Chicago Fire Round Table: We Are Family

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This was certainly a sad one.

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 4  brought the loss of Dawson and Casey's baby, but also some emotional words of hope from Hermann.

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow, Paul Dailly, and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Ann to discuss Hermann's story, Captain Patterson's potential for redemption, and the end of the arson story.

Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised by Hermann's story to Dawson?

Elizabeth: I hadn't really thought about it before, but not really. Dawson (and Casey) both needed to hear from somebody with experience that this tragedy was something they could come through together. With Hermann's five kids, he was the statistically logical choice.

Paul: I really was. It was heartbreaking and although it might not seem like things are going to get better for Dawsey, they are and Hermann reiterated that to them.

Ann: His story, no Hermann always has the perfect speech to give. I loved what he did with the video, and I think that both Casey and Dawson kind of felt better, if you can actually feel better, in a situation like that. But better things will come for them. Who knows maybe a wedding, which would be great.

Stacy: I was, and I liked that he had that experience to share with Dawson and Casey to help them through this, even if it is a little convenient story-wise. Hermann telling Dawson that he considered her a daughter was a real teary-eyed moment.

Is Capt. Patterson redeemable?

Elizabeth: He hasn't kicked any puppies or straight up murdered anybody as far as we know, so yes. His one crime is being assigned to take over for a beloved leader in a very tight firehouse and being a little too gung-ho going about it while not understanding the dynamics at play.

Paul: I agree with Elizabeth on this one, but as much as he's redeemable, I don't want to see him on the show again. Chicago Fire has a habit of putting characters on the back burner and it's frustrating. Focus on the core characters!

Ann: Well he certainly changed his tune about House 51 being like a family. I think he is redeemable if he continues on this track. I noticed that he was supportive of Kelly on two counts, one for the little boy, Kevin, and then for Duffy. What he said to Boden was special.

Stacy: It seems like that's the direction the show is taking with him, but I'm with Paul in that I'm ready for him to go. I want Severide to get his rank back and take over squad again.

Is the arson story line over? Do you want to see Duffy again?

Elizabeth: I hope it's not over – even though we know who did it, there are still loose ends. This is where I wish there was more continuity between the shows; it would be a perfect place for PD to step in and take over the play.

Paul: I'm kind of over it. We know how these all play out. Our characters find evidence against someone, wind up in peril and then they get blamed for something crazy.

Ann: The arson story line is not over. Maddox has Riddle in his back pocket. I think Riddle is involved in some way and he is going to get caught with his hand out. I hope he gets caught and I think Duffy will be the one to express this, or not, But I am almost positive that Riddle is the one that is behind it. But hey that is just me. I don't like him and hope he loses his job.

Stacy: Even though it wasn't completely wrapped up, we know who did it and the files have been found, so I don't feel it needs to continue. Now that Dawson is no longer pregnant, she can return to 51 once she's recovered. I wouldn't mind Duffy making another appearance for Severide's sake.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Elizabeth: Obviously, Casey reassuring Dawson that he was with her for her and not because of the baby had me reaching for a tissue. The struggle with this story was always going to be the fallout from losing the baby, but that was a good first step.

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be Chili being rude to the neighbors.

Ann: There were a few: First and foremost was Casey standing by Dawson and expressing how much he wanted to be with her for her and not because of the baby. He had actually come into Molly's to tell her that and then she said 'I'm pregnant'. Second, when they were trying to reinstate Molly's and Chili said to the 'Portland Jackals' 'just keep walking' loved it that she did that.

Stacy: I'm going to go with Kevin giving Severide the card. Severide telling him that he had a really bad day and that made it better was so sweet. He's really great with kids.

Did anything disappoint you?

Elizabeth: Not really, although I thought Dawson's miscarriage being some super rare form of ectopic pregnancy was a little over the top. A more typical cause would have sufficed. Also, I was confused why everyone was acting like she was suddenly barren at the end of the episode.

Paul: Dawson losing the baby. Every time this couple finds a shred of happiness, it just gets ripped away from them. I get that this is a high octane drama and all, but give Dawsey a break.

Ann: Yeah, Dawson losing the baby. In Duffy, he has always been a good guy and this isn't how I pictured this going down.

Stacy: The whole Molly's story line was unnecessary, and the limestone solution felt really convenient. I also agree with Elizabeth on the confusion over Dawson's future ability to get pregnant. They didn't give any reason why that should be an issue.

Make sure you tune in to Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 5 on Tuesday, Nov. 11!

Stacy Glanzman is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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We broke into a shed up the block. We owe 3226 a padlock.


Casey: Will, do everything you can for the baby. If it comes down to a choice, you save my girl.
Will: Matt, truth time, when I'm in there she's the only one I'm trying to save.