Quantico: Marcia Cross Cast as Caleb's Mom!

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Marcia Cross, who hasn't had a significant television role since she starred in another ABC hit, Desperate Housewives, will be tackling the role of Caleb's mom on Quantico.

But Claire Haas is not just any mother. She's the ruling force behind the Haas clan, a former decorated FBI agent herself who has transitioned to high-ranking senator and now Vice Presidential candidate. Wow!

Marcia Cross

The public is going to see a skilled politician, a passionate advocate for the causes she supports and a force for good. But that's not what her family sees. They see a woman for whom ambition comes before all else. 

It has recently been revealed that her husband and Caleb’s father, FBI Deputy Director Clayton Haas (Mark Pellegrino), has been having an affair with one of the FBI recruits, a fan favorite, Shelby. 

Following a suspected FBI recruit after one of the worst terrorist attacks on US soil, Quantico has scored a full season order of 22 episodes on the network.

If you have yet to catch up, you can watch Quantico online via TV Fanatic. Quantico airs Sundays on ABC.

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