Days of Our Lives Round Table: Do You Want Shelle or Phelle?

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Belle blew off her daughter to go to Las Vegas with Philip, only to come home and find Shawn waiting to reconcile. John supposedly found his biological mother but wasn’t happy with her story and André came close to uncovering Stefano’s body. Will Hope and Rafe pay the consequences?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fluffysmom and TJ from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate which character they’d resurrect if they could, if they’re rooting for Shelle or Phelle, and which was their favorite scene from last week’s Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Belle and Shawn? Belle and Philip? Which couple would you choose?

Jack: Belle and Shawn. Belle and Philip seems like an attempt to reclaim lost youth.

Fluffysmom: Before I root for either of these pairings I want to know their motivations. I have no idea what Belle or Philip want other than a nostalgic romp. I'm guessing Shawn's motivation to reunite with Belle is their daughter Claire.

TJ: I'm definitely on the Shelle train and have been for a long time. The only real issue I have with it at the moment is that I really do not like the way that Belle is being written right now, it's not the Belle I remember but maybe I'm remembering her wrong.

Christine: I know I’m in the minority but I’ve always liked Belle and Philip together. Belle and Shawn bore me…but I agree that Belle has been horrible since she returned. Her teenage daughter asked her to spend the weekend together and Belle blew her off to go have a romp in Vegas with Philip. WTH?!?

Shawn Wants Belle Back - Days of Our Lives

Daniel, Bo, Aiden, Will, Paige. There’s been lots of death in Salem recently. If you could bring one character back, who would it be?

Jack: If I can only choose one, it would be Daniel. I'm heartbroken by the loss of my favorite character still, even more so than Aiden. Paige would be my second choice as her death was utterly unnecessary and I have a story idea for her. 

Fluffysmom: Bo and Hope are the reason I got hooked on Days so he gets my vote. For future story potential I would choose Will. As much as he annoyed me I think he was a viable character for years to come.

TJ: I'd bring back Bo. He's my all-time favorite character and I wish he would have gotten to be back with his Fancy Face. Other than him, I'd say Paige because I don't feel like her story was finished.

Christine: Will. At different times I loved him and hated him but he was a great core character with so much potential for future stories. His death by Ben’s hands was totally senseless.  I think the show made a huge mistake in killing him off. 

The show appears to be inching towards a Rafe and Hope pairing. Are you for or against it?

Jack: Against with every bone in my body. Their story is contrived and a poor imitation of what Hope had with Aiden. They should have left Hope and Aiden intact. If they needed Hope/Rafe it should have evolved naturally, not been forced with a silly story to boot.

Fluffysmom: At this point I'm neutral. I think it's way too soon for her to get involved with anyone. I'd like to see them continue as friends and see what happens down the road.

TJ: I've called a Rafe/Hope pairing for years and I like the idea of it. It's nice to see Rafe getting with another woman. Now it's Roman and Lucas's turn!

Christine: I’m with TJ. I’ve been rooting for Rafe and Hope for a while…but I also agree that it’s too soon. Hope needs to deal with the trauma of losing Bo and everything that happened with Aiden. If she doesn’t deal with those feelings, I’m afraid any new relationship is doomed. 

Covering Up a Crime - Days of Our Lives

Do you hope that André finds Stefano’s body or that Stefano’s disappearance remains a mystery a while longer?

Jack: I hope André finds Stefano's body ASAP. This story is ridiculous and André going crazy is the only part of it I am looking forward to.

Fluffysmom: I want André to find Stefano's body so that he can have a proper burial. André  is the best part of this story. I hate that Hope killed Stefano in cold blood with no real proof and that she has no remorse.

TJ: I do hope that André finds Stefano's body. In this storyline I am really rooting for the DiMerass because Hope is just stupid for killing him in his own living room and Rafe is stupid for hiding the body in a building.

Christine: I seem to be the only one enjoying this story, even if it’s only mildly so. I can understand Hope finally losing it and killing him. I even understand Rafe hiding his body to protect Hope. I’m actually hoping that André doesn’t find the body and that the mystery goes on a bit longer. 

Was that woman really John’s mother and do you want to know more about John’s past?

Jack: I don't think this is John’s mother. The backstory she gave John sounds like it was taken from the book flap of a 1950s era romance novel. And she is way too tiny to be related to John! I'm kind of over John's past at this point. It's been over 20 years since he first started looking; enough already!

Fluffysmom: I seem to be in the minority as I like John and am interested in his past. That being said I don't want his background to change everytime the writers get a new idea. I do think she may actually be his mother. Oddly enough her story wasn't convoluted and felt pretty realistic. It appears the story is shifting towards finding out how and why John ended up at Winterthorne Academy.

TJ: I don't really buy that it was John's mother, I feel like it would be someone we already know. I would love to see more of John's past, specifically his time at Winterthorn Academy, possibly in flashbacks.

Christine: I’m torn. Just when I feel like I’m done with this story, they give me something that’s intriguing. I’m hoping that this was his mother and we can put that portion to rest but like TJ, I’m hoping to see more about Winterhorn Academy and I like the idea of John and Eduardo teaming up going forward. 

Which character do you hope to see more of in the coming weeks?

Jack: JJ. He should be grieving Daniel's death and worrying about Jen, not going on 30 second dates with Gabi. I miss him a lot and want to see him in a real storyline again.

Fluffysmom: I'd like to see more of Gabi. Hopefully that will in turn give us more of JJ and Paul. I'd like to see Gabi dealing with being a single mom and helping her daughter deal with Will's death.

TJ: I definitely want to see more of Nicole. Ari Zucker has been killing it in recent weeks. Other than her, I'd like to get to know Fynn more because I really don't have a connection with him right now and would like more of a backstory.

Christine: Chad, Abby, Jennifer, and JJ. I want to see some bonding between these four that could move all four of them into new territory. Fingers crossed we get there.

What was your favorite quote, scene or story from this week on Days?

Jack: Nicole arguing with herself! I loved Strong Nicole and it was awesome to see a woman on this show kick her own butt instead of needing a man to straighten her out.

Fluffysmom: I enjoyed the photo shoot and the scenes accompanying it. It was fun to see multiple characters interacting.

TJ: My favorite scene was 100% the two Nicoles. Like I've already said, Ari Zucker has put on Emmy-worthy performances the past few weeks and this scene was another example of that. 

Christine: I hate to be repetitive…but Nicole was awesome. She’s shown the depths of grief and what it takes to pick yourself up and keep going after a horrible loss. After a year or more of weak, apologetic Nicole, it was wonderful to finally see what amazing strength she possesses. 

Don’t forget to check back next week to see what more our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about the happenings in Salem. 

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