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Alicia and Lucca found out that Chum Hum wasn’t all that chummy while Eli ended up in a stare down with Jason Crouse on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 9

I wasn’t sure we’d see Monica Timmons back again at Lockart, Agos & Lee after she recorded their atrocious behavior during her interview. Not only did she pop back up, but she brought a most interesting case.

Was Chum Hum’s Chummy Map app truly racist? That may not have been its intent, but the end result turned out to have the same consequences. The case showed that having a perspective highly skewed by one race can be damaging to others. 

No one could say that Louis Canning wasn’t direct in why he hired Alicia, and specifically Lucca, to help on this case…

Well, it'a a racism case and my firm is a little pale at the moment.

Louis Canning

Unfortunately, Canning’s games ended up with Alicia being fined $5,000. I certainly hope that Louis picked up that tab.

As the case covered everything from the commenter-driven map app to photo tagging software to offensive jokes being sent via email, Alicia also encountered some drama at home.

Ruth was quick to catch onto the chummy vibe between Alicia and Jason, and she didn’t like it, so she sent Eli in to squash their budding relationship. 

I loved how Jason shut him down by telling him that any questions he had needed to be directed to Alicia, who had obviously had enough of this bull as she told Eli in this The Good Wife quote

Alicia: You're telling me, when I sleep with Jason, you'd rather I kept it private.?
Eli: You're joking right?

But was she? There’s definitely chemistry between Alicia and Jason. I think an affair is definitely on their minds, but whether that becomes reality is another story. 

I couldn’t believe that Eli sent Nora to be their chaperone. Actually, I could believe it, but I was surprised that Nora did it and Alicia let her. As much as I like Nora, I wouldn’t have let her over the threshold. At least Nora found her backbone later and told Eli off for sending her to play babysitter. 

Has all of Ruth and Eli’s interference made things better or worse? Was Jason simply investigating Alicia because he was considering working for her? It’s a completely reasonable explanation, but is it true? Will Alicia ask him about it? Will she jump in the sack with Jason simply out of spite? Right now, I’m not sure what Alicia is planning.

However, I am sure that no one wants to be on the other end of a stare down with Jason Crouse. The man is excellent at giving off a don’t mess with me vibe.

On the upside of all of this relationship drama, Eli and Courtney made a cute couple as she financed his scheming behind the scenes. Would Alicia run for public office again? Is that something viewers want to see?

Check back in later in the week for our The Good Wife round table, and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch The Good Wife online here at TV Fanatic.

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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Well, it'a a racism case and my firm is a little pale at the moment.

Louis Canning

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