How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Is Oliver Okay?!?

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Oh, Philip, who the heck are you?

We finally heard from the creepy Hapstall cousin on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8 - and while he adamantly proclaimed his innocence, a last second meet-up revealed he knows more than he's letting on.

Elsewhere, Annalise and Nate were up to their old tricks, but is their reconciliation meant to last? And what of the other couples? Will any of them ride off into the sunset together?

Join TV Fanatic round table participants Rachel Miller, Miranda Wicker and Whitney Evans as they discuss all these questions and share their thoughts on the biggest mystery of all...#WhoShotAnnalise

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What was your favorite quote or scene?

Rachel: I’m glad that Philip didn’t hurt Oliver. My instincts were telling me that Philip was going to kidnap Oliver, hold him for ransom and another death would’ve taken place. Thankfully, Oliver is OK.

Miranda: Oh, man. I'm so glad Oliver is alive. For favorite, I'll go with Frank and Laurel and Frank's insistence that his apartment is an Annalise-free zone. As much as I love Annalise and this show, she does have a tendency to pull people into the destruction she leaves in her wake. They all need a break from her.

Whitney: I liked when Oliver showed up with Philip all nonchalant. I assumed the whole episode would revolve around the search for Oliver, but I was very wrong and happy to be wrong!

Nate and Annalise are back on. React!

Rachel: Annalise has always cared for and loved Nate. Yeah, she set the poor guy to take the fall for her husband’s murder, but she made sure he wasn’t convicted. Nate could be using this as a way to get inside of Annalise’s head seeing how she’s very vulnerable. Both Annalise and Nate are hurting and need someone to lean on, so their recent hook up could be a rebound fling.

Miranda: I'm not sure I trust this. Knowing that the team is in the car with him next week after the shooting makes me wonder if he's playing her.

Whitney: I'm on the fence, because I know Nate is hurting from the death of his wife, but has he really forgiven Annalise for all the pain she's caused him? It's hard for me to believe he's forgotten about the past few months and the hell he was in. Plus like Miranda pointed out, the flash forwards don't exactly portray Nate as a man overly concerned with the well-being of his lady love.

There was a lot of action going on in those closing minutes. Which couple has the brightest future?

Rachel: Frank and Laurel definitely have the brightest future. They both know what it’s like to work for crazy Annalise. Plus the two seem to be letting their guards down and open up to one another more.

Miranda: I love, love, love Frank and Laurel, but I'm going with Connor and Oliver. Oliver has definitely made Connor a better person, which probably came as a total shock to him.

Whitney: I kind of like Michaela and Caleb together, but I also think Caleb is a murderer, so I can't really see their future being that bright. Oliver and Connor seem to be the most stable at this point, so I'm giving them the edge over the other couples.

Which reveal was more surprising? Philip not hurting Oliver or Philip working with Catherine?

Rachel: Philip and Catherine working together was unexpected. Catherine has everyone fooled with her sweet, innocent act. I’m excited to find out how the two even met and their involvement in the murders. Catherine and Philip are keeping some hefty secrets.

Miranda: Philip and Catherine! OMG! She's crazy! And crazy good at hiding her shenanigans from her adopted brother. What is even up with these two working together!?

Whitney: I thought Oliver was a goner for sure, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him alive and well almost right from the start. Philip and Catherine having some sort of partnership was a complete shock! I definitely need more information on their pairing and if Caleb is at all involved.

Who shot Annalise?

Rachel: At this point, I still have no clue who had the guts to shoot Annalise. I highly doubt it was any of her students, Frank or Bonnie. So I’ve narrowed it down to Philip, Caleb or Catherine. I’m just still unsure which one pulled the trigger.

Miranda: I just...I have this sneaking suspicion that Annalise is in on her own shooting and whomever pulls the trigger will be doing so on her orders. So I think Nate shoots her being the one person with enough knowledge to know where NOT to shoot her so she won't die.

Whitney: I'm pulling an Olivia Pope hear and following my gut, which tells me that Caleb pulled the trigger. I haven't exactly put together the how and why part of the equation, but that's just the feeling I have.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Annalise: You know more about me than most people.
Nate: That's sad because I don't know you.

Oliver: Just please don't kill me. Please.
Philip: No. I don't want to kill you.