iZombie Round Table: Major Shoots and Scores!

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Our round table has achieved a rare state of harmony this week, where we're all in agreement on basically everything. That happens once in a blue moon, so prepare yourselves! 

Whether its Ravi and Blaine's race for the cure or Major and Liv's doomed romance, we all pretty expect that same thing after iZombie Season 2 Episode 5. Devastating breakups and heartbreaking revelations. 

Join TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald, along with Tell-Tale TV iZombie specialist Lyra Hale, for a discussion of this week's episode...

Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Lyra: Blaine and Ravi fighting. Everything zombie related was stripped away and it was just associates having a silly little squabble. They didn't even really hurt each other. In any other show these two 'enemies' would have stabbed or beat each other up. But nope. Not here. They squabbled, gripped at each other and basically slapped each other about. The blooper reel for this has to be solid gold!

Whitney: Blaine and Ravi's fight scene was classic, but I really loved Liv's inspirational speech to Major. The pep and pacing was due to the coach's brains, sure, but everything she said showed just how well she really knows Major. He needed that pep talk and you could tell he appreciated it.

Caralynn: Ravi/Blaine 'fight' scene! They are two of my favorite characters, so it was really an unbeatable combination for me. I loved it. I agree with Lyra that the bloopers must have been amazing.

Amanda: While I LOVED the fight scene between Ravi and Blaine, I'm going with Liv's inspirational speech to Major. Not only were her words true, but I adored the moment after when Major looked at her lovingly and said she was so weird.

Lindsay: I actually loved Major's line "So far it sounds like all of our problems could be solved with condoms and rock salt." Leave it to Major to be adorable in the face of forbidden love.

How long do you think Major's lies to Gilda about zombie hunting will hold up?

Lyra: About one more episode. Gilda had this twinkle of jealously in her eye when she found out that Liv and Major kissed. She seems like the type of girl who watches everything religiously and will fight tooth and nail for what's 'hers.' When she figures it all she'll make another deal with Major and put pressure on him when Gilda threatens Liv. Predictions for the future? Liv putting the smackdown on Gilda in the living room! (We haven't had a fight there yet right?)

Whitney: Gilda already knows something is up, so by next week she'll probably threatening Liv to get Major back on track. I'm with you, Lyra. I can't wait to see Liv and Gilda go at it!

Caralynn: Lyra is right on the mark! Gilda is a super interesting character so far, and I'm really interested in seeing how the Gilda/Liv relationship hashes out, in the end.

Amanda: Not only do Major's lies need to come to the surface soon, I don't want to wait much longer for Major to find out Gilda is Liv's new roommate, and then for Liv to figure out the truth.

Lindsay: I think next episode is going to be a big one too. Like Amanda, I'm more interested in seeing Major realize that Gilda is right down the hall from Liv than anything else.

Major and Liv are back together! Is this the best news ever or the worst?

Lyra: Can I answer with ehhhhh? I'm glad that they're talking and supporting each other. That's all solid. But the relationship? *shakes head vigorously* No, they're not ready yet. Things are different now, and they need to build themselves back up to being friends. Baby steps because I still ship it like crazy!

Whitney: Liv is adorable. Major is adorable. Two adorable people should be together, so I'm all about them reuniting. Is it too soon for them? Absolutely. Will it end badly? That's very possible, but I'm going to enjoy their happy times for as long as they last. We never got a chance to see them be a couple and I'm excited to watch them go on dates, talk about their days and be cute together.

Caralynn: Totally too soon. I like them when they're cute and jokey and quippy together, but rushing into it will just start the cycle back up of the relationship imploding and then them having to find their way back to one another. They just need some time apart! Too much has gone down between them for them to just pick up like everything's a-ok.

Amanda: It's definitely too soon, but I love that they are getting along again. We got a much better idea from this episode just how close these two people were. Since we don't know the effects of them having sex would have, I'm perfectly fine with them taking things slow.

Lindsay: I selfishly want nothing to go wrong for them ever, but we all know that certain truths are about to come out. Le sigh.

How do you feel about Babineaux inching closer and closer to answers about Meat Cute?

Lyra: On the edge of my seat! He's going to find out soon. He'll figure out that the person that he depends on, aka Liv the zombie detective, is somehow wrapped up in the very thing that he's been fighting (secretly.) Babineaux will react in one of two ways. One, he will flip out and go on the defensive about zombies and Liv. Two, he'll understand Liv's circumstances and the advantage that Liv gives them in solving crimes. The first option is repetitive and expected. The latter is the desired outcome. Bring it on writers! Shake it up!

Whitney: I'm ready for Clive to be in on zombie stuff. Clive seems to be a pretty practical man, so I imagine it will be a tough transition for him to make once he finds out that there are not only zombies out there, but his partner is one of them.

Caralynn: It's really getting ridiculous that Clive hasn't been able to piece together that Liv is something beyond a "psychic detective" so I'm dying for him to finally have everything click into place with the zombie stuff. A revelation seems like it's on the horizon-- maybe in time for a mid-season finale? Or are we still at 13 episodes, making mid-season finale just a regular ol' finale?

Amanda: I agree with you Caralynn. It's about time he gets brought into the zombie fold.

Lindsay: The round table is all in agreement this week because I think Babineaux should have found out FIRST, not last!

Now that the cure is back on the table, will we be seeing a human Liv soon?

Lyra: Nope. The show is called iZombie for an evil, we're stuck forever, reason. They will tease us like crazy until we EXPLODE! When that happens she'll accept her zombie existence and not want to become human. It will happen. The truth has been spoken!

Whitney: Not now. I don't think we'll ever see a human Liv. The only time I could ever see that happening would be on the series finale.

Caralynn: That would be an interesting twist! I could see something happening along the lines of Liv being cured but needing to revert to zombie-ism for some heroic reason. I'm imagining that one episode of Angel where Angel becomes human and reunites with Buffy – something like that. Regardless, it's definitely not going to happen permanently any time soon. Maybe temporarily.

Amanda: While that would be a shocking twist, the show is called iZombie. I just don't see the writers making Liv human again anytime soon.

Lindsay: I'd actually love to see our characters play a game of musical chairs with this zombie thing, where Liv gets cured but Ravi is scratched, then back to Blaine, then maybe Peyton. I know, it's silly, but it would definitely be a different take on the "chosen one" trope that we see too much of in this genre.

Don't forget to tune into iZombie Season 2 Episode 6, "Max Wager"!

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

So far it sounds like all of our problems could be solved with condoms and rock salt.


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