better hire Castle to find her. Get Castle back at Beckett's side at The 12th post haste, before they have to go in search of their core viewers..

Christine: I agree with Pam. The P.I. arc is just another way of keeping them working apart which isn’t why I watch the show. I want to see Castle, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito working together to solve cases. I want to see a writer (remember when Castle was a writer?) and his muse working side by side. I’d be thrilled if they ditched the P.I. arc and brought everything back to the 12th. 

Did the Caskett love scene give you hope for season 8?

Stacy: Absolutely! The separation sucks, but the chemistry build up that led to that scene was amazing. I also think this episode helped to make Beckett look human again. She's always so strong, but it was nice to see her resolve dwindling and see her give in, even if it was just temporary.

Robin: I'm sorry, and maybe I'm the only one, but I hated that scene. I guess I was supposed to be happy that we got thrown a bone (pun intended)? The idea that Rick is so desperate for Beckett that he's completely willing to overlook the fact that she left him with no reason just drives me crazy. I find it incredibly selfish of Beckett to indulge herself knowing that she's putting him in harm's way doing so (that's supposedly why she left in the first place) and keeping him on that emotional tether. I'll be happy to watch them make out when they actually address the real emotional issues that should be coming out of this separation. 

Jim: AMEN Robin, you are not the only one that hated that scene.. I rolled my eyes so hard that it hurt. Seriously stop throwing us a bone and MOVE THE STORY ALONG!  

Pam: No, it was give a dog a bone concept. Give the viewers a sex scene and shut them up. Thins scene mirrored or reminded me of Castle Season 1 Episode 6 “Always Buy Retail”. Beckett is now Castle's deep-fried Twinkie.  I found the scene rather cheap. Same set up Castle on the floor, almost same dialog. A quick kiss and see you around and he sits there and takes it. Finally he is getting curious enough to check her phone out. The entire "I'm leaving you I have problems within myself and need to be alone” story line makes zero sense. I need a time out and a time out for a time out is ridiculous. Castle finds ways to be with her and every crook in town knows where to find them both. It has made our lead characters appear uncharacteristic and has derailed the entire foundation of a once solid A+ series.

Christine: I was actually happy with it, mostly because we’ve had so little actual interaction between Rick and Kate in Castle Season 8, never mind romance. I even thought the callback to “Always Buy Retail” with Castle on the floor was kind of cute. I still hate the separation and that this was a “time out” from their time out. This entire story arc is ridiculous but I enjoyed the bone they threw us for what it was. 

Was their anything in “The Last Seduction” that disappointed you?

Stacy: Only that the time out from the time out had to end, but at least now Castle has a clue to what is going on, so it's just a matter of time before he figures it all out.

Robin: Castle and Beckett's love scene felt like the writers were trying to use fanservice to distract us from the fact that this separation makes no sense. It was almost insulting.

Jim: Again, as Robin said, the love scene fell totally flat. I've been separated from a spouse and NO reunion would be as pleasant as that scene. There is no "time-out from a time-out" like that. How old are these writers?   

Pam: Yes, bring back Castle and Beckett working as a team together at home at work. Get back to what they do best working together and loving together. Kate Beckett character has all but been destroyed in the past few seasons. Don't even get me started on Alexis super snoopy sleuth! I find no need for new character Hayley. Give Lanie her part and have her hang out with Kate and the boys. It's done on Rizzolli & Isles.

Christine: Overall, I enjoyed the episode but please make this separation and silly LokSat storyline end! It’s dragging down the entire show. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Stacy: I loved the parallel scenes of Beckett talking to Espo and Castle talking to Ryan. The comparisons between the two relationships were both really sweet and funny. 

Robin: I liked Espo and Ryan's reconciliation at the precinct. I love the brotherly bond these two have, and I'm glad that they resolved it. 

Jim: Dang it, my first two favorite scenes were taken... I have to go with the ladies in the spa. It was cool seeing Hayley and Becket getting some face time. 

Pam: Kate finding her 1st Anniversary gift balloon with the dinner invitation note turning around and seeing Rick watching her.  Shades of Castle past (without all the interruptions they still find the need to give us) sometimes we get a gem scene or two in an episode.

Christine: For me, it was the love scene at the end. That Kate attempted to make things right, even temporarily and brought Remy’s. That Rick didn’t hesitate to kiss her. No matter what the circumstances, this show works best when we get the chemistry between Castle and Beckett. I just hope we get a lot more romance once this stupid separation storyline is over. 

Check back in on Monday for our review of Castle Season 8 Episode 8, the fall finale and if you can’t wait for more, you can always watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic. 

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