Quantico Round Table: A Risky Move

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 9, Team Free Alex recruited more people to its side, while it also managed to rescue Alex from the super scary interrogation group.

Surprisingly, after Alex was free, she ended up in handcuffs, pleading guilty to the bombing. Alex, did you think that through?

Below TV Fanatics Liz Estey, Paul Dailly and Allison Nichols discuss whether or not Alex made a terrible decision trusting Liam... and whether Simon made the right decision.

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Were you happy to see Elias again?

Liz: He was actually a much more interesting character, so I have to say yes. I really enjoyed how he put everyone at the FBI in their place.

Paul: Surprisingly, yes. He's much more engaging this time round. Initially he was way too fixated on Simon, so we're seeing a different side to him.

Allison: I did a little dance for joy when he appeared. He was a godsend to Team Free Alex because he got everyone organized. Elias definitely wasn't afraid to tell off the FBI. I also really liked that Alex kept in contact with Elias, or at least remembered to google him before turning herself in.

Did Simon do the right thing by going to the cops about Dr. Susan Langdon or should he have gone to the FBI?

Liz: I think he did the right thing. There was no good choice for him. Had he gone to the FBI they could have decided to sweep it under the rug to protect Susan Langdon and themselves. Going to the cops ensured that she would be brought to justice.

Paul: He did the right thing. The woman was crazy. She would have gone and twisted it all on him if he didn't go first.

Allison: I think he did the right thing. I'm not sure what the FBI would have done if Simon came to them before the police, but I doubt they would do anything to draw attention to what Dr. Langdon did. I would have maybe told the FBI that I tipped off the police. Either that or I wouldn't have admitted to doing it at all. It didn't seem like Simon let anyone know what he was doing.

Liam and Natalie both joined Team Free Alex rather quickly. Did you find it weird?

Liz: Not really, since they're both supposed to be decent FBI agents. Given the amount of evidence supporting Alex's story they would have seemed like they were willfully ignoring the truth if they had continued to disbelieve Alex's story.

Paul: I found it really weird and it changed the pace considerably. I liked it better when everyone was against her. It made for a more compelling drama.

Allison: I'm with Paul. It happened quickly, and I was like "oh, wait they are on board now?" I wish they had more hesitation or we saw the team trying to convince them. Natalie's switch bothered me the most.

Liam came up with a plan to buy them some time. Alex was arrested, and she plead guilty to the bombing. Do you think this plan will work?

Liz: I don't know. It seems like a huge risk to take for Alex, and I think she's placing too much trust in Liam. I'm not sure I believe he's really on Alex's side.

Paul: It was a huge risk because for all we know, Liam could be putting her further in the frame.

Allison: I need to know the terms that Alex agreed to. Is the DA aware that this trial is a stall tactic? Is the judge? Alex plead guilty, and even if they catch the real bomber(s), the judge and DA will still have questions about Alex's involvement because she plead guilty. I would not put my life in Liam's hands.

Simon asked for blue prints to every train station in New York. This is a little coincidental, but it also seems way too obvious. Why do you think he wants those blueprints?

Liz: What if Simon was involved in planning the attacks, but then backed out and somebody else carried them out? I just can't think of another reason for him to get the blueprints.

Paul: I think he's the bad guy. The writers have publicly said we'll find out the bomber sooner rather than later and I think we now have.

Allison: Ooo that's an interesting theory, Liz. Simon could definitely be involved in the planning, but I can't see him actually detonating the bomb and framing Alex. He likes her, right? I'm not sure. Simon definitely wants to do something radical, but I don't know if he could follow through with it.

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