Scream Queens Round Table: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

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As Chanel Oberlin would say, "looks like the bitch apple doesn't fall far from the bitch tree."

Does the twist that Grace's mom was actually the awful 1995 Kappa president and not the dead Kappa girl mean that Grace is headed down a dark path? Was it even much of a twist at all?

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8 saw secrets revealed, tentative truces reached, and the return of a familiar face. All the while, more information was revealed about the Red Devil(s) and the murder mystery. And Denise Hemphill was, as per usual, pretty damn awesome.

TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Hank Otero, Paul Dailly, and Caralynn Lippo discuss Grace's mom reveal, Red Devil theories, and the best moment of the episode. Chime in with your thoughts by commenting below!

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Were you surprised at the Grace's mom reveal? Do you think this information will have any ongoing impact on Grace's character?

Carissa: Honestly, I was completely confused on the mom thing. The name didn't match up, and when her dad pointed at the photo and said, "Yep, that's her, right there in the middle," his finger was on a different woman. Are we sure they are all talking about the same person? I thought it was clear as mud, that her mom was a skank and her dad was still covering the truth from her.

Hank: I mean, I remember the girl from the "Waterfalls" flashback scene, but the reveal fell flat for me. I'm definitely glad Grace didn't turn out to be the dead girl's baby, but I'm not sure this new info is going to impact Grace. Didn't her dad still look way older than everyone at that KKT party?

Paul: The reveal wasn't all that great. It felt like it was just thrown in to up the shocks and it was pretty lame.

Caralynn: I was pretty sure that the mother wouldn't be the dead Kappa girl from 1995 after all that build up. Would've been way too obvious. I'm anticipating that Grace may attempt to explore a darker side of herself now that this information has come to light. Or maybe I was reading too much into Grace's line to her father – "You can't protect me from who I really am." Or maybe I'm just hoping she'll rough it up a bit and therefore become more consistently interesting.

What was your favorite scene, line, or moment from this episode?

Carissa: I almost enjoyed Munsch fighting off the three masked foes best, but in a surprising turn of events, I really liked the talk Chanel and Grace had at the coffee shop at the end. The veracity with which Chanel earlier attacked Grace surprised me, and I felt like they both grew just a little bit at the very end. Wow.

Hank: I loved Boone's return at the end and everyone mistaking him for Joaquin Phoenix... that was hilarious! Even though he's been gone all season, Chad's twisted best bro is one of my favorite characters. The Jamie Lee Curtis' Psycho homage was pretty cool as well.

Paul: I loved Denise raiding the Chanels' belongings and the zingers she threw at #5. She is the funniest character and I hope she makes it into Season 2 if we get one.

Caralynn: Paul, I'm really hoping Denis is one of the carry-over characters to Season 2 as well! She's just great, and I love her interactions with Dean Munsch. I'm with Carissa, though, I thought the scenes with Chanel and Grace were surprisingly fantastic, both Chanel's attack on Grace and her later apology. Skyler Samuels did a great job! And Emma Roberts, as always, was amazing.

We've now seen both Gigi and Boone referring to being a murderer and talking to an unseen person on the phone. Any theories on who they were each talking to?

Carissa: Well, we know it's not Munsch! The preview indicates we have to toss Chanel into our pool of suspects. I can't do that. She's too damn tiny. Not Wes because it's too obvious now. Or Grace. Too close to Gigi. It's going to be a wild card. Gigi and Boone were ridiculously easy gets.

Hank: I'm going to go with Hester, since the twins in the painting were a boy and girl. Nick Jonas and Lea Michele look like they could be related, right? I'm only guessing Hester since it appears Boone is one of the killers. Carissa's probably right though, we're looking at a wild card.

Paul: The other person could be #5. It would make perfect sense considering the way she's treated by her peers.

Caralynn: I still think it's Melanie Dorkuss, guys! I'm hanging on to this theory til the bitter end. I just don't think they would've had that extensive introduction of her via flashback in the very beginning of the season only to never return to it. Also her line about the Kappa president needing to be willing to "dance with the devil" ... yeah, I suspect we'll be seeing Dorkuss again by the season's end.

The Scotland Yard detectives informed Chanel that Chanel #5 was actively plotting her death and Chanel could literally care less. Does #5 pose a threat to our Queen Bee?

Carissa: I really hate to bring this up, and I feel terrible. But I have to. Why was she suddenly so heavy in this episode? Her face was heavy, her arms were heavy, even her legs. It was weird. I saw her at comic con and she was not heavy in the slightest, so I don't know what was up. I mention it because she didn't look like she was in fighting shape. My guess? Someone was using her computer to see how to kill Chanel. Like Chanel #6.

Hank: Honestly, I didn't get the whole Scotland Yard bit at all. I don't think #5 poses a threat, she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Besides, I'm pretty sure #5 and #3 aren't surviving the season. This might sound mean, but I'm glad the candle vlogger is gone. The character felt forced to me.

Paul: Read my previous answer. It's Chanel #5!

Caralynn: My god, it really hit me this episode how incredible annoying I find #5. She is so whiny! At least #3 has some redeeming qualities and Hester/#6 has her moments of hilarity as well. I don't think I've been amused by #5 once this season. So, in short, no. I don't think #5 has the cojones to off Chanel of her own accord. I like Carissa's idea that someone else was using #5's computer, that didn't even occur to me.

React to Denise's transformation from security guard to Kappa house mother.

Carissa: Thank goodness. She was sorely missed. And of all people to jump in and use the fat fryer so the most important and unanswered question of the season could crop up again...did anybody clean the oil after somebody had their face fried off in it?! I bet anything Denise still ate those cheese sticks.

Hank: Denise Hemphill is always good for a laugh. She's definitely one of the most entertaining characters on the series. I think Denise is at her best when she's blurting out the 800 number and talking nonsense. Yeah, I prefer security guard Denise over Kappa house mother. Still, it was great to have her back. When Denise and Chad are not featured enough, you really feel it. The series just isn't the same when they're not around.

Paul: I loved it. She's hilarious and the way she spoke to Oberlin about taking Chad off her had me in stitches. Who comes up with this stuff?

Caralynn: So glad she's back! She looked fierce in #5's clothes, too. I loved her line to #5, asking #5 why she was the same size as a forty year old woman. I agree with you, Hank – Chad and Denise are the obvious breakout characters this season and I always want to see more of both of them.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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