Chicago Fire Preview: Will Casey and Dawson Find Happiness?

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The temperature may be dropping as winter comes to the Windy City.

But things are hotter than ever in Chicago on NBC, thanks to a trio of shows based in this beloved locale.

In terms of Chicago Fire Season 4, it's already been a tough road for all involved, as the house is under heavy scrutiny.

We've seen Severied be put through the wringer, yet it seems Boden is about to snap; this week will reveal the motive behind the conspiracy against Boden.

From what Eamonn Walker told us at the recent Chicago junket for all three Dick Wolf-produced programs, viewers are going to see shades of Boden we've never seen before. Normally calm and cool in the midst of any situation, Walker teased there's much drama coming for his character.

The actor also talked about the challenges in the frequent crossovers between Chicago Fire, Chicago PD Season 3 and Chicago Med Season 1. Let's see what he had to tell us on the red carpet:

And then there's Casey and Dawson, who have had a rough go of it so far this season.

However, if we're to believe star Jesse Spencer, there may be happiness coming for the couple.

Still, this being Chicago Fire, there's sure to be more complications ahead, although it sounds like at least the twosome are in a good place as they face whatever is coming next:

Chicago Fire Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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