How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9 Review: What Did We Do?

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Is anyone else's head spinning?

That was one of the craziest hours of television I've ever seen. How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9 promised us the #WhoShotAnnalise reveal, and they did indeed show us the identity of the shooter, but they gave us a lot more to absorb then just that. 

This is the part where I tell you to stop reading if you have yet to watch this installment. So you've been warned, people!

Where do we even begin?

Let me just begin by saying that was a very entertaining episode, but it was also extremely scattered, and I'm not sure it really needed to be. When Annalise gets the call from Nate, then we see her crying and spiraling, it's made to leave us curious, and I totally get that. But then we learn what really happened on the phone like 10 minutes later. 

What was the point of that? It's a small nitpick, but it just served to annoy me more than anything. Things felt unnecessarily convoluted at times, and I kind of wish it had just played out more straightforward. Okay, I just needed to get my small complaint out of the way, because other than that, this was one thrilling ride. 

The main action was reserved for murder mansion, as you'd expect, but it's interesting to note one murder I assumed took place at the mansion, actually happened some place else. 

Bonnie: I'm so sorry.
Annalise: Stop. She did this to herself.

When Bonnie opened the trunk to reveal Sinclair's dead body, I was genuinely surprised. I had a feeling Bonnie wasn't alone in pushing Sinclair off the roof, but it never dawned on me that Sinclair wasn't killed in the mansion.

No, Sinclair was killed by doucheface himself!

After the elder Millstone committed suicide, and Mrs. Millstone coldly disowned her son, I began to think the show was setting us up to have Asher be the one who pulled the trigger on Annalise. Instead, they had Asher snap and back over Sinclair in a parking garage. Cold blooded. 

From that moment on, things became chaotic, and Annalise went into full panic mode. Her decision to pull everyone in on the Sinclair cover up seemed a bit like Annalise trying to make up for the fact that she felt guilty about Mr. Millstone's death. Or maybe she was trying to look out for Nate, like she would later proclaim.

Any way you look at it, Annalise was losing it. 

Annalise: They killed Sam, Asher. It wasn't Bonnie. She just said that to protect them, but Sam attacked Rebecca and they killed Sam. And I've been covering for them the whole time. And now they're going to help cover for you.
Michaela: Why are you doing this to us?
Annalise: Because all of this, everything that's happened. Sinclair coming after me, using Asher, now this. It all started with what the four of you did. Now let's get to work!

I could not believe Annalise called them out like that! It was in that instant I started to believe that one of the students would be the one to shoot her. She was just making it so easy for everyone to want her gone. 

While I may have guessed it would be one of the murderous foursome that would pull the trigger, I didn't know Annalise would be the one to come up with the plan. And what an interesting plan it was. 

Let me make sure I have this down, Annalise was hoping to pin everything on Catherine, right? The Hapstall murder, Sinclair's death and her shooting. It makes sense that Frank kept her alive, but why have her out in that field? And is it safe to assume when the cops find Catherine, they'll find Rebecca's body, too? 

You guys are going to need to help me out her in the comments with this one. 

Anyway, back to the action. Watching Annalise beg someone to shoot her was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Can you imagine if literally every person you had daily interactions with had a reason to want you dead?

Such is the life of Annalise Keating. When Connor balked on the opportunity, I just knew who was going to take the gun. 

Drum roll please! The #WhoShotAnnalise award goes to...Kristoff Wes!

I didn't think we'd see Wes be the "killer" again, but once Annalise starting jabbering on about Rebecca, it was a done deal. And how about Wes not shooting her in the leg? It's clear that's meant to show us he wanted to kill her, but did he?

While some major questions were answered, we were left with so many more to consider. The biggest one being the Annalise/Wes back story mystery, which just got even more interesting. 

My theory? Annalise is NOT Wes's mother. Instead, I think she and Eve had a hand in his mothers death. I mean, Annalise is the queen bee when it comes to how to get away with murder, isn't she? 

Random Notes

  • Phlip is lurking by the mansion when all the madness is going down. I'm sure that will be a thing going forward. 
  • Did Annalise ever get a chance to tell Nate her plan to have someone shoot her? I ask, because sometimes I miss things while taking notes. If she did, then it makes sense why he doesn't seem at all panicked about her shooting. 
  • What do we make of Frank's performance in the hospital now?
  • I'm kind of glad Bonnie didn't actively kill anyone.
  • My Caleb theory was dead wrong! I just really didn't think any of the students were capable of attempting to kill Annalise. 
  • So, it's silly for me to even ask this, but there's no way Annalise actually dies, right?

We have a lengthy winter hiatus, which gives us plenty of time to discuss "What Did We Do?" and wonder about what's to come. Did the murder mansion saga play out as you expected? Who is Asher reporting when he goes to the police station? Has your theory about Wes and Annalise changed? How will Philip fit into to everything going forward?

Make sure you comment here, so we can all talk this out. The comment section is my therapy!

If you've missed a second of the action this season, make sure you watch How to Get Away with Murder online to catch up!

What Did We Do? Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Sinclair: You enjoy being her little boy toy, don't you? That's why ypu keep running back to Annalise again and again, so she can fight your battles for you. You prefer to have her boss you around. Tell you what to do. Like hire her bestie and kill Nia.
Nate: Keep my wife's name out of your mouth! Say her name again. Say it!
Sinclair: And then what?

Laurel: Annalise, did you know about this?
Annalise: Know about what?
Laurel: Asher's dad killed himself.