iZombie Round Table: Chemistry or Chaos?

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Did you enjoy seeing Liv "cowboy up" in iZombie Season 2 Episode 4?

This week, the round table talks impromptu makeout sessions, Peyton and Blaine's spark of chemistry, and whether or not iZombie should go for the full 22 episode order or stay at an abbreviated season.

Join TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Caralynn Lippo, and Lindsay MacDonald along with Lyra Hale from Tell-Tale TV for a discussion of all things iZombie, and be sure to add your own answers in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Lyra: Everything Ravi. Ravi naming the dog Minor. Ravi talking about his perfume called Desire. (That was the name right?) And Ravi dressing up as a cowboy for Liv's first show. Every episode this man gets better and better. He's slowly becoming the center of this group of friends and if anything happens to him we'll riot!

Whitney: I loved Liv's declaration to Major. I understand Major has been hurting, but he's been extremely cruel to Liv and it was about time she told him about himself.

Caralynn: I really loved the Girls' Night scene between Liv and Peyton. I'm glad Peyton is back! Those two have really fantastic friend-chemistry and like I've said before, the show is kind of a sausage-fest, so it's nice to see Liv interacting with her closest female friend.

Lindsay: I had to pause the episode and roll around for a minute when I heard Ravi named the dog Minor. Too cute!

Let's talk about that Major and Liv makeout session! Are you ecstatic to see those two together? Do you think Liv forgave him too easily? Is Major going to run away again?

Lyra: Oh no! The kiss. I'm going to go with the unpopular opinion and say...I DIDN'T LIKE IT! I think it was too much. Sure I loved that he came to her door and told her he needed help...but it wasn't the moment. I didn't see this as a romantic kiss. It was comfort. And I think I was more concerned about Gilda walking in and ruining the moment. Oh god, she's totally going to ruin the moment next week. Mark my words!

Whitney: I'm not so sure these two are just going to hop back into a full blown relationship, but considering we've never seen them be a couple, it will be nice to at least explore them working through their feelings. Major has been downright awful to Liv, but it's not as if she is completely blameless in everything and she loves him, so there was really no doubt she'd forgive him. Will Major run away? I hope not, but you just never know with him.

Caralynn: I think it was totally believable for Liv to have reacted the way she did. She flat out told him that her love for him would never go away, so of course seeing him in pain would lead her to want to comfort him. That said, this is totally not going to last! And I'm starting to resent Major for toying with Liv's feelings like this. Their relationship isn't in a good place for a reunion at this point, they need significant time apart to learn and grow.

Lindsay: I'm so glad Major finally sought Liv out for help, and I think that's an important step forward in their relationship. I'm just as unhappy that they made that moment a makeout session because Liv and Major were not ready for that step, especially when you consider all the baggage and secrets still between them.

Blaine and Peyton: chemistry or chaos?

Lyra: Chemistry that could lead to chaos. I saw that flirting and dare I say it...I LIKED IT A LOT! But I shouldn't right? Someone convince me that I wouldn't mind shipping two hot people who would totally kick ass left and right? They could be a power couple and you know it! Taking down all the other competition and ruining the city. Damn...I hope this goes somewhere. I just riled myself up.

Whitney: Oh, man. This has disaster written all over it and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Caralynn: I loved it! I was so pleasantly surprised to see those two interacting, I really didn't see it coming. I'm totally with Lyra on this one, shipping those two so hard even though I know it's danger-zone.

Lindsay: I'm ashamed to say that I kind of want Blaine and Peyton to do nothing but give each other sex eyes for the rest of the series. They have crazy chemistry, and it's absolutely going to lead to chaos.

What do you think of our new FBI agent, Dale Bozzio?

Lyra: I think iZombie is testing out new boundaries and possible relationships. And they have a win with Dale Bozzio! That flirting with Detective Babineaux was perfect. They seem to complement each other and have the potential for more. My hope is that iZombie pushes forward with it and explores the sparks there. I like all the sparks even though I think Dale Bozzio could ruin everything if she catches Major....*red alerts going off*

Whitney: This is one of those shows where you just can't trust anyone new. So I don't trust her. I liked her playful, flirty ease with Babineaux and for his sake I hope she's legit, but I have my reservations.

Caralynn: Hmm, that's interesting that you thought she couldn't be trusted, Whitney, I didn't get the vibe that she'd be all that significant. I just read her as a new minor character who'd be there to interact with Clive only. It would be interesting (and would tie Clive more in to the main zombie storyline) if she was more than that. I liked their chemistry, though, that's for sure.

Lindsay: I think she's probably a good, upstanding citizen, so we shouldn't worry too much. That said, she's absolutely going to cause problems for Major, which might put Babineaux in a bind when it comes to Liv and the underground zombie world.

At this point, do you think iZombie should get a full 22 episode order, or should they stick with an abbreviated season?

Lyra: Absolutely. They have the star power and the writing to go for that 22 episode order with no problem. Rose McIver is a chameleon that we deserve to see chewing on brains more often!

Whitney: I love this show and I want more of course, but 22 episodes means a lot of filler. I think I'd rather keep it abbreviated, just because I think it makes the narrative sharper.

Caralynn: I'm with Whitney, but I think this one just comes down to personal preference. It's really difficult for a show to do a full 22 episode season and not have filler. Some people are more OK with filler episodes than others, and I'm just not. I hate it when the narrative lags. Plus, with the unevenness of the murders-of-the-week, I think it's a bad, bad idea to go a full 22 episodes per season. I just don't think they can come up with that many engaging weekly murders, and it's going to become annoying. So either stick with the abbreviated season or do away with the strict procedural format. OK, rant over.

Lindsay: I'm siding with Caralynn and Whitney here. iZombie already spends 50% of its episodes on "filler" procedural stuff, so stretching that out to 22 episodes would mean a much slower build to whatever climax is coming for our main characters. I'm fine with a shorter season if it keeps things interesting.

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