Quantico Round Table: One Hell of a Test

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 7, there were a lot of changes at Quantico. Elias left. The twins are outed. Ryan was reinstated. This was definitely a game changer of an episode.

Below, TV Fanatics Liz Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols share their thoughts on that crazy exam, and they share their game plan that Alex and Ryan should follow if they want to survive.

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What did you think of Miranda's test?

Liz: It's hardly shocking that the test was manipulative, but this time it was next-level. It seems like Miranda excels at taking things too far. However, the exam was effective at weeding out the people who were not cut out for it, so I guess she was right to do it.

Paul: I agree with Liz. She takes things too far, and I'm now thinking that's what has happened with the Grand Central bombing. She's 99.99 percent involved.

Allison: I was impressed by the amount of planning it had to take. It was a crazy test. Ryan mentioned that he never had this test, so it wouldn't be surprising if this was just something that Miranda decided to whip up. The thing I'm not sure about is how long Miranda has been doing this? Is her boundary pushing something new, or has it been going on for awhile?

Will you miss Elias?

Liz: Not particularly. He was a pretty under-developed character so it's kind of hard to miss him. If the writers wanted his exit to mean anything, they should've given him more to do earlier on.

Paul: Why would we miss someone who was annoying for much of the season to date? Sure, there may be lingering feelings between him and Simon, but that kiss could just be because Simon felt bad and wanted to help him get over him losing his place at Quantico.

Allison: I feel like I might have missed him if we saw him interact with someone other than Simon. There could have been more variety in how the analysts were matched with NATS. The kiss was a little weird. I could've done without it.

Did Caleb try to kill himself and others? What did you make of Clayton's words of warning to Shelby?

Liz: I'm not sure I believe anything Clayton says. He's a pretty sketchy dude (what with the whole trying to bribe Caleb out of Quantico thing). It's also pretty clear that Clayton is working with Liam, so Clayton is definitely on my do not trust list.

Paul: I don't think Caleb did. I don't like Clayton, and the dude who plays him is typecast as a villain, so forgive me for not giving a damn about any developments with him.

Allison: I don't trust Clayton all that much either. Caleb having skeletons in his closet isn't surprising considering his alter-ego or whatever that he sends emails from. I would like to think there is at least one good bone in Clayton's body that is looking out for his son or at least cares about him, but I haven't seen any proof of that yet.

The FBI is closing in on Ryan and Alex. What's Alex and Ryan's next move to help ensure their survival?

Liz: The next step is getting Ryan medical treatment for that gunshot wound. Beyond that, it seems like the best move they could make is casting doubt on Clayton and Liam. If Ryan and Alex can get people to stop trusting Liam, they might begin to see her side of the story.

Paul: They need to find some common ground with people who are not in the FBI to ensure they sway the perception against the FBI and away from them.

Allison: Medical attention is definitely priority number one. Alex can't get anywhere with Ryan bleeding out all over the place. He will slow her down. Either they have to find a place where they can both hide, or Alex needs to leave Ryan someplace and continue to head out on her own.

Which decision surprised you more: Caleb becoming a NAT again or the twins no longer being a secret? Why?

Liz: I was more surprised by the twins no longer being a secret. It seemed like they would keep the twins in their back pocket and make a big reveal at graduation. So far, Caleb's character arc has been pretty predictable. It seemed clear once they brought him back as an analyst he would eventually become a NAT.

Paul: I agree with Liz. I thought the twins would be revealed to the team in the present, rather than this early on, but I guess it's a testament to how well the writers are doing in terms of things not slowing down.

Allison: I really liked that the twin secret was revealed this early on. It will shake things up at Quantico, and it will give us a chance to learn more about Nimah and Raina as individuals. I'm kinda over Caleb. He has been predictable and annoying.

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