Watch Being Mary Jane Online: Season 3 Episode 8

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Bills, family, extortion. The things that keep a successful, single girl from financial freedom.

On Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 8 our girl is double thinking her decision to "buy in" (no, she didn't sell out) when she took the promotion. She's just not sure of a lot of things in her life.

Another big surprise? She's taking things with the white man she met at the exclusive club a step further. Mary Jane doesn't do anything in a small way. When he arrives, the first thing they do together is take every home STD test available...and nosh on some fruit and cheese while they await the all clear.

The main course is a breakthrough for her and Kara cannot believe she's gone to that level. The next morning Mary Jane reports that, "It was pink."

Oh, you do not want to miss this. Click below to watch Being Mary Jane online right now!!

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