iZombie Round Table: An Unholy Alliance

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Presto! Another fabulous round table discussion about this week's episode, iZombie Season 2 Episode 7!

Are Blaine and Peyton headed for romance or disaster, and what about poor Ravi, left in the dust? Will the package on Agent Bozzio's doorstep end up putting Liv in hot water?

"Abra Cadaver" had quite a few hilarious quotes and scenes, and one very anticipated team up! Join TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald, along with our guest from Tell-Tale TV, Lyra Hale, for a discussion of all things iZombie. 

Be sure to leave your own answers in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Lyra: "Of course I want to sex you up, girl. You're very attractive, and I very much have a penis." What show actually says things like this?! It's pure gold and I want more of it!

Whitney: That was my favorite line, too, Lyra! And pretty much anything out of Blaine's mouth was golden.

Caralynn: Oh my god, this episode was so funny it's hard to pick just one moment. I loved all of Liv's magic-y weirdness, and there was one small moment where Clive popped in at the morgue and Liv asked him to pick a card and he said "no" and popped back out. That cracked me up. Also Ravi's poor stupid ladyfriend Stephanie setting up that silly British-themed date was so cringe-worthy and hilarious.

Amanda: Definitely Major's line about wanting to sex Liv up! Too funny!

Lindsay: I loved the Liv and Blaine scenes, especially since Liv was suffering some pretty serious brain symptoms. Every interaction between them is just great!

How do you feel about the Liv & Blaine team up?

Lyra: Loved it. It's a complete shift away from the dynamic between them last season. It kind of puts me in a tough position because I want more, but I know I shouldn't. Blaine is evil and has killed a lot of people, but I still want Liv and him to pair up as a crime-solving duo. With the white hair and pasty complexion, they'd be pretty unforgettable.

Whitney: I know the shippers were excited to see that pair together! They actually made a pretty good team, but I still don't see any hint of sexual chemistry between them. That very well could be because I don't want to see it! But a platonic, crime-fighting duo that hilariously argues all the time is something I could get behind.

Caralynn: I really, really liked them as begrudging allies, and it's an interesting dynamic. I agree with Whitney that there's not any sexual chemistry between them at the moment, but I stand by the fact that I think if this takes a super slow burn, it could be awesome. Operative word there is "could." I love their rapport, though! Even just as platonic acquaintances or whatever.

Amanda: Their teaming up was inevitable, but I don't know what to think yet. Blaine is a highly entertaining character, but I don't want to see him and Liv get together. I just can't see her ever getting past the fact that he killed Lowell. I'd rather see them be reluctant allies.

Lindsay: I agree with Amanda, I just don't see her ever forgiving him for Lowell. I do, however, love their chemistry, which makes me cool with wherever the creators decided to take this relationship. Right now though, Liv's romantic life is way more about Major than any potential with Blaine.

What's up with Peyton and Ravi? Should they take another shot, or do you like the sparks between Peyton and Blaine better?

Lyra: Peyton and Ravi is the safe option. They're both human and aware of the zombie situation. They could support each other and make Team Liv strong as heck with their smarts, loyalty, and quick wit. Peyton and Blaine...there's some electricity there. Just the barest of sparks that could go somewhere. If I didn't love Ravi to the moon and back I'd say, "Go for it Peyton! So what if you might get scratched and turned into a zombie. He's hot!" But I love Ravi and his beard is perfect, so Ravi it is.

Whitney: We never got to see enough of Peyton and Ravi, so I was never fully invested in them. I do think there is something between them, but I think the much more interesting storyline is Peyton and Blaine. Who wouldn't love to see a double date between Liv/Major and Peyton/Blaine, with Ravi thrown in as the 5th wheel?!?!

Caralynn: This is such a tough choice, oh my god! I love Peyton's chemistry with both guys, but story-wise, I have to go with Blaine. It would generate tons of really interesting stuff, from the fall-out from their pairing up. But I just want Ravi to be happy! And they're super cute and funny together, with the teasing. So it's difficult.

Amanda: I agree with Whitney. I feel like we never saw them as a fully-formed couple. If anything, the writers should have held back on Peyton and Ravi getting together until this season when there's more time to see them develop those romantic sparks. That being said, I think there's a more palpable connection going on between Peyton and Blaine right now.

Lindsay: Again, I agree with Amanda. The writers pushed Ravi and Peyon too fast. In the span of 6 episodes they'd met, got together, and broken up, and we, the audience, were left in limbo about what we're supposed to want from them. I do think that the chemistry with Blaine is undeniable though. If anything, it will create an awesome story arc.

What do you think is in that package on Bozzio's doorstep?

Lyra: It's going to contain hard hitting evidence that will set Bozzio on a road to her death. Whatever is inside that envelope with lead to her uncovering the zombie outbreak, arresting Major for all the deaths, and discovering Max Rager's role in all of this. She could also be led to the front door of Seattle's drug king pin (the hobbit threatening Peyton in her office). Either way, she's toast.

Whitney: I have no idea, but I'm thinking it won't be good news for Major.

Caralynn: I have a bad feeling that Lyra is spot on.

Amanda: No clue, but it probably has to do with the zombies.

Lindsay: The un-doctored results to Bozzio's brain test? Whatever it is, I think Lyra is right; Bozzio will not survive the season.

Is Major justified in his weirdness about Liv's mood swings, or is he being unfair?

Lyra: He's justified. He doesn't understand the way that zombies work. At the end, I think he kind of accepted that this was Liv Moore. If he wanted to be with her things were different; she was different. And all of that is ok. He loves her enough that it doesn't matter whether she would sit in the living room chanting with a veil over her head.

Whitney: Liv is a completely different person depending on the brain, so it's natural that it would take Major some time to adjust. I'm not sure how time works on this show, but at the most it's been a few weeks since they got back together? There is going to be an adjustment period. I do think, in the long run, Major loves Liv enough to not let it come between them.

Caralynn: I think that he's justified, for sure. He knew what he was getting into, but that doesn't mean he's obligated to be 100% okay with it. Right now, both Liv and Major are operating under the idea that Liv's "condition" is a temporary setback. I think they're not addressing the elephant in the room, which is, we have no idea whether Liv will ever be the exact same woman she was before being zombified. That's why I'm still not really sure that they're endgame. If Liv is stuck like this, or even if she's cured but is irrevocably changed as a person due to her experience, there's no way yet of knowing if they're still as compatible as they were before. Only time will tell.

Amanda: He's justified because he hasn't spent this much time with who Liv is now. However, I agree with Caralynn that both of them are acting a little naive. There's no telling how long Liv will remain a zombie. It could be forever. Major acts like them not having sex and not having kids will be okay, but I think it's going to be much harder than either of them realizes right now.

Lindsay: I think I'm the only one who thinks Major is being unfair! Not that he doesn't deserve to be weirded out – he absolutely does – but rather than walking off all upset, he should just talk it out with her. Communication is half the battle in these situations, and keeping that kind of stuff to yourself is a recipe for disaster.

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

This the the best brain ever. I almost want to start killing magicians so it never ends.


Of course I want to sex you up, girl. You're very attractive, and I very much have a penis.