iZombie Round Table: Up, Up, and Away!

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You might have to wait another month to see Liv, Ravi, and Major in action again, but you don't have to wait to talk about them! 

The midseason finale, iZombie Season 2 Episode 9, gave us a zombie hooker, a zombie superhero, and a zombie rat, and all three are bound to cause lots of problems when the show returns in January. 

Join TV Fanatics Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald, plus our awesome Tell-Tale TV guest, Lyra Hale, for this week's round table. We discuss Natalie, the undead call girl, Liv's banishment from crime solving, and just what we should expect from Hope's sudden relapse of zombie-ism. 

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Izombie Round Table

Favorite scene/joke/quote of the episode?

Lyra: Zombie hooker confession. I didn't expect to have my heart broken by such an unexpected story. Her zombie journey turned out so different in comparison to Liv's. She looked so put together that it wasn't even possible to see the pain she was experiencing below. Her scenes with Major were her last will and confession before her death.

Amanda: I'm with Lyra. I didn't think I would be able to connect with a new character so quickly, but her interaction with Major was affecting. I hope we see more of her once she gets out of the freezer.

Caralynn: I agree with both Lyra and Amanda, the girl's story was really heartbreaking! It was also a useful way to address what exactly Major's plan was with keeping those zombies on ice. I really hope a cure works out and we see this chick again.

Lindsay: I loved Blaine's half-assed zombie orientation speech more than anything. He's such a little monster sometimes. But I did love the zombie hooker, Natalie, and I'm totally on board for seeing more of her!

Which DC superhero crossover would you like to see most on iZombie?

Lyra: Definitely The Flash. It would be so much fun to have Caitlin and Cisco geek out all over Liv! Heck they might even come close enough to figure out a cure. Now that would change iZombie forever. Also Ravi's hair needs to grace other DC worlds. It's simply brilliant.

Amanda: Not sure if we're sticking to DC or not, but if so I'll just go with Arrow. If not, I'll go with Jessica Jones. Jessica's strength and P.I skills would come in handy with Liv's visions and medical skills.

Caralynn: I'm with Lyra, I think in terms of tone The Flash would mesh with iZombie the best. I would kill to see Cisco and Ravi interacting!

Lindsay: Ravi and Cisco would be the most adorable team-up of all time, but I actually kind of love Amanda's Jessica Jones idea. Her and Liv would make such an awesome female fighting duo.

Looks like we were all correct about a Major/Liv break-up! Where are these two crazy kids headed next?

Lyra: They have to build a life on their own. After everything that happened with their engagement falling through, they skipped a lot of steps with this last get together. Distance is the key to them having even an iota of a chance in the future. Liv has to learn what her true purpose is in this world without her psychic visions, and Major needs to accept that this is Liv. Maybe they'll come back stronger and even better than before.

Amanda: I'm sure they'll find their way back to each other, especially since we know Major is due to turn back into a zombie. Until then, they need to spend some time apart. However, I think Major needs to come clean about everything before they can move forward.

Caralynn: It happened pretty much exactly as I expected it to happen. He really wasn't dealing well with "the new Liv" and kept focusing on the fact that there would be a cure (as if it were a sure fire thing). I've said it before, but I'm still not really convinced that Major and Liv are endgame (don't hate me! Haha) but regardless they need time apart to heal, grow as people, and find their way back together organically if they're to give it another go. I also thought it was really unfair that Major was treating Liv like a crazy person when she was on stalker brain last week and at the beginning of this week when he actually WAS keeping a pretty huge secret from her. So he definitely needs to come clean as well.

Lindsay: If Major does turn into a zombie, that might open the door for them again, since he'll understand her "brain swings" and they'll also be able to bang without fear of infection. Unfortunately, his zombie-assassin secret will have to come out and be dealt with before any rekindling can happen.

How do you feel about Clive banishing Liv from the precinct? Did she deserve it?

Lyra: She did. For the longest time Clive has been indulging her and letting her run wild. It was time for Clive to put his foot down and let her know that she isn't a cop. He cares for her and doesn't want to see her get hurt. And even if he knew the truth about her zombie nature he'd still want to protect her. That gruff exterior covers up a soft marshmallow inside.

Amanda: I understand why he did it, but that doesn't mean the scene wasn't hard to watch. Clive thinks he is doing the right thing, but I think he'll quickly realize just how much he leans on Liv to help solve cases. If it weren't for her, Clive may have not solved a lot of his cases.

Caralynn: It was totally warranted, sad to say. Liv has pulled some pretty wacky stunts while under the influence of brains but this superhero debacle took the cake. As far as Clive knows, Liv easily could have died over in that warehouse; so, like Lyra said, he is at least partially doing this to protect her. Also I think he senses that Liv is treading dangerous waters by delving into this Mr. Boss business, so he's probably trying to get her as far away from that mess as possible.

Lindsay: Agreed, Liv has been crossing lines for a long time, it just so happened that she got caught this time. Babineaux might be lost without her, but he's just doing it to keep her safe.

Major and Blaine are going to turn back into zombies! Whaaaaat? React!

Lyra: I could feel it coming for episodes. Major was having a really tough time understanding where Liv was coming from and it destroyed his relationship. After everything he's done with the zombies killed and put away in a freezer it was time for his reality check. As for Blaine...he was getting a little calm and placid. The Blaine I know is on top of his game and let's no one bring him down. He's done well so far but the time has come for his rise to power...again.

Amanda: This was always a possibility, but it still took me by surprise hoe quickly Hope turned back into a zombie rat. I'm excited to see Blaine turn back into a zombie. As much as he missed normal food when he was a zombie, I think he misses his power more now that he's a human. Major will be devastated when he learns what will happen, but that does lead the way for a reconciliation with Liv.

Caralynn: I don't know, part of me still thinks that it won't go down like that. I was definitely shocked at how suddenly Hope the rat reverted back to zombie form and it was an awesome cliffhanger but I have this feeling I can't shake that one or both of the two guys won't actually end up turning back into a zombie. Like there has to be some kind of other unexpected twist or something. I'd be happy to see Blaine as a zombie again if it did happen but really, really sad for Major.

Lindsay: I'd love it if Major turned but Blaine didn't for some reason. That would be some pretty hilarious irony right there. I wonder if they'll turn slowly, or if they'll just wake up in January with white hair and skin?

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dammit Don. E, I'm a brain dealer not a doctor!


Major: You should have been able to see from your snooping that I haven't texted her since you and I got back together.
Liv: How do I know you didn't call her from a landline?