The Flash Round Table: Is Jay Garrick a Party Pooper?

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What happened on The Flash Season 2 Episode 5?

Well, Harry's back! Harrison "Harry" Wells! That's a topic of discussion on the Round Table, as well is Jay Garrick, Zoom's identity and more. 

The panelists this week consist of TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans and Hank Otero, as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast. Just share your thoughts with them in the comments to join in the fun!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Harry's introduction to our Flash team?

Allison: I enjoyed it. I like how much of a jerk Harry is. It helped to remind everyone that this is not our Harrison Wells. I was a little surprised at how quickly everyone opened up to him though.

Whitney: I liked it a lot. As Cisco hilariously pointed out, Harry is a dick but I still found him to be enjoyable. I think he can be a real asset to the team, butt I don't trust him at all.

Hank: I thought his intro was okay, but I agree with Allison everyone trusted him far too quickly. Cisco took the words right out of my mouth when he called him a dick. That was priceless. This is probably the version of Wells I've liked least. Of course, Zoom is holding his daughter so he's probably being manipulated by the big bad. Perhaps the team will help him with that situation and he'll become a true ally?

Andy: He was such a dick and I LOVED it! I think the team definitely needs to make sure to keep their guards up towards this dude, but I just loved that Harry was so different from Eobard, and I honestly didn't know I would laugh so hard at seeing this Wells being such a dickhole.

Who was the standout character during "The Darkness and the Light" and why?

Allison: Cisco! He had some hilarious moments, such as naming Earth 2 Harrison Wells "Harry" and being the hidden third wheel on Barry and Patty's date. He asked out Kendra. He was outed by his new BFF Harry. All in all, it was a great Cisco episode.

Whitney: I agree with Allison. This was Cisco's episode and he was on fire all night. Cisco is always good for a laugh, but I like his softer moments as well, like him finally coming clean about his ability. I'm also glad he finally got Hawkgirl's phone number because her initial denial was brutal!

Hank: Yep, I'm going with "Crisco" (as Harry called him) as well. I also loved the blind date scene and his little moments with Kendra. While it was disappointing Harry outed Cisco as a metahuman, I'm glad his secret's out in the open. I would have preferred if Cisco came clean on his own. Still, the moment Barry named him Vibe was absolutely brilliant!

Andy: I think I have to agree with my fellow round table members, everything that had Cisco in it was the best. I did also love seeing Iris being there for our Linda and being bad-ass as always.

Were you surprised Jay Garrick gave up so easily and left, and what's next for Earth 2's Crimson Comet?

Allison: Definitely. He said he didn't want to be a part of Barry getting himself killed. Okay, well if you stayed and helped Barry, then he would have a better chance of not dying. But whatever, go be broody somewhere else.

Whitney: I was, because I thought he was there to help Barry. How do you help someone by leaving them behind? And next to Harry, doesn't Jay know the most about Zoom? Ugh. Jay was a bit of a party pooper anyway, so maybe he does need to go for now.

Hank: I'm not sure what to make of Jay, since I was expecting much more from the character. I think he's been underused and not much of a mentor to Barry at all. Hell, evil Wells was a better mentor to the kid last season. I don't think we've seen the last of Jay, but he better step it up.

Andy: I am so mixed on this you guys! On the one hand, I understand why he left because he doesn't want to see Barry get killed but on the other hand...chances of that may get slimmer if he stuck around. I think next week will resolve that issue.

What secrets may Harry be hiding other than that his daughter is being held by Zoom (if he's aware of her capture)?

Allison: He seems to know a lot about speedsters. With our Harrison Wells, he got his knowledge because he was a speedster. With Harry, I don't know where he's getting his intel from. Then, there's the whole thing about how the particle accelerator went off in his world. Jay seems pretty adamant that Harry is holding things back.

Whitney: I definitely think he knows his daughter has been captured by Zoom and that's why he came to Earth One so he could find the Flash and destroy Zoom. There's a reason Jay has an extreme hatred towards Harry and I'm really curious to know about his secrets.

Hank: I'm with Whitney, I just have a feeling Zoom is controlling Harry for his own ends. Harry might be trying to befriend the Flash and his team to eventually hand him over in exchange for his daughter. Clearly, I'm having more difficulty trusting that face than team Flash.

Andy: I echo everything Whitney said – I also like the twist that in this universe, Jesse Quick is the daughter of Harry Wells, but I do wonder though if the mother has/had powers because we know that Jesse is a speedster in the comics and will most likely get to that point in the show, too.

With more on the Zoom front, what are you theories on his identity at this point?

Allison: I'm thinking he's Earth Two Barry. It would be such a cool twist. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Dark!Barry?

Whitney: I also think he's Earth Two Barry and there are some exciting possibilities to work with there.

Hank: Though he's probably Earth 2 Barry, I'm hoping the writers surprise us with a twist. A Barry doppelgänger seems a bit predictable, no? There are a few fans theories out there that Daniel West (Iris' estranged brother) or Earth 2 Wally might be Zoom. I don't know, I feel like a West family member would be a cool way to go. What if he's Earth 2 Eddie Thawne? That would be crazy, right?

Andy: I mean this point, Earth-2 Barry seems like a direction that they are hinting at + it would be cool to see Grant Gustin play an evil version of himself and how that Barry got the point of turning dark in his world. Hank, I totally agree with you that it could be Eddie Thawne or how about this....remember when Eddie from our Earth, got sucked into the wormhole after he died? Who is to say that he didn't get, oh I don't know, snatched and is now having his body act as a host for Zoom? Sci-Fi Twist, yo!

Anything else you want to share about "The Darkness and the Light?"

Allison: I really loved Harry being upset at how everyone hates him because of all the terrible things that our Wells did. My favorite scene is when he meets Iris. Harry's reaction was hilarious.

Whitney: I will forever be a West Allen fan, but I really did enjoy Barry's date with Patty. I loved that Iris was encouraging Barry to go on the date and not being pouty like she was while he was seeing Linda in The Flash Season 1. The time for Barry and Iris is not now and that's okay. The best scenes between the two show their genuine love and respect for one another, and I can live with that for now.

Hank: I wasn't impressed with Doctor Light. Super cheesy villain of the week if you ask me. You can blame the outfit or Malese Jow's questionable acting, but the character did not work for me at all. Sure, her powers looked great, but the reveal was so predictable. Next time I watch this one, I'll fast forward to the Cisco/Barry/Patty blind date scene. Now that was some wonderfully entertaining stuff.

Andy: Cisco has embraced the vibe – enough said!

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