How to Get Away with Murder Casts Famous Trio of New Clients

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When How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 returns with new episodes, Annalise Keating will have three new clients to defend.

And each will be a familiar face to long-time television viewers.

How to Get Away with Murder people

According to TV Line, Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie, The Astronaut Wives Club), Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope, Sons of Anarchy) and Roxanne Hart (Hung) have all been cast on the ABC smash hit drama.

Here is who they will portray:

  • Arkin: A Warren Buffet-type of investor who is described as "quiet and observant," yet who clearly knows when to command a room when need be.
  • Bethel: Charles Mahoney, the Ivy League-educated son of Arkin’s Wallace.
  • Hart: Sylvia, a tough but distinguished and intelligent socialite.

“The Mahoney family plays a really big part in a legal case in our last six episodes,” showrunner Pete Nowalk explains TV Line. “They’re very wealthy people. It’s a murder case, and it involves Annalise in a big way.”

These new clients will NOT be connected in any way to past characters or storylines.

Look for them to debut not long after How to Get Away with Murder returns from its lengthy hiatus on February 11 at 10/9c on ABC... and for them to possibly return for Season 3.

No, ABC has not yet renewed How to Get Away with Murder for Season 3. But come on.

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