Supernatural Round Table: What's the Big Plan?

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Would you spend a night at the Lizzie Borden bed-and-breakfast museum?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi are joined below by The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester and Nightsky to tackle that question and more as they discuss Supernatural Season 11 Episode 5.

From losing souls to Amara’s big plan to what Castiel should binge-watch next, the Supernatural Round Table has the answers. Join in the fun!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I love the moment between Dean and Len where Len decides to turn himself in and talks about going through the motions. Not only is it a beautiful moment that illustrates how different the Darkness affects everyone, but I feel like "going through the motions" is an important phrase. Could it be a hint that Dean, too, is going through the motions ever since he met Amara? Something about Dean is very different, and it feels like Len's words are really resonating with him.

Nightsky: The conversation between Dean and Sam when they were first checking out their bed-and-breakfast room was laugh out loud funny. Dean’s line, “Bottled toilet water? Why do you keep spraying it?” and Sam’s little boy who got caught look with the “I wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked” was great. And then follow that up with Dean’s “All right, I’m going to go check out the rest of the inn because now I got grandma all over me” was welcome banter that again showed us the brothers getting along.

Alice: I loved Sam and Dean’s conversation outside of Len’s house. It was so funny. Dean telling Sam that he should be the one to tell Len that he’s soulless because he’s been there before and “speaks the language,” even though Dean had the better relationship with Len. “You’re better with that whole sensitive verbal massage.”

Sam had the right argument, there’s no good way to tell a guy he’s lost his soul to a prehistoric tween. I remember when conversations like that used to happen every week. Now, I just cling to them like glue when they happen.

Sean: I have to agree with Nightsky. I just liked the brotherly moment as Sam refused to give up the room, and Dean asked him if he was four years old. And yes, the whole “squeezy” thing was such a funny moment. It’s great to see these two have some light-hearted banter between all the scary ghost and monster hunting.

Would you stay at the Lizzie Borden bed-and-breakfast museum?

Christine: Nah, I'd be thinking along the same lines as Dean. Tourist trap for sure!

Nightsky: Not in a million years. I was scared just watching the B&B scenes. I cannot understand how I like Supernatural because I’ve always been terrified of ghost stories.

Alice: No, because I have an inborn, allergic aversion to tacky tourist traps. Or I just have common sense.

Sean: No way. It just seems too creepy. There’s no way I’d get a good night sleep there.

Do you have any idea what Amara/The Darkness' big plan is?

Christine: She's sucking up souls and removing pain, it seems. Little Amara had that poignant conversation with Crowley about why God brings pain and suffering to the world, so in some convoluted way, I think the Darkness might be trying to remove pain and replace it with, well, Darkness.

Nightsky: Every time we’ve seen her, from little girl to pre-teen to teen, she has alternated between compassionate concern over the world’s pain and selfish demands that her hunger be fed. I’m getting the vibe that she thinks not feeling anything at all is better than feeling pain.

She told Sydney that she was going to help her, then touched her to relieve her pain. It wasn’t until Sydney “insulted” Amara by calling her an angel that Amara’s attitude changed to angry and dangerous, and she sucked out Sydney’s soul. Amara’s plan may be to relieve everyone of the ability to feel… anything.

Alice: I thought it would be turning every human into soulless drones, but if that was her plan she would have damaged way more than the two people she did this week. She’d be on the street sucking in souls like she was at a nacho bar. Maybe for those souls that she owns she can control those people later? But she doesn’t need souls for that. Look at the hold she has on Dean right now. Yeah, I got nothing. 

Sean: Aside from her feasting on souls, it seems as if she has some ideals for how to change the world and make it better. And that includes taking away people’s pain like Sydney. Either way, her way, is going to wind up causing way more harm than good. Good luck, Sam and Dean.

What did you think of how losing a soul affects people differently?

Christine: I love that twist on it. I had wondered about that after we saw how Jenna changed, immediately. I wonder what aspects of people make them hold on to their humanity more so than others, and if that will affect how Sam and Dean tackle the huge task of helping these soulless people moving forward.

Nightsky: That had been established in canon a long time ago. In Supernatural Season 9 Episode 17, “Mother’s Little Helper,” (the episode where Abaddon stole and bottled souls) Sam speculated: “Yeah, well, maybe everyone has a different reaction to losing their soul.” That entire episode was dedicated to exploring the concept, so I wasn’t surprised at all by the idea. I was more taken aback that the brothers didn’t seem to remember or know it themselves.  

Alice: It made perfect sense to me! The sheriff in this episode said something that I think says it all, “People have freaky ass reactions to loss.” It’s not unlike the different reactions to when a loved one dies.  It’s all about perspective.

Len didn’t have pain and suffering, he was happy with his life. Sydney was an angry, drunken train wreck. Len was completely lost while Sydney was liberated. Sam turned into a fearless and ruthless hunter when it happened to him. Naturally, each were going to fill that void of emptiness the way that best suited them.

Sean: I completely forgot about that episode, Nightsky! And I like what Alice is saying about the loss of a soul, too. Really, it just makes sense for each different person. I like that it doesn’t affect everyone the same way, and I’m curious to see what else is in store involving the soul story.

After Castiel finishes binge-watching The Wire, what show should he watch next?

Christine: Can I just insert one giant eye roll here? They've got to do something with Cas. This Netflix thing is ridiculous. It was funny last week. This week? No. The joke went on for too long. The constant lack of story for this character continues to confound me. Off the top of my head I can create a better story for Cas. The writers of the actual show should be the ones doing that. At least it looks like he's got something to do next week, when he finally tears himself away from his Netflix.

Nightsky: Constantine!

Alice: He really needs to watch Sherlock. It’ll teach him how far he could go in this world with superior intellect, a set of dapper suits and a decent coat. If anything, I could see Cas having the biggest man crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sean: I think any show would be entertaining to watch with Castiel. I’ll selfishly say Game of Thrones, because I really enjoy that show,” but can you imagine if he watched something involving angels, like say, Touched By An Angel? Really, I think it’d be great to have Castiel commentary on something like that.

Make sure you check back in with us for Supernatural Season 11 Episode 6 on Wednesday, November 11!

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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Sam: Maybe We're dealing with a serial killer?
Dean: You'd love that wouldn't you.

Dean: Bottled toilet water? Why do you keep spraying it?
Sam: I wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked.