Modern Family Season 7 Episode 9 Review: White Christmas

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Why did the writers attempt to make the Christmas episode an homage to the horror genre?

There was simply too much happening for a theme to work. It's tempting to do a play on horror when the setting is a cabin in the mountains, but it was simply too much. The only upside of it was Luke and Manny in identical sweaters.

On Modern Family Season 7 Episode 9, Gloria takes charge of the family, and it works. Despite Gloria's unusual situation as a young step-mother to Mitchell and Claire, her role as a matriarch really clicked. Gloria's strong personality is what the family needed for Christmas.

On of the many sub-plots that suffered from the horror theme was Alex and her "ghost of Christmas future". If less time had been spent following Lily on a tricycle, Alex could have had some really meaningful character growth. She still moved forward by the end, but it was not very believable.

Haley and Andy strike again! It's actually gotten much better since they addressed the sexual tension, moved forward with a relationship. At least we got rid of Beth. It's difficult to buy Andy as a moral compass given his behavior with Haley. There are definitely some unresolved issues to address later in the season.

It will be interesting to see if there are any lasting repercussions in Phil and Andy's relationship. Phil telling Andy to man up was a highlight. Given how much Phil identifies with Andy, Phil will most likely struggle to make sense of his relationship with Haley.

Oh Jay, emotionally incompetent Jay. The decision to make up a fictional successor to test Claire's commitment is an action typical of Jay. The show has established Jay's problems as a parent, so in many ways this felt like going backwards.

Cam and Mitchell attempting to redeem themselves with a well-rehearsed Christmas carol was one of the funniest parts. Lily's abominable singing voice works really well in the context of their family dynamics. Watching Cam and Mitchell attempt to keep her from performing without insulting her outright is pure hilarity.

Are you glad Haley and Andy are officially together? Do you think they'll last? Let us know when you watch Modern Family online. Be sure to check back when new episodes start airing again on January 6th!

White Christmas Review

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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Joe: I can't wait to make a snow-person!
Jay: Person? We gotta get him out of that hippie school.
Manny: I don't know Jay, last report card he got straight dolphins.

Gloria: Jay, don't forget Joe's new doll.
Jay: Cam and Mitchell, always pushing their agenda.