Bates Motel Season 4 Poster: Desecent Into Madness

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Norman and Norma Bates are about to merge into one.

At least in Norman Bates' mind. I'm pretty sure Norma will remain clueless as to exactly far down the rabbit hole her son has fallen, even though she will continue trying to get her son help when Bates Motel returns in March.

We've seen this look on Norman's face before, but clutching pearls just gives it a whole new level of lunacy, don't you think?

Clutching the Pearls - Bates Motel

It's not a surprise that during Bates Motel Season 4 Norma will become increasingly fearful and desperate as she tries to get Norman the professional help he needs.

This further breaks their once unbreakable trust as Norman struggles to maintain his fragile grasp on reality.

Sheriff Romero will find himself drawn back into the lives of Norman and Norma. Will being so close to Norma finally heat up the relationship we know is simmering beneath the surface between Norma and Romero?

Can we possibly stand another kiss yet not kiss between these two passionate characters? Doesn't Norma deserveĀ some happiness before what we believe will be her inevitable (sob) conclusion?

Make sure you tune into Bates Motel when it returns to A&E March 7 at 9/8c. If you need to catch up, by all means to it! Watch Bates Motel online right here.

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