Quantico Round Table: Going Out With a Bang

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OnĀ Quantico Season 1 Episode 11, Elias revealed his part in the bombing after his attempt at framing Simon went sideways.

Even though the FBI stopped the bomb in the hotel, it was only a distraction. The real threat was the bomb in the FBI command center.

Below, TV Fanatics Liz Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols weigh in on all the twists that the winter finale of Quantico threw at us...

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Do you believe Elias story? If you do, would you label him a terrorist?

Liz: I do believe Elias is a terrorist. I'm not sure I believe that he was forced into it; he definitely didn't manufacture the plan, but I do think he played a more willing role than he admitted.

Paul: I think that in the end, he was as truthful as he could be. I wouldn't label him a terrorist, no.

Allison: If we take Elias' word on what happened then I would not label him a terrorist. He acted under duress. Now, if Elias was lying and played a more willing role, like Liz said, then yes, I'd label him a terrorist. The fact that he framed Simon made me think that Elias wasn't telling the entire truth about his role. He could have gotten the FBI to stop the bomb without potentially ruining Simon's life.

Did Caleb do the right thing by telling his dad about the short list or do you agree with Shelby?

Liz: Absolutely not. I really don't trust Caleb at this point. What with the whole looking for a big safety deposit box near Grand Central thing. I really think his family has something to hide.

Paul: I'm with Liz. He's a bit of a loose cannon and I think he's going to continue to raise suspicions as the season progresses.

Allison: I think he was right to tell his dad. I would want to know if there were ulterior motives for why my ex was willing to get back together. However, Caleb went about it all wrong, and I think he probably told his dad more to make a point that his parents are terrible people than out of concern. Caleb definitely has this desire to show everyone how they are at fault for something while proving his superiority.

What's your theory on what happened to Charlie?

Liz: I think Caleb's experience with the cult could be connected to Charlie and the bombings. That would be something the writers would do to make it all seem worthwhile. I definitely think Charlie is not at fault.

Paul: I don't know whether it's out to the weak writing, or just how ludicrous this show is, but I don't care about Charlie's storyline. If it does become somehow intertwined in the main plot, then it would be more engaging.

Allison: I really hope Charlie's story ties into the bombing because like Paul, I don't care about his storyline one bit. It's boring. I just roll my eyes whenever the Miranda/Charlie topic comes up. I feel like Charlie probably fought his way out of wherever he was being held.

Is Caleb the bomber or is he another red herring?

Liz: I truly don't know. At this point I don't think it's one single person who's responsible, it's more probable that it's a group conspiracy.

Paul: I'm pretty sure he is!

Allison: I definitely think he is involved. Like Liz, I'm leaning more towards a group of bombers rather than this all being the act of one person. Caleb is for sure a willing participant though.

What are your hopes and fears for the second half of the season?

Liz: I'm worried they're going to keep bombing things until the end of the season. I hope that the writers try to mix it up a little in terms of what the terrorists are doing. Terrorism is not just bombing landmarks-hopefully they can show that. In terms of Alex, can the public actually accept that she's not the real terrorist?

Paul: Yeah, Liz hit the nail on head here. I feel like the show needs to kick up the pace and dial back on the convoluted storylines. It needs to be more grounded. I fear that we're still going to be stuck at square one at the end of the season if there are not some creative changes.

Allison: That's definitely my fear. This cannot be dragged out any longer. Let's just spend a couple episodes going over the evidence from all the bomb sites, and get a freaking lead already and close this case. This is definitely one of those shows where I am concerned as to how it will continue on after the mystery of who frame Alex is wrapped up. I hope the writers focus and if we need shorter seasons, then let's have them.

Join the discussion by leaving your theories in a comment below. Quantico returns this March.

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