Gotham Season 2 Episode 10 Review: The Son of Gotham

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Sometimes Gotham makes me want to bang my head against the wall. What roadmap are they following?

Two intense fights, a jar of spicy mustard, and the blood of nine? Oh, and Bruce finally grew a pair, so that was good.

But still, after watching Gotham Season 2 Episode 10, I am exasperated. There were so many more questions than there were answers.

Tracking a Suspect - Gotham

The whole blood of nine storyline is stupid. I don't even understand it. What is the point of ritualistically killing a bunch of thugs in order to kill Bruce Wayne? Why continue to drag this nonsense out? We all know Bruce is not going to die, so no matter what kind of crap the writers try to feed us with this monk story, it's not going to pan out.

Sure, maybe he'll get hurt a little bit. Maybe he'll even be on the brink of death with a serious stab wound. But a dead Bruce Wayne? Please, don't bore us.

The only benefit to this whole Order of St. Dumas trying to kill Bruce experience is that it's going to turn him darker. That's all I see being accomplished here.

I guess what bothers me most is that with all the explaining and talking these characters do on a regular basis, nothing has been explained about the purpose of these ritualistic killings. The only bone we got was when Galavan sort of mocked it all at the end of the hour.

"It's a bit too...," he said, shrugging his shoulders. Yeah, I'll finish that sentence for you. Stupid. It's a bit too stupid. No. It's a bit too over-the-top stupid. If this stuff is going to be shoved down our throats, at least tell us what we're eating. I can't stand all this cryptic stuff.

Gordon was especially exasperating this hour. He needs to shed the "holier than thou" coat pronto and be who he is really meant to be. He truly would be a much happier person for it. Seriously.  For him to actually consider listening to Barnes about dropping the Galavan case was just dumb. Thank heavens he has Bullock around to keep him straight.

Gordon has become so unbelievable lately. His anger and guilt about Parks seemed insincere. Why do we care about a character we hardly knew anything about? She was just one more victim of the disaster known as Strike Force, which, by the way, is a complete waste of the viewer's time. Please, make it go away. There is no point to it anymore. And who would want to be part of it, anyway? I'm sure it has a pretty bad reputation by now.

Besides, Jim is always angry when coworkers are killed. And it's always short-lived. Remember Essen? That lasted, what? Five minutes?

Hell, all that supposed anger, and he couldn't even stop Galavan at the end. I don't think he landed even one punch on the guy. 

This is why I no longer find any credibility to Jim Gordon. Now, if he went full-fledged dark side? I might reconsider. And considering the fact that Penguin saved his ass once again, it's something that could very well come to fruition. Please! Let this guy be free already!!

Let's talk a bit about Galavan. Did anyone else think it was utterly ridiculous that Mayor James implicated Penguin for his kidnapping? Where did that come from? And wouldn't that revelation have been something he would have shared with Harvey Dent prior to his appearance in court?

How is it that this guy's new story isn't suspicious? And the judge just lets Galavan go AND lets him give one of his boring diatribes? At this point, there is no point in saving Gotham. Someplace as stupid as Gotham shouldn't be allowed to exist.

While this whole turn of events is quite frustrating, there is an upside. It opens the door for Penguin to exact his revenge on Galavan. A slow torture would be a good way for him to go.

It was good to see Penguin back in full form. I was getting a little worried about him after he called Nygma about the spicy mustard. What was that about? Bromance gone romance?

Bruce and Selina's team up to trick Silver was rather clever (and The Knife was awesome!) I'm glad Bruce used the brain above his shoulders and trusted Selina's instincts. Whether or not the name Silver blurted out is real remains to be seen, but it was a sweet moment watching Bruce turn away from her and walk out the door with Selina.

It's starting to get warm and fuzzy between those two, and Bruce's story is starting to become a lot more interesting. His character is starting to become a lot more interesting. That's a step in the right direction.

But the best part of the whole hour was the fight between Alfred and Tabitha. How awesome was it that he grabbed her whip with his hand when his back was turned to her? And while she seemed to have lost her sharpshooting skills, she sure was accurate with that claw knife. Alfred better be okay. 

I'm also intrigued by what she said about Galavan not caring if she lived or died. That puts an interesting spin on things, doesn't it? Maybe she'll be the one to kill Galavan in the end!

Odds and Ends

  • Why did Nygma say anything about Kristin and Dougherty? It just seems like an eventual setup for being caught. It was stupid for him to call Penguin to get rid of Kringle's glasses. Why not just take care of it when he got home? He overreacted to Lee's questions. It didn't seem in the new Nygma's character to make these kinds of mistakes.
  • I'm curious about the status of Butch and Victor. Are they ever coming back?
  • I still get the feeling that Barnes is somehow involved with Galavan. He was a little too quick to tell Gordon to back off after Galavan was released.

What did you think about "Son of Gotham"? Share your thoughts and theories for the fall finale below, and remember, you can watch Gotham online anytime, right here on TV Fanatic!

The Son of Gotham Review

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