Supergirl Round Table: Bombs Away!

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Bombs were dropped on a rather explosive episode of Supergirl. 

A series of tests forced Kara to make some tough decisions on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 5

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Christine Orlando, and Paul Dailly discuss Lord's tests for Supergirl, James and Lucy's relationship, and where they stand on Hank. 

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How do you feel about James and Lucy's relationship? Was it weird watching them already knowing they get back together?

Jim: It was okay. Had I not known that the episodes were out of order, it would have worked as well. It would have been, "hey you moved, I came to rekindle over Thanksgiving," followed by, "why are you really here?" and finally, "crap, you almost died, I love you."

Kathleen: I found the reversed episodes a bit awkward, particularly for this story line, and I hope they are switched back to their proper order for the DVD/Netflix release. Sorta took the drama out of the moment knowing that they were going to spend Thanksgiving together.

Christine: You know, I didn’t really think about it so much. I more felt sorry for Kara as she had to watch the whole thing play out with the guy she has feelings for.

Paul: I really didn't mind it. They seem like a nice enough couple, but I'm sure they'll be apart by the end of the season.

What did you think of Maxwell Lord's "tests" for Supergirl? Is he a step closer to figuring out who she is?

Jim: Well, apparently Max Lord and Lex Luthor went to the same school for Kryptonian Enemy training, as I'm pretty sure I remember Lex doing the same to Superman back in the day. I don't think he will figure it out given that Cat's son didn't really have a ticket and that is the link he is looking for.

Kathleen: Cue supervillain theme music! Maxwell Lord better hope that he doesn't actually figure out Supergirl's public identity, because that will signal his imminent demise or imprisonment, particularly since Supergirl is associated with the DEO and whoever/whatever Hank Henshaw is. On a side note, why did Supergirl throw the bomb drone upwards? Why not throw it into the ocean, which would dampen the explosion significantly? Did I miss something, or was she just so worried about blowing up a few fish?

Christine: Somebody’s got to look out for those poor fish, Kathleen! As for Maxwell Lord, he definitely has an obsession with Supergirl. At some point, I’m sure he’ll figure it out, it’s just a matter of how they handle him once he does.

Paul: It was a bit rude of him, but I do think he's getting closer to unmasking her. The problem is that she doesn't look all that different to workplace Kara.

We've learned a little more about Hank in the last couple of episodes. Has your mind changed about him and his motivations?

Jim: I'm still of the mind that he is the Martian Man-Hunter. So far all his actions have only confirmed my suspicions.

Kathleen: I'm actually getting a little Harrison Wells/The Flash Season 1 vibe from Hank. He seems like a good guy so far, but that doesn't necessarily preclude him ultimately being revealed as a villain later on, as Wells was in The Flash. One way we could have our cake and eat it, too? The Hank Henshaw we know is Martian Manhunter, using a stolen identity to live here on Earth after being stranded here, which leaves the door open for the real Hank Henshaw to show up as (spoiler alert!) Cyborg Superman.

Christine: So far, Hank has been a good guy, but I’m wondering what happened with Kara’s foster father and how much Hank had to do with it.

Paul: I still think he's going to be the bigger villain on the show as we head further into Supergirl Season 1. I don't like him.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Jim: Up until I found out Maxwell was a bad guy I was really enjoying him and Alex's banter. Now that I know he's a megalomaniac, I hope she keeps her distance.

Kathleen: It was really funny when Cat Grant asked her son what the best part of Supergirl was, and he deadpanned, "Her legs!" The look on her face was hysterical.

Christine: I thought Cat’s son was really cute and his crush on Supergirl was well played, but my daughter loved Supergirl trying to save the train. She was running around the house in a make shift cape trying to save the day.

Paul: I liked when Cat had her chat at the start of the hour. It was hilarious. Cat looking at Kara like she had just asked for money was priceless.

Did anything disappoint you?

Jim: Only that the swapping of episodes caused my DVR to treat the episode as a re-run and not record it (watched it online). But that is pretty minor.

Kathleen: How oblivious does James have to be for him not to notice Kara's obvious crush? She's not being very subtle about it. Either he's completely blind and deaf or he's ignoring her intentionally, which is really rather rude.

Christine: James and Lucy Lane. I left you, but you left me, but you left me first. Ugh. I get that they're being used as an obstacle for James and Kara, but they, more often than not, make me cringe.

Paul: Not really! I liked it.

Be sure to tune into Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 on CBS Monday, November 30 at 8/7c. We'll have a full review up shortly after it's finished airing!

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