Supernatural Round Table: Lucifer is Back!

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Amara kissed Dean! Sam’s in the cage with Lucifer! Castiel is nowhere to be found?

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 9 certainly felt like a lot of big things went down, but did it hold up for the round table panelists?

Plus, will God be appearing on Supernatural Season 11? It seems like he should, right?

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky as they break down the midseason finale.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Nightsky: I was mesmerized by the suspenseful conversations between both Amara and Dean and Lucifer and Sam, but my favorite moment was the one perfect tear from Sam. When he realized that God had not been talking to him, the feeling of abandonment, and the terror of being trapped with Lucifer again, was all captured in that single tear. Jared Padalecki’s acting was superb.

Alice: Hmm, it’s really hard to pinpoint a scene.  While I didn’t hate the episode, nothing in there really blew me away.  I’ll just go with anything that came out of Lucifer’s mouth. It was rather appropriate for him to greet Sam with an evil smile and a line like “Hug it out?”  I also loved, “You have been working with Crowley.  You passed certifiable three off-ramps ago.”

Christine: I enjoyed watching Amara take out the entire group of people at the fountain. I think it was great to show how powerful she is, as compared to God, and that she's a force to be reckoned with. She does come off as a childish little sister though… powerful but immature about using that power.

Sean: Can I say all the scenes with Mark Pellegrino? He kills it as Lucifer and makes his moments so engaging, funny and scary, and it was great to see him back again. He makes Lucifer standout as one of the great villains of Supernatural.

But I guess if I had to pick one line, it would be the final one he spoke to Sam after pulling him into the cage: “Top bunk, bottom bunk, or do you want to share?” Such a terrified look on Sam’s face and a menacing one on Lucifer. Things are about to go down for sure.

Where is God, and will we see him this season?

Nightsky: I believe God is watching all this play out. Lucifer himself clued us into that possibility when he said that God is a “master strategist.” I believe God is watching, waiting, letting everyone reveal the aces up their sleeves. After all, God was watching and intervened at the necessary moment when Team Free Will was dealing with the apocalypse (putting Sam and Dean on the plane and resurrecting Castiel), even though Castiel and the archangels repeatedly stated that “Dad” was missing. I still do not think we’ll see Him this season. I have faith that the allies will win without divine intervention.

Alice: I do give this show credit for going there with the “Where is God?” thing. It’s been a question of the ages. “Why have thou forsaken me?” I don’t think he’s going to show. Amara will probably destroy the world in the process and God will let it happen. Why? Well, that’s a question all of us will be asking. The Winchesters have already been there, so they’ll try to stop her. I say Dean has an in. 

Christine: At first, I thought yes, and I really hope we DO see him. However, it's starting to feel like this is a season where evil squares off against evil. The Darkness vs. Lucifer to see who the real evil truly is.

Sean: It just seems like God should appear to face off against the Darkness, his sister. Maybe if this was early in the series, I would say no way, but at season 11? It definitely seems more likely. He’s got to be at least watching from afar, right? Though, I’ve got a feeling that at most, Sam might actually get a vision from God or one moment of divine intervention to help in this latest battle. Either way, Sam and Dean have managed to take down all other baddies, so why not the Darkness?

What do you think of Dean and Amara's connection now?

Nightsky: I’m entranced. Amara is sultry and seductive but so patient and innocent with Dean. It’s a wonderful dance to watch. I have no idea how it will play out.

Alice: I have no clue! I wish they would define their whole “bond” thing a little better. All it’s been so far is them gazing into each other’s eyes, Amara giving speeches that say nothing, and Dean left dazed in the end. Now they’re supposed to be together forever, whatever that means. I need more. 

Christine: I started to get a little bit of a psycho ex-girlfriend vibe from her towards Dean, actually. But she does seem to keep him quite entranced, so we'll see. He obviously does have the ability to hurt her, as he tried to stab her. So maybe he is stronger against her than we initially thought.

Sean: I’m still so lost when it comes to their bond. I get the whole Mark connection, but it feels like something more. And then there’s the weird gazes and that kiss. Dean was able to at least try to kill her. Oh, and what’s up with the whole being one thing? I’m just going to be confused until we get some more, aren’t I?

Where was Castiel and why was he not helping Sam and Dean?

Nightsky: That was awkward. No mention of him at all. To make matters worse, grunt angels assumed a stand-in role center stage, presuming to engage the “host of angels in heaven.” They even called attention to Castiel’s absence when Lead Grunt’s lack of leadership was emphasized. I believe this was all positioning for Castiel’s return in Part 2 of the midseason cliffhanger, though. I am patiently awaiting the final act.

Alice: Oh wow, you’re just hitting the sore spots! There is absolutely no reason at all why Castiel wasn’t there with Sam when he went to Hell to talk to Lucifer. None! He could have stepped in when Dean wasn’t available. I think the banter between Rowena, Crowley and Castiel alone would have been fun. Most of all, Castiel could have easily played into the drama of the outcome (which I’m still trying to figure out). I really, really hope that he plays a major part in what Heaven is trying to do to Amara right now. Otherwise, he’s officially the most useless angel in the universe. 

Christine: He's probably still in the Netflix and Chill zone. But seriously, where was he? Wouldn't he have been leading the charge with the angels? Or at least weighing in on Sam and Dean going to Crowley, or on Sam going to the cage? I don't get this season's absent Castiel. I thought after his conversation with Metatron that he was going to be back in action. I'm really disappointed in the under-use of him.

Sean: It was so glaringly odd. Couldn’t there at least have been one line of dialogue that explained why he wasn’t there? Like they couldn’t find him or they didn’t want to tell him or something! Especially considering there was a uniting of angel power, it would have made sense for Castiel to step in or even accompany Sam to Hell. I don’t get what the writers are trying to do with his character, and I worry this will be another season where he’s wasted. Very disappointed by his absence.

With Sam in the cage, will Lucifer find a way to use him as a vessel to escape?

Nightsky: No. That would be too similar to Supernatural Season 5. I have a theory that there is a great deal of subterfuge going on. I suspect a master sting operation. Sam, Dean and Crowley together aren’t so stupid as to not allow for the possibility that the visions weren’t from God.

Alice: I have no freaking idea what Lucifer’s plan is. I’m feeling a little disappointed that he was just same old manipulative Luci trying to find a way out. I had hoped that Sam’s visions meant more than that. Sam would never agree to being his vessel, and I think Lucifer knows that.  Having said that, any outcome outside of Sam saying yes would be most interesting! I’m pleased that I really don’t know how to call this right now.

Christine: Of course he will. As I said above, I'm starting to think that this season is really more about evil vs. evil, and not as much about dark vs. light. I'm more curious about the effects that this is going to have on Sam, long term.

Sean: It’s tough to say, and I love that Sam said no to Lucifer when he suggested. But now that he’s been pulled in with Lucifer, maybe it’s more of a possibility? Something big has to happen involving Lucifer, otherwise, why bring him back at all?

And who says the visions weren’t from God other than Lucifer? How do we know that God doesn’t have some hand in all this? I’m excited to see what’s next with this part of the story, especially if we get some more of Mark Pellegrino.

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