Days of Our Lives Review: Chad is Brainwashed!

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Did anyone else audibly groan when Andre brainwashed Chad this week on Days of Our Lives? A show of hands please. 

Days of Our Lives has been such a mixed bag lately. On the one hand we had those wonderful moments where Chad and Abby confessed their love while Chad was taking care of her, plus there was the fun of watching Brady and Theresa bond as a couple.

But on the flip side we were forced to watch Chad be abducted and brainwashed, Hope beg for Ciara’s life, and crazy Ava stalk Steve and Kayla. Ugh. 

Poor Chad. The guy can’t catch a break. He was thrown in jail when all of Salem thought he was a serial killer. Ben beat the crap out of him causing him to lose his memory and now Andre is brainwashing him to court Belle. I really hate this story. The only bright side is that Abigail seems to have an inkling that something is wrong. Hopefully she’s smart and determined enough to figure it out. 

And what’s up with Jennifer telling people that Abigail is fine? Abby was about to marry a psychotic killer who almost burned her alive after giving birth to their premature baby. “Fine” isn’t an adjective anyone should be using to describe Abigail right now. Chad knew that (at least before Andre scrambled his brain), but what’s Jennifer’s excuse and why does she seem more worried about Hope’s kids than her own. 

Speaking of those kids, are they setting Chase up to be the guy who’s bullying Theo? I hope not. And has anyone mentioned to him that his dad wasn’t a serial killer, just a  wannabe copy cat? Are they planning to have Chase go down the same strange road his father did because that’s not something I want to watch. 

The only thing I enjoyed about Hope’s story was that so many people were there for her. Rafe tried to make Hope and Ciara’s Christmas a little brighter, Steve begged Hope to concentrate on taking care of her daughter and Hope and Victor shared a heartfelt moment with this Days of Our Lives quote

Hope: I'm not usually the type of person who needs taking care of.
Victor: We'll take care of each other, how's that?

John found out that Winterthorne Academy was actually recruiting orphans to be assassins and that Eduardo was one of them. I’m grateful that A Martinez is finally getting a meatier storyline and I like that he’s being paired with John. It’s taken a story that I had no interest in and now has me intrigued. 

Belle’s return to Salem has her in the middle of everything, or as she said…

I feel like I just walked into a buzz saw.


Her conversation with Philip was the first time I truly enjoyed both characters since their respective returns. They certainly challenge one another and now that Belle is an attorney it puts her on a more level playing field with Philip. I’m curious to see where this is heading. 

Of course, first she has to deal with a brainwashed Chad, which I’m kind of dreading. 

As if Chad’s mental issues weren’t enough, we’ve got crazy Ava back in town pretending she’s dying…

I'm just trying to figure out, is it leukemia or the Italian Academy of Dramatic Arts?


I don’t know why Kayla even let her in the door. Just wait until she and Steve learn that Ava has been manipulating Joey. I’m not happy with Ava’s return but I do love seeing Steve and Kayla front and center once again. 

Finally we have Theresa and Brady.

Theresa has a plan to get Kate out of Basic Black and it’s easy to understand why she’d want to. Kate has been nothing but rude to Theresa and there’s really no reason for it. 

Theresa: I'm rushing home to feed my son.
Kate: He's a chubby little guy. I'm sure he can wait a few moments.

It might be fun to see Theresa and Brady take Kate on together. Also, it was wonderful seeing Theresa and Nicole getting along but I have one question… Where is Anne? I’m dying to see her working as Theresa assistant. That should be a lot of fun. 

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. Do you like that Andre has brainwashed Chad?

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