Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Rule #25: Beware the Second Chance

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Who wants to head on over to that little coffee shop to see if we can grab the gals and give 'em a stern talking to?

Phoebe and Jo just need advice, but Abby and Delia could use a stronger message. That's right, finally the tides are turning for Phoebe and Jo when it comes to desirable stories, as both came out on top of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 6. That doesn't mean they're happy, but standing beside them wouldn't be painful.

Delia is falling apart, however, and Abby is on a slippery slope. What's going on?

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The universe may want Harris and Abby to be together, but I'm not on board. As much as I wanted Mark Valley to join the cast and hoped for a good time to follow, that's not what has come of it. Instead, Harris is making a mockery out of Abby, and it's not enjoyable at all.

Abby needs "me" time. Serious, introspective, go out with the girls, flirt up a storm and take no male prisoners for more than a stroll on the dance floor kind of "me" time. Going from one relationship to another and back and forth has done absolutely nothing for her. She has no sense of what she truly wants and cannot read men that well right now. 

Harris is an ass. He doesn't even cover it up. He is self involved and conceited. He appears to know what to say to get to Abby, but only has himself in mind. I don't like him. As soon as they were chatting by phone in the hotel and Abby mentioned her nether regions swelling, I knew she was in trouble. They weren't ready for sex, not even phone sex. He used her, and it was gross. 

Abby is far too good to be falling for his charms, and it's only because she's in the same vulnerable position as her children that she's actually doing it. Harris is her version of peeing the bed. It's really hard to watch. Am I the only one getting that vibe or am I comple...never mind. I know I'm nuts, but not about this. Heck, they may become something, but this isn't right.

Delia is also bed wetting, but on a whole different level. She's so scared she doesn't even know which way is up. The sad thing is that she probably really does love Gordon. She's just so afraid of letting go of the only life she has ever known, and so certain Gordon will end up hurting her that she's doing all the hurting first so she can ensure the outcome so there are no surprises. She will know when Gordon leaves her, whether it's now or later, that she hurt him first. 

You should see the look on my face. It's like I just sucked on a lemon. These storylines are upsetting because these women seem so strong, and ultimately they're fragile and afraid of what lies ahead. 

Like Phoebe, I would have walked out of that ridiculous Gender Now class. What a load of garbage. And phooey on the professor for allowing those "students" to harass each other like they were doing. That's not freedom of speech, that's bullying. Phoebe discovered she was just as objectified by those jerks as she was outside in the world. Great!

And I loved everything she was saying. Please tell me there really isn't a class, or no, maybe it's more the group of people I'm worried about, that are worried about using the word vagina. Front hole and internal genitalia? Sigh. I might have left the class before Phoebe did. Earning an A on her assignment and her professor admitting he sometimes oversteps wasn't enough to make up for allowing those students to go off on her like that.

But Phoebe is trying and refusing to give up to her own pressures, and it's impossible not to love her for that. She's challenging herself, seeing inside of herself what she wants to change and how she wants to be different, and she's attacking it head on. The same cannot be said for either Abby or Delia. The exact opposite, I'd say.

Jo, too, has been proactive in trying to get what she wants. She lapsed, badly, with Frumpkis. Having that moment and wanting him back was awful. But she appears to be over it. Now I wish she had pushed him harder to cheat on Charlene. I don't like Charlene.

What's Charlene's deal? I can only assume she is insanely jealous of Jo. She took her husband, has already dug into her daughter, has now moved to her city and now wants to take her business. She, essentially, wants to be Jo without actually being Jo. Well, weird sickeningly sweet blonde lady who I do not like, you cannot be Jo. Ever. 

We may actually be annoyed with Jo a lot out here in TV Land, but I'm willing to bet every single one of us would rather spend time with Jo over Charlene. Right? 

The burgeoning friendship between Jo and Jake continues to get me. I loved their chat outside the school, especially because she was saying something we knew she didn't believe one bit, and Jake bought into it, even after he knew she didn't mean it. Their friendship feels more real than what we've seen between Jo and Abby so far. The fight too much, while what Jake and Jo have has come naturally and begrudgingly.

OK guys. you've seen it all and you are always waaaaaaaay too quiet. Comment! Who are you most identifying with right now? For me? It's like this: Phoebe, Jo, Abby, Delia. Far cry  a few short episodes ago. Now you. Share!! 

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Rule #25: Beware the Second Chance Review

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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jo: OK, either my ears are melting or I just heard you say I am rushing things with Gordon because I almost played hide the pastrami with little Albert.
Delia: Jo, maybe you should just chill out.

Screw that blended family shit. I'm not blendin' it for anyone.