Rectify to End After Four Seasons on Sundance

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The story of Daniel Holden (Aiden Young) is coming to a close.

SundanceTV has decided the upcoming fourth season of its critically acclaimed drama Recitfy, about a man who returned to his hometown after 19 years on death row, will be its last.

Rectify Still

"Rectify is in many ways an existential story that was allowed to come to life during an existential era in serial storytelling," Series creator Ray McKinnon said in a statement.

"It was a case of perfect timing with the perfect partners. I have always felt that Rectify could end at any time or just as easily continue. Well, not easily. But there is no perfect 'end' for this story nor for these characters."

"They will continue to live on. We just won't document them any longer. And the timing of this 'non-end' end feels exactly right."

"SundanceTV has been a dream to work with on this journey; I am so grateful to have been allowed the freedom to tell the tale I wanted to tell in the way I felt it should be told with the mad and beautiful collaborators who joined me on the ride... Oh wait, we haven't shot the final season yet. I'll get back to you."

Charlie Collier, President and General Manager of AMC and SundanceTV, said, "Rectify has played such a huge role in raising the credibility and awareness of the network. We're looking forward to giving Rectify the send-off it deserves."

You have plenty of time to hope they get the ending just right on this one. Will you be sad to see it go?

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