The Affair Season 2 Episode 6 Review: A Perfect Storm

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Look, I hate to brag, but I called it.

After watching Part One of The Affair Season 2 Episode 6, and even right down to the very end of Part Two, given any other circumstances (and the flash forwards of which we are already aware), it could have been possible for Helen and Noah to reconcile.

Why are Noah and Alison together? Because she's pregnant. It's not an epic love story, and I'm more convinced than ever that Noah sees her as nothing more than a sex object. And in case you haven't already figured it out...affairs suck.

Making a Decision - The Affair

Aack. This entire hour just left me feeling sorry for everyone involved. Well, everyone except Margaret. That bitch deserves no compassion. 

For Helen to realize her mother helped her to sabotage her marriage due to jealousy was a really crappy breakthrough, but it was anchored in reality. Every time Margaret opened her mouth, a slap was warranted. Using a child as a pawn in a divorce is never a good idea, especially when it's an illness. Thank goodness Martin had a bad episode when he was in Noah's hands.

I mentioned in my review for The Affair Season 2 Episode 5 that Alison felt that Cole was home, and Helen seems to feel her home is complete when Noah's in it. Noah seems like a nicer person in Helen's mind, and that means a lot, given that he cheated on her. She was the one who held out the olive branch. We could have seen that all melt away in Noah's version of events, but we didn't.

Instead, we saw Noah heading back toward sex. Can anybody call Alison anything other than sex at this point?

As annoying as Athena is with her chakras and talk of the universe in alignment, she had some good points about Noah wanting Alison to continue in the darkness because it's where Noah feels comfortable with her. It's also a place where she needs him, and he likes that. 

Keep in mind that the version we were seeing played out was Noah's. His treatment of Alison wasn't pretty, and painted him in an ugly light. We finally know what the vision is that he keeps seeing. It's the ending of his book. The version he originally saw and changed was of him killing Alison. I suppose it doesn't matter that he already explained to her it had a happy ending since she said she won't be reading it.

But once Athena pulled the ending out of him (which was an incredibly uncomfortable session for me to watch...anyone else?!), Noah wanted to grab (yes, grab) Alison and get the hell out of there. Very manly, very territorial. No care what she wanted. He was rough.

That roughness moved right over to his desire to have sex. He was angry over her connection to Sebastian, an established and successful author, and felt the need to possess her, control her. So he did, in the best way he knew how, by taking her against a tree. Note the lack of intimacy. There was no kissing, no deep soulful looks into each other's eyes. 

The lack of love that went into that moment wasn't lost on Alison, and that's why she chose that particular time to tell him she was pregnant. It's as if to say, you made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. 

Whatever happens, it's pretty clear the love isn't lost on Helen. She tells Gottlief Noah is the father of her children, but there's more to her desire to keep him out of prison than that. We've already seen that a year or so earlier when she admits how much she loved Noah and that Margaret ruined her life. 

We also know it might not be all rosy between Noah and Alison, because Alison was more worried who was representing Noah rather than that he had good representation.

And, finally, we also know there is a wildcard in the mix. We need to know how pregnant Alison is, because she slept with Cole in enough time to be aware of her condition, as well. 

Oh what tangled webs we weave. Or, in honor of Sebastian Junger, what perfect storms we create with the actions we take.

So what information do you think Oscar has on Scotty Lockhart that will blow the case wide open? Do you think he's lying to get his hands on $100 grand? It has to be something that will point the finger at someone other than Noah, if it's anything at all. He sure has balls. 

I'm getting the impression that the series is called The Affair because both married couples, or at least on of them, will find their way back to each other again. The affair will muck things up, but it's not a permanent state, even with the baby and a second marriage. What Noah and Alison have seems tenuous, at best.

The looks Noah had both when he was leaving the house and then when he learned Alison was pregnant didn't bode well for his future with Alison. He seemed as frightened of losing what he had with Helen as he did of jumping into uncharted waters with Alison.

What do you think? Are Noah and Alison in it for the long haul, or after the case if over will they find their way back to their original spouses? To whose baby did Alison give birth? What else is on your mind? Hit the comments!

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