iZombie Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Abra Cadaver

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You know, I was actually a little disappointed that Smoke and Mirrors turned out tonight's murderers. They were absolutely the most hilarious part of iZombie Season 2 Episode 7. TO THE BATMOBILE! 

Outside of the magic and mystique of the crime of the week, there was plenty of good, gushy character stuff going on, from Liv and Blaine's team up, to Babineaux's sexy times, to Ravi and Peyton and Blaine, oh my! 

There's not much to say about the murder of the week. This one took a few more twists and turns than usual, but it stayed blessedly short as compared to some of the murders that use up too much time and space in an episode. These murders are kind of like the commercials.

We'll sit through them and maybe even enjoy them a little, but they're not exactly what we're here for.

What we are here for is the insane – and slightly troubling – chemistry between Blaine and Peyton. 

Seriously, I've never been so conflicted about a ship before. Blaine is bad news. Like, spectacularly bad news. Kills innocent teenagers and then jokes about it, bad news. We should all logically want to keep him 10 miles away from sweet, kind-hearted Peyton at all times. And yet...

I blame the actors. If their chemistry wasn't practically palpable, we would all still be aboard the Peyton and Ravi Express.

Speaking of Peyton and Ravi, do I detect some pumping of the brakes there? From the moment Peyton moved in to Ravi and Major's house, it felt like it was only a matter of time until their romance rekindled. But now that they're both single and Ravi has made his move? Peyton seems to want no part of it. 

I wouldn't say their relationship is dead in the water just yet, but the road ahead looks rough. 

Bad luck, Ravi. I hope you're not headed for a love triangle!

Maybe he can borrow some seduction skills from Babineaux, who seems to have no trouble wooing women into his bed. At least women named Bozzio, that is.

I'm so relieved that Babineaux has not only gotten a side character of his own to pal around with, but a love interest to boot. iZombie Season 1 kept him too far in the periphery, and this allows him to remain front and center where he belongs. We do have to hedge our bets here though.

There's a mysterious package on Bozzio's doorstep, and they're this close to discovering Seattle's big zombie secret. When push comes to shove, Babineaux might end up in a sticky situation, having to choose between protecting the law and protecting Liv. Not a great recipe for romance.

In the meantime, let's think up all the AMAZING potential ship names that Babineaux and Bozzio can create. Bozzineaux? Babinozzio? So many syllables, so little time! 

Crime fighting duos were all over the place tonight, and we finally got to see a Liv and Blaine team up.

Help me, Zombie-wan Kenobe. You're our only hope!


Again, pairing Blaine up with any of our leading ladies is a recipe for disaster, but I can totally understand why so many shippers are crazy about these two. They've got a hell of a lot of snark and anger and tension bubbling underneath the surface, and it's delightful to watch them play off of each other. Any scene where Liv and Blaine get to pick at each other is a scene I'm here for.

Let's just hope Liv doesn't let this little team up go to her head. Blaine is still dangerous, and she should most definitely keep her guard up. 

I'm a little bummed that we didn't get more forward movement on any of the major plots in "Abra Cadaver." We're no closer to finding out why Major is storing zombie bodies, or what Mr. Boss' role is in Seattle's zombie dramedy. We're still completely in the dark about Max Rager and their nefarious new energy drink. All we're really left with are questions.

Will Major ever come clean to Liv about his day job? What was in that package left on Bozzio's doorstep? Will we ever be able to watch a scene between Peyton and Blaine without flailing? 

Be sure to watch iZombie online to see if you can come up with any answers and don't forget to watch iZombie Season 2 Episode 8, "The Hurt Stalker."

Abra Cadaver Review

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