How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Hi, I'm Philip

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Were you almost fooled by Philip?

I must make a confession. I felt slightly sorry for the guy when he first sat down across from Annalise and company on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8. I'm thinking I was so relieved he didn't hurt Ollie, that I let my guard down with him, because I'm not that easily manipulated.

It turns out Philip isn't innocent. And Philip has more secrets that I'm sure we'll learn more about as we approach the mid-season finale. 

Can you believe we're already this deep into the season? It has been quite the ride so far. 

There was no case of the week, just the Hapstall case and that was fine by me. With the flash forwards mainly taking place at murder mansion, aka the Hapstall residence, we've know they would be involved somehow. So the episode before the big reveal did well to serve as a showcase for the siblings. 

Sinclair was up to her usual tricks, bugging Annalise's house and trying to get Caleb and Catherine to agree to a plea deal. I love that it was Asher who realized exactly what Sinclair was up to. Turns out doucheface can be useful, much to Frank's chagrin. 

Maybe Mr. Millstone should be my new Frank.


It was a bit annoying to have Caleb agree to the plea deal, so he could spare Catherine and then later have Catherine do the same thing for Caleb. I don't think anyone thought they were going to take those deals. I'm still of the mindset that neither one of them actually pulled the trigger on their parents. 

Although the ending would have us believing something different. 

As I alluded to earlier, we met Philip. And he was every bit as strange as we previously imagined. 

I know I'm weird. People have always called me that, but I stick to myself ,and I don't bother anyone, alright? I'm not someone who could do that, kill someone. You're wrong about me.

Caleb and Catherine claimed to not know who he was, as Philip claimed the same about them. Even though I did at first feel like maybe Philip was misunderstood, I didn't believe he was dumb. At the very least I figured he knew about his connection to the Hapstall's, and that seems to be correct. 

With the DNA proving that Philip is connected to the murder scene, not to mention the new information that Philip was the product of incest, he seems likely to be the Hapstall murderer. But how does Catherine play into this?

There was no shocking flash forward ending this week, just the image of Philip and Catherine together. On a lot of shows, this revelation would piece together a lot of clues and give you that "aha" moment. But I was left with way more questions than answers. 

For starters, was Caleb playing dumb with Michaela? He looked pretty sincere when he showed her where the dusty gun was hidden in the mansion, but he hasn't exactly been the most truthful guy in the world. I'm not counting out Caleb, Catherine and Philip being in on all this together. 

I'm also wondering, did Philip kill his mother? And what brought Catherine and Philip together in the first place? There are so many things I need answered!

One thing that will be answered is the #WhoShotAnnalise question. We've had many weeks to try a piece this convoluted puzzle together, and I've got my theory.

I think the shooter is...Caleb! My reasoning? I picked out of a hat. I've essentially come up with a reason why it can't be everyone else, and he's the only one for which I can't come up with anything. I'm discounting the students because we've been there, done that with them. Plus, they all talk a big game about not liking Annalise, but would anyone actually try to kill her?

Nate isn't going to shoot her now that they've found some common ground. Sinclair is nuts, but she doesn't strike me as the cold-blooded killer type. Bonnie is insane, but is she becoming a mass murderer? I'm inclined to say no. And Frank? He may be annoyed with Annalise, but I don't think he would do that to her. 

That leaves Caleb and Philip, and I chose Caleb. My biggest struggle is trying to figure out why everyone seems super content to let her die. If the shooter is Caleb, they wouldn't feel the need to protect him. What am I missing?

Feel free to point out the many, many holes in my theory ( I just gave you one) because I know there are many, but hey, it's always fun to speculate! Bottom line, I haven't a clue who shot Annalise, but I'll be on the edge of my seat during How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9 like the rest of you.

Random Notes

  • So much sexy times! If you were a newcomer to this show, the ending would have almost seemed like you were watching something hopeful with all those kisses and smiling faces. 
  • We only got one shot of Bonnie looking helpless in the shower. Maybe my theory is wrong...
  • Before my DVR cut out in the middle of the previews, I could have sworn it looked like the students were carrying something up a flight of stairs. And that something looked like a body wrapped in a rug or something. If my eyes didn't deceive me, then I'm guessing that's Philip that also bites the dust at murder mansion. Did anyone else see that short clip?
  • #AsherFail. Ha. 

The moment of truth is almost here! Before you speculate on what's going to happen next, tell me what you thought about "Hi, I'm Philip." How glad are you that Oliver is okay? Were you surprised to learn Catherine and Philip were working together? Are you glad Nate and Annalise patched things up?

Most importantly of all, though, #WHOSHOTANNALISE? Be sure to leave me a comment and watch How to Get Away with Murder online because I can guarantee you'll want to be caught up before the big reveal!

Hi, I'm Philip Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Annalise: You know more about me than most people.
Nate: That's sad because I don't know you.

Oliver: Just please don't kill me. Please.
Philip: No. I don't want to kill you.