Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Hope Survive?

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Salem celebrated its Bicentennial Gala with epic outfits and a wedding that was far from romantic given that the groom planned to kill the bride on their wedding night.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Trey and Smidge from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate who had the best outfit, whether Hope will survive being attacked, and for which budding new romance they are rooting after last week in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who had the best retro outfit?

Jack: Of the guys, I liked Rafe's suit and JJ's (JJ looks good in anything IMO). Of the women, I really liked Maggie and Julie's outfits.

Trey: I think the men looked suave. And, Nicole with those glasses looked ridiculously cute and classic. Hope's hair was too distracting for me.

Smidge: Theresa nailed that 60's doll-like beauty for me. Aiden and Brady took it for the gents. 

Christine: JJ did look good in his outfit. On the ladies side, I loved Hope’s black dress but I think Nicole nailed it with her entire outfit. From the dress to the hair to the glasses, she was perfect. 

Were you impressed by the Bicentennial? 

Jack: Yes and no. I thought the gala was great and I loved seeing Jennifer's photo album of all the supercouples. The dancing and wedding could have been wonderful had we not had this stupid Aiden as killer storyline. Hope fighting for her life didn't belong in this celebration. Neither did Joey being the 2535325636rd person to get their drink spiked.

Trey: I really liked the toasting. There was such a build up and so much darkness (with Abigail/Ben and Aiden's thoughts of killing Hope) that took away from the memories. Overall, it was nice to see everyone come together.

Smidge: I wouldn't say I was impressed but it had it's sweet moments. I wish I got a stronger nostalgia element though. 

Christine: I was really hoping for more classic flashbacks. I enjoyed what we had but it wasn’t nearly enough and as Jack said, all of the violence and psycho drama took away from the feeling of celebration. 

Will Hope survive her attack and how do you see it wrapping up?

Jack: Yes Hope will survive. Sadly, Bo is back so that means he gets to finish Aiden off or otherwise save Hope, who was doing a fine job of saving herself before he showed up.

Trey: I definitely think Hope will survive the attack. I think Bo will come in time to save her as Aiden runs off or tries to hit him from behind. I hope that she comes to and saves herself (and maybe Bo if he and Aiden are struggling). I really want her to save herself, especially since she's a strong feminine figure and police officer.

Smidge: Yes, Hope will surely survive and Aiden will die. Not sure as to the future for Bope. 

Christine: I’m rooting for Hope to save herself, save Bo and take down Aiden. She’s not 18 anymore. She’s an extremely capable grown woman and a detective. Hope shouldn’t need Bo to ride to her rescue. 

Are Bo’s flares of temper normal or is something else going on? 

Jack: Something is wrong with Bo. I'm not sure if his headaches and temper flares are because he sensed Hope was in danger or because he's ill, but I have this feeling that he's more injured/sick than he realizes as a result of his ordeal.

Trey: Bo has always been a hot head. It's in character for him to have angry moments. Bo has always been one of my favorite characters because he always acted like a rebel with his heart rather than being calm and logical.

Smidge: I think there is more to his story than what Bo has revealed this far. His behavior seems a bit erratic. 

Christine: I actually hope there is an underlying reason for all of those tantrums but even so, there are too many men in Salem with bad tempers or violent tendencies lately. It’s not a good trend.

There were lots of new couples hinted at this week. (JJ and Gabi, Justin and Eve, Eric and Jennifer, etc.) Which one are you most interested in seeing more? 

Jack: JJ and Gabi! Anything that gets JJ more screen time is good, and I like the chemistry between him and Gabi so far. I'm curious about Eric and Jennifer, though I still am mad that Justin is with Eve instead of Eric.

Trey: I can stand behind a JJ and Gabi pairing, but they'd have to age JJ a bit. They both have a bit of a bad side and jail time. They can be good for each other, though I don't know if I can foresee trouble for the couple. Justin and Eve could be a hot short term thing. I can't really see Eric and Jennifer. They'd be very boring.

Smidge: I'm most interested Justin and Eve as a pairing and strongly opposed to Jennifer and Eric. Oh, and I sense a little love triangle tease from Ciara, Theo and Chase. That could be interesting. 

Christine: I’m already a big fan of JJ and Gabi but I really hope they take things slowly. I want to see them build on this newfound friendship. As Trey said, I see Justin and Eve being hot but short lived. Eric planting that kiss on Jennifer was a shocker but I can’t really picture them as a couple. It just feels weird. 

Was there anything this week that disappointed you? 

Jack: Seriously, Jennifer had to start up with JJ about daring to turn in his police academy application as if he just told her he was going back to drug dealing? And Daniel was three feet away but he and JJ had no interactions about that or anything else? And of course this whole stupid destruction of Aiden's character/killing Hope/destroying Hope and Aiden story is so disappointing I can barely type about it.

Trey: I was kind of disappointed that none of the Hortons seemed to be concerned about Abigail missing the wedding. I would have thought her mom would have checked on her.

Smidge: Aiden disappointed me. I'm so mad that they really had him attempt to kill Hope. I really felt for her when she realized who the attacker was. Such a disappointing turn in their pairing.

Christine: Almost worse than Aiden actually attacking Hope was having to sit through all of those fantasies about him planning to kill Hope. Second was Abigail and Ben. I can’t believe they left us hanging for two whole days or that Jennifer isn’t trying to track her daughter down after the strange phone conversation they had. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline? 

Jack: I really loved Jen reminiscing about the supercouples of the past with Maggie. Also, Ciara and Julie's talk about shoplifting was totally what I watch this show for.

Trey: The Bo and Patch scenes were hilarious! Two stand out the most for me: Bo telling Patch in the motorcycle yard that it wouldn't be the first time he crashed one of Hope's weddings on a motorcycle. The other was Patch on the back of Bo's bike saying "Road Trip!"

Smidge: I enjoyed most all things Thrady (Theresa / Brady). Also the speeches and aesthetic at the bicentennial. 

Christine: I loved Julie’s conversation with Ciara when she overheard her planning to steal the jacket. Nothing is better than a soap using a veteran characters history to influence a developing story. Also it was great to see this new, young actress hold her own with Susan Seaforth Hayes. 

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