Watch Arrow Online: Season 4 Episode 5

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Sara came back from the Lazarus Pit without a soul, and Laurel and Thea have been keeping the secret from Oliver.

On Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 the big secret gets out because there is a wild blonde making a mess in the streets, killing people, and attacking girls who look just like Thea. Uh oh. Thankfully, Oliver has an old friend he met on the island who may be able to help.

This new, softer version of Oliver also decides not to pass blame, but to offer a solution. This allows for a coming together of friends and family, burying the past and starting anew.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Oliver: Why didn't you come to me with this?
Laurel: Come to you with what? Your expertise with magical resurrection or that judgmental look on your face?

Lance: Sara's my daughter.
Laurel: Then why did I find you with a gun pointed at her head?